1/8 Ups & Downs

A new Mayor, a fallen idol and a man who holds two political offices. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowJim Kenney. Kenney kicked off the week by being sworn in as Philadelphia’s 99th Mayor. After a short parade down Broad Street, the new Mayor proceeded to fill his Administration and make his mark on City Hall. Even when Sen. Pat Toomey went after him for turning Philly back into a sanctuary city, it only served as an example of how high profile the former long-time City Councilman has become.


Down ArrowBill Cosby. What an awful story. A man once considered a proud son of Pennsylvania has been unmasked as a despicable individual. After decades of using his reputation to cover up for his actions, Cosby was arraigned and charged in a Montgomery County court. Normally we wouldn’t include such a figure on this list, but Cosby’s connections to the Keystone State are too deep and well-known. In fact, this particular case involves Cosby’s long relationship with Temple University. The only consolation is that perhaps some measure of justice can still be served.

Up Arrow1Dwight Evans. The long-time State Representative decided to throw his hat in the ring and challenge Congressman Chaka Fattah after legal indictments dimmed the latter’s re-election prospects. Now, Evans is reporting a massive fundraising haul that outpaces his other big primary opponent, State Rep. Brian Sims. There’s plenty of time until April 26th and who knows how many twists and turns the race could take. Nevertheless, at this moment, Evans appears to be the favorite.


Down ArrowLindy Li. Back in the summer, 25 year-old wunderkind Lindy Li announced that she would run in the PA-7 race. Then, seemingly on a dime, she switched over to the PA-6 contest. It’s easy to imagine that this decision will be a prominent part of Rep. Ryan Costello’s narrative against her. It’s entirely possible that ten months from now we’ll look back at this swap as a stroke of genius. It is much likelier, however, that this will turn out to be a huge mistake.


Up Arrow1Down ArrowThaddeus Kirkland. It’s been an odd start to 2016, but this might just take the cake. Last November Kirkland, who’s served as State Representative for the 159th district since 1993, won the office of Mayor of Chester. In December, he sent a letter of resignation for his seat in Harrisburg. All of a sudden, though, he rescinded that resignation and now wants to serve in both offices until the budget stalemate is solved (which, of course, could be quite awhile). Apparently, this is perfectly legal. It’s going to be an incredible year politicos.

Our tweet of the goes to Anna Orso of Billy Penn for reaching peak Philly.


13 Responses

  1. That would be awesome!!!!!
    Pa Citizen says:
    January 10, 2016 at 4:05 am

    Jim Kenney Mayor of Philly is a Pinko pro_ communist politican

  2. Oh, I think Cosby has in fact been “unmasked.” True, he is still entitled to the legal presumption of innocence. But his now-public settlement details in one assault case, his repeated denials in patronizing tones, his continued attempts to earn money via “comedy” while under this cloud, at an age where he almost certainly has enough wealth to meet his needs … I used to like and admire the man. I no longer do. So “unmasked” is appropriate. This is the court of public opinion, not a legal forum.

  3. Jim Kenney is a jerk- first a sanctuary city fiasco and then pc absurdity of denial of Islamic extremism. It is a shame this jerk is a mayor of any city let alone Philly- there should be a BIG Down Arrow for Kenny
    Who is in the opinion of many a moral degenerate- one term is his limit!

  4. Lindy Li officially switches to 6th District with filing:


  5. I remember when this used to be a legitimate news site. Bill Cosby is almost certainly guilty, but he has not been “unmasked as a despicable individual….” he has been ACCUSED of being a despicable individual. That’s an important difference, one that I would expect a news site to know.

  6. Who is this “HahHaHa” guy you speak of? Lot’s of trolls use my name here. They can usually spell it correctly though …

  7. Amazing HahHaHa that you didn’t feel the need to repeat yourself three different times under three separate screen names

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