2016 PoliticsPA Veepstakes and Convention Pool Results

Elephant-DonkeyPoliticsPA and the Law Office of Adam Bonin asked you for your predictions for the Veepstakes and conventions – and you responded.

The top finishers were:

Matt Merriman-Preston 14
Max Weisman 13
Corey Cohen 12
Thom Shubilla 12
Mike Besmer 11
Matt Stehman 11
Andrew Husband 11
Chris Seeley 10
Ben Hanson 10
Bryan Lentz 10
Rob Bielunas 10
PJ Monella 10
Carlton Stuart 10

Best Predictions:

Trump family musical performance, Von Trapp style – Max Weisman

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox will appear and urge the Republicans not to nominate Biff. – Chris Seeley. (Related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwecRMPa2BM)

Donald Trump will be carried out to the stage in a throne by a contingency of Oompah Loopas – Jennifer Booker

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