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2 New GOP Ads in PA-12

Keith Rothfus and the National Republican Congressional Committee are up with new TV spots in PA-12 today. Rothfus rebuts suggestions that he’s a Wall Street guy, while the NRCC calls Critz a flip-flopper.

The NRCC’s latest anti-Critz ad

“I can’t believe the things Congressman Critz will do to stay in Washington,” Rothfus says, straight to camera. “Critz and his liberal friends say I’m a Wall Street lawyer. The fact is that I work on Stanwix Street in Pittsburgh.”

“They attack me because unlike Critz, I will stand up to President Obama, and stand up for jobs.”

Critz’s campaign fired back, noting that he ranks among the most independent members of the House so far in the 112th Congress (according to the Washington Post votes database). Spokesman Mike Mikus kept up his attack on Rothfus’s support for free trade.

“Keith Rothfus supports unfair trade agreements that ship jobs overseas, he wants to keep giving companies tax breaks for outsourcing American jobs, and he wants to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system that will costs seniors an additional $6,400 per year for health care,” said Mikus. “Mark Critz is one of the most independent members in Congress, taking on his own party to protect Pennsylvania coal and natural gas jobs and he’s pro-life and pro-gun and the people of Western Pennsylvania know it.”

The NRCC’s ad, below, cuts deeper and should let Republicans vent the frustration of running against a centrist Democrat who knows how to talk to southwest Pa. conservatives.

“One Mark Critz is plenty, but there seems to be two of them,” says a narrator, showing two cutouts of the Congressman.

“One Mark Critz said government had to stop its reckless spending. Then, some other Mark Critz handed his staff $34,000 in bonuses.”

Likewise on being tough on China vs. deficit spending. “So how do you know which Mark Critz you’re voting for?”

Here’s the NRCC’s ad:

Update: Critz’s campaign fired back at this ad, too. Mikus, somewhat quixotically, said Critz paid his staff that $34,000 in bonuses to reward them for finding $45,000 in waste.

“Millionaire Keith Rothfus is forcing his workers to pay double the taxes because he refuses to pay payroll taxes just so he can save a few bucks, so it isn’t surprising that his allies are attacking Mark Critz for rewarding his 17 employees for saving taxpayers $45,000,” said Mikus.

Congressional staff bonuses are fairly common, but that’s not exactly a strong response from an incumbent. It’s a solid hit.

4 Responses

  1. I believe the Republican tv spots against Critz are working. He’s probably going to loose the election. I find their slimy tactics disgusting! All Democrats are “career politicians”, and all Democrats are thieves, stealing money from the US govt & passing anti-Republican legislation all by themselves.
    So if in 2013 Republicans do take over Congress & the White House and our country becomes mired down in multiple wars in the Middle East, Huge Tax Increases on the working class, big CUTS to Medicare, Social Security, Programs helping the Needy,
    Elimination of FDA, FAA , EPA and other much needed govt. agencies and this all adversely starts to affect the pockets/purses of Republican voters; to those people I say: “You believed the BS and your votes brought this about!”


  3. Mark Critz supports gutting Medicare to pay for Obamacare. The Dems took $716 billion out of it – hastening the Trust Fund’s bankruptcy. Mark Critz won’t support putting that money back where it belongs, and he won’t support reforms to save Medicare from destroying the federal balance sheet. What’s his plan to safeguard our trust funds?

  4. Keith, why don’t you ask Critz how he sits on the armed forces committee, knows military rapes are a serious issue then ignores a constituent who has solid evidence how her rape was ignored.
    The site has two democratic elected officials who were also ignored by Critz.
    It shows how he doesn’t care about rape, women, the military, constituents or other elected officials who come to him for help.

    Women and everyone needs to see this site!
    It shows how dangerous Mark Critz is!

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