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2016? Shapiro and Sestak Speak Out Against Toomey


Two Democrats who may be vying for incumbent Senator Pat Toomey’s seat in 2016 have spoken out against the Senator’s “obstructionism” towards the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Both Admiral Joe Sestak and Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro have voiced their dismay over Toomey’s filibustering attempts to strike down an act that would ensure equal pay for equal work for women.

“Women across the United States earn 77 cents to every dollar that men earn. This isn’t right,” said Shapiro. “Women are not second-class citizens and they deserve to earn the same amount as men for the same work.

“In Montgomery County, we recognize the importance of fairness and equity. That’s why we’ve promoted women to leadership positions across our county government who earn what their male counterparts earn and have been a key part of our turnaround. Let Senator Toomey know that he should follow our lead.

“Pennsylvania cares about equality and doing the right thing. Senator Toomey should as well.”

Shapiro has yet to officially announce that he plans to run in 2016, but the Montgomery County Commissioner reportedly has around $860 thousand on hand at the end of the fourth quarter, and his comments show the type of strong posturing that come with a run for office. He went as far as to ask his supporters to join him on Twitter to “tell Senator Toomey that women deserve paycheck fairness!”

Sestak likewise bashed Toomey for his actions, citing how the incumbent killed the Paycheck Fairness Act back in 2012 as well with his filibustering tactics.

In addition, Sestak shows how he has been an advocate for equal pay and women’s rights since as early as 2010. He cosponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and he also introduced the Gender Equality Act during his time as a U.S. Representative.

“Joe is a passionate advocate for women and women’s reproductive rights and has a strong record of promoting and protecting women’s health,” Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, said of Sestak back in 2010.

Unlike Shapiro, Sestak has been dropping bigger hints about his plans to run for Toomey’s seat in 2016. He began recruiting volunteers back in February and is accepting donations for his campaign.

14 Responses

  1. The “act” is hogwash — as stupid a move by Senate Democrats as are the 43 votes against Obamacare by House Republicans. It’s not an act, it’s a bill. It has no chance in the House, nor should it have. Current law already requires equal pay for equal work. This bill’s sponsors want equal pay for unequal work.

  2. FakeLiberalLion-

    Let’s be clear, it’s not that I would like Sestak as my congressman. He isn’t good enough. However, he’d be preferable to Meehan in that flipping a seat would put Dems closer to regaining majority. Frankly, Sestak wouldn’t ever have to show up or vote to be an improvement over Meehan (or his previous run where he voted twice to fund the Iraq War unconditionally).

    Sestak would do far less damage in Congress than as an unchecked one-term Senator blowing millions of Dem party dollars.

    Also, Sestak HATED being a congressman. It was something he tolerated in pursuit of his (failed) Senate goal. Putting Sestak back in congress would be a punishment for him.

    Sestak’s a fake liberal. Specter was Specter. He was ahead of the curve on health care, abortion and gay rights, and fought uphill battle against the GOP. Oh, and BTW, Specter was actually a resident of Pennsylvania.
    In 2010, I would have preferred neither of the three candidates, but Specter was the least dangerous.

  3. Let’s be clear on one thing. Sestak cannot beat Toomey in the general election (assuming he is succesful in the primary). I don’t know who the Democratic candidate will be but there is an opportunity to knock off a right wing nut so I hope the opportunity is not missed. As far as Kane is concerned I am having serious doubts about her ability to function in the political world.

  4. @David Ding Dong Diano You’re slipping! And furthermore…you gotta be kidding me if Shapiro would do such a thing. It’s amazing to me how you keep saying how Joe should re-run for the 7th. So he’s good enough to re-run for the 7th, but not good enough to be your Senator? How does that work? And I wouldn’t talk about fake liberals when you’re supporting McCord and Specter all this time. 🙂

  5. flynnbw-

    Not really. First of all, he can use the 860K to promote himself in generic ways for re-election to Montco Commissioners, that will improve his name-rec in the Philly area and stress his skills that would be relevant for Senate as well.

    Also, he can get a list of donors, “return” a $100 contribution, and include instructions on how to re-donate the $100 to his Senate campaign. There may even be a way to transfer the money directly just by getting some form of “okay” by the donor.

    Sestak’s about as popular in Montco as a case of herpes. Montco has effective county leadership. Sestak’s based in Delco (well, Virginia).

    Let’s not forget that Kathleen Kane could jump into the race. She’s as popular as a sunny day. 🙂

  6. That’s 860K in non-federal funds that Mr. Shapiro cannot carry over to a federal campaign like U.S. Senate.

  7. What about the Paycheck Fairness Act? It is a shame how the Democrat Party exploits woman into actually believing they are victims and that they will benefit from more regulations and more government when the real result is nothing more than another “full employment act” for the trail lawyers. We need to stop the transfer of money from small businesses (many owned by women) to regulators and government.

  8. FakeLiberalLion-

    I didn’t see this article until a few minutes ago. However, yesterday, when Sestak “complained” on Facebook about Toomey’s vote, I wrote on his page:
    “Why is a candidate who routinely paid his staff less than minimum wage making an issue of this?”

    BTW, since Sestak often tries to get interns to work for free, 77% percent of zero = zero, is his way of ensuring “equal pay for equal work for women”.

    As for this statement in the article:
    ” Sestak has been dropping bigger hints about his plans to run for Toomey’s seat in 2016″

    He’s pretty much flat-out stated it to everyone but the FEC. However, I’ve heard he is using the claim that he’s “exploring a run” to rip-off his current staffers by paying them as “consultants” and not dodging paying their payroll taxes. This is despite the fact that for the past few years now, Sestak’s campaign has been paying his brother about $89/month as “payroll” and paying payroll taxes, and about $580/month in health care premiums.

    I’d really enjoy hearing that explanation (preferably at a trial for misuse of campaign funds or IRS hearing for making his employees pay their own payroll taxes).

    If his staffers had an ounce of common sense they not only wouldn’t work for Sestak, but should sue him for the taxes (or turn him into the IRS).

    BTW, any UNION people out there thinking of supporting Sestak should ask themselves what they would do to someone who convinced his workers into paying employer payroll taxes themselves?

    PoliticsPA can easily look into Sestak’s FEC filings, and see how Joe’s brother is paid under “payroll” but the full-time staff is not.

  9. This has to be a first! A news article about Joe, and David Ding Dong Diano, a McCord supporter who voted for Arlen Specter and his single bullet theory has nothing negative to say. I’m shocked!

  10. I wonder is Shapiro wakes up in the morning wondering how he can get quoted in the press?

  11. Sestak vs. Shapiro in the battle to see who can alienate the most people with their boring-ass speeches.

    Can’t we get someone who’s actually interesting to run?

  12. Sestak and Shapiro should be speaking out against Rob McCord since McCord outsourced good, hard working PA jobs to India when he was in the private sector!

    Let’s play a little JEOPARDY…
    Answer: A twice elected state row officer with ZERO legislative and executive experience, who is arrogant and has an ego problem…
    Who is Tom Corbett? wait, no, no… Rob McCord?… Both?
    Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results… Why replace one bad thing for another? It’s time for a revolution in Pennsylvania government. Let’s elect someone who doesn’t have the resume of Tom McCord, I mean, Rob Corbett, I mean… Ugh. Well you know. Rob McCord is Tom Corbett 2.0, just another arrogant, self-serving politician.
    It’s time for Rob McCord to withdraw from the race and go back to the job taxpayers elected him to do.
    Did I mention Rob McCord outsourced PA jobs to India when he was in the private sector?

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