2016 PoliticsPA Primary Election Pool Results

ballotPoliticsPA and the Law Office of Adam Bonin asked you for your predictions for Tuesday’s primary election – and you responded.

The Top 20 finishers are included below:

Louis Biacchi 91
Nick Field 89
Joe Powers 87
Aizaz Gill 84
Jacob Smith 82
Michael GrowMiller 82
Geoff 80
nathan davidson 79
Alex Reber 79
Victoria Perrone 79
Mark Harris 79
Aaron Bernstein 77
Keegan Gibson 77
Daniel Kane 77
Alex Teplyakov 77
Brent S 77
Tom Konen 76
Allison Petonic 76
Rick Naughton 75

Best predictions:

Louis Biacchi – State Senate 15th-Republican Primary-DiSanto

Aizaz Gill – 170 (D) Matt Darragh defeats Francis Nelms

Jacob Smith – State Sen Rob Teplitz wins renomination by ~10 points

Keegan Gibson, Tom Konen – Mike Regan in SD31, the biggest primary you didn’t list

Alison Perelman – Morgan wins the 192nd

Most common wrong predictions: Sekela Coles over Margo Davidson, Ben Waxman over Brian Sims

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