2016 PoliticsPA “Make or Break” Tuesday Pool Results

ballotPoliticsPA and the Law Office of Adam Bonin asked you for your predictions for Super Tuesday – and you responded.

The top honors go to Joe Corrigan, Carlton Stuart and Scott Harshman who each got 22 points.

Second-place was split five ways: Brian O’Malley, Ryan Barton, Eric Brooke, Michael Adler and Aizaz Gill. Each received 20 points.

Following that were all those that got 18 points: Nathan White, Adam Swope, Brittany Crampsie, Rex Imperator, Josh Revesz, Brendan Roberts, Lindy Li, Joey Samuel, Mike Besmer, Aaron Bernstein, TJ Hurst, Joe Powers, Allie Petonic and Jennifer Booker.

The top “Cochranisms”, as Adam put it, are included below:

If it isn’t in by five, the challenge takes a dive.

If the challenge is late, you’re on the slate

If the challenge is legit, 13 minutes don’t mean shit

If the clock ain’t at five, then no need to deprive.

If the clock shows five, your challenge won’t survive.

If the clock strikes five, then the challenge doesn’t jive.

If the objection comes after dark, then it’s as dead as Ned Stark.

If the office ain’t open, then the petitions ain’t broken.

If the office is closed, then the motion’s disposed.

If the time frame fits, then on the ballot Kasich sits.

To a millennial teen, 5 o’clock means 5:13

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