2016 Democratic National Convention Odds

DicePerhaps by now you’ve heard the Democrats will host their 2016 convention in Philadelphia.

In light of this news, we thought it would be fun to offer some hypothetical betting odds for the 2016 DNC.

Hopefully we can make you laugh, make you think and just maybe as July 2016 rolls around, make you some money.


Odds that politicians taking selfies with the Liberty Bell becomes a trend: 25/1

Odds a Giant Liberty Bell will be on the stage of the Wells Fargo Center: 30/1

Odds the CoreStates/First Union/Wachovia/Wells Fargo Center will be known by another name in July 2016: 10/1

Odds Nancy Pelosi finally tracks down Tom Marino: 20/1

Odds Brian Williams covers the event for NBC News: 400/1

Odds Brian Williams claims he covered the event for NBC News: 2/1

Odds photos of Anthony Weiner partying in downtown Philly surface on Instagram: 5/2

Odds Chris Matthews has a Champ Kind moment with Ed Rendell: 7/1

Odds the RNC will use McCord/Kane/Fattah to portray PA politics as corrupt: Even

Odds for the Democratic Keynote Speaker:

Cory Booker 10/1

Bill De Blasio 15/1

Kirsten Gillibrand 18/1

Tammy Baldwin 25/1

Terry McAuliffe 50/1

Martin O’Malley 75/1

Bernie Sanders 300/1

Jay Nixon 1,000/1

Jimmy Carter 50,000/1

Odds for the most mentioned food item or company throughout the week

Cheesesteaks 2/1

Wawa 4/1

Soft Pretzels 5/1

Water Ice 10/1 (Keep an eye on this, remember it will be late July)

TastyKake 20/1

Odds Secret Service lets Tom Wolf drive in with his Jeep: 500/1


Number of cable TV segments devoted to a Geno’s vs. Pat’s debate: 3 – Over, there’s a lot of time to fill during these things (feel free to argue about this in the comments by the way)

Number of minutes in President Bill Clinton’s speech: 55 – Over, easiest money of the week

President Obama’s approval rating on the day of his speech: 50.5% – Take the over, Presidents almost always bounce back in their final years

Number of Flyers playoff games held in Wells Fargo Center between now and July 2016: 2 – Over, I’ve got a good feeling

Number of Sixers playoffs games held in Wells Fargo Center between now and July 2016: 2 – Seriously?

TV Shows that will broadcast from XFINITY Live: 5 – Under, TV people aren’t going to want to be in enclosed spaces with us

Number of minutes Ed Rendell is interviewed on television: 1,000 – Over

Number of minutes Bob Brady is interviewed on television: 1 – Under

Number of Joe Biden gaffes: 2.5 – Push

Number of times a speaker uses the term “Ready for Hillary”: OFF THE BOARD

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