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2016 Primary Ballot Positions Revealed

ballotWe now know what the April 26th primary ballots will look like.

Every year, ballot positions in the Keystone State are decided by a lottery system. This means that any candidate could end up in any spot without regard to incumbency or even alphabetical order.

We’re going to take a look at the statewide races as well as a few congressional primaries to analyze how placement could ultimately affect the results.

You can view the entire list here.


Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Roque Rocky De La Fuente

Hillary gets the top spot over Bernie. I have no idea who the third person listed here is or if he/she is even real.

Republican Primary

Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio

Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

John R Kasich

Donald J Trump

Cruz and Rubio are the lucky ones here while Trump ends up at the bottom. Jeb Bush’s ballot position continues on even after his campaign is over.


Democratic Primary

Joseph J Vodvarka

John Fetterman

Joe Sestak

Katie McGinty

Now, this is interesting. One of the most competitive races has an unknown at the top of the list. They’ll now be even more incentive for Sestak to get Vodvarka kicked off the ballot. If Fetterman gets the first spot it may help him and McGinty won’t be pleased being listed last.

Attorney General

Democratic Primary

John Morganelli

Josh Shapiro

Stephen A Zappala Jr

Once again, the lowest man on the totem poll is the first man on the only poll that matters.

Republican Primary

Joe Peters

John Rafferty

A break for Peters who has the much lower profile. Nonetheless, in a statewide race the favorites should have enough money to overcome ballot placement.


Democratic Primary

Brian Anthony Gordon

Chaka Fattah

Dwight Evans

Dan Muroff

Muroff drew the short straw while Gordon has to be ecstatic. Still, Fattah and Evans are very well known in this district, though the Congressman will take a bit of satisfaction knowing he is technically one up on his biggest rival.


Democratic Primary

Mike Parrish

Lindy Li

If the Parrish campaign has their way they’ll be the first and only name on the ballot. Either way, they have the advantage in what is turning into a bloody primary fight.


Democratic Primary

Mary Ellen Balchunis

Bill Golderer

This could be the most underrated intraparty contest this year. Balchunis, though, will enjoy the premiere ballot position and the greater name recognition since she was the 2014 nominee.

Republican Primary

Stan Cascio

Patrick L Meehan

A nice break for Cascio but this shouldn’t make any difference. It would be a surprise if Meehan was seriously contested.


Democratic Primary

Steve Santarsiero

Shaughnessy Naughton

For the second straight election, Naughton got the No. 2 position on the ballot. She’s hoping the result will be different the second time around.


Republican Party

Bill Shuster

Art Halvorson

To use the old sports cliche, there’s certainly no love lost between these two rivals. Rep. Shuster must be quietly pleased he’ll have the top spot.


Democratic Primary

Erin R McClelland

Steve Larchuk

Incredible similar to the PA-7 race. Under-the-radar primary with a 2014 nominee getting the top spot over her rival.


Democratic Primary

Christina Hartman

Gary Wegman

The trend of this lottery (if such a thing is even possible) is the “establishment” candidate also securing the No. 1 position on the April 26th ballot.

10 Responses

  1. ” I have no idea who the third person listed here is or if he/she is even real.”

    You do have the internets in your office, right Nick?

    Really, what was that?

  2. In the 6th, I heard that Lindy got challenged on 2113 out of 2470 signatures.

    Have no idea the basis for all of them, but heard a lot were from outside the district, including some in Philly. (Maybe, those are the ones that Brady got when he supported her).

    I have never heard of so many challenges. With 1,000 threshold requirement, anything over 2,000 is usually so safe that no one bothers to make the effort to check.

    Does PoliticsPA have any info on this? It sounds like a new record.

  3. I wonder if “fresh start” could help VodVarka?

    If VodVarka hurts Sestak, does that help McGinty?

    Interesting that both Allegheny county candidates are at top of Senate ballot.

  4. McGinty isn’t going to be pleased with the latest F&M poll either that shows her numbers actually falling while Fetterman and Sestak are rising.

    You know you’re just a terrible candidate when you’re handed every single endorsement from every single union and elected official without doing a darn thing, yet your numbers actually go down. Might be time to give up on ol’ Corporate Katie.

    Great job there, Micus! You should probably give Katie a refund.

  5. Now all I have to do is line every highway with yard signs with font too small for people to see, and I am in like Flynn.

  6. BTW, I posted about VodVarka in the race over the summer, and how he could mess up ballot position for Sestak.

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