2022 PA Leadership Conference Preview


PLC logo 1200x810The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference will hold its annual gathering on April 1-2 in Camp Hill. One of the premier get-togethers for conservative activists in the Keystone State, the Conference will feature former congressman Trey Gowdy as its keynote speaker on Friday.

A pre-conference event – the Pennsylvania Election Integrity Summit – will kick off the weekend on Thursday, March 31.

The PLC will feature numerous addresses, panels on topics such as parental rights in education, the value of work and fueling Pennsylvania’s future, as well as special forums spotlighting the candidates for Governor of and United States Senator from Pennsylvania.

A gubernatorial forum is scheduled for Friday, beginning at 12:45 p.m., while a senate forum is slated for Saturday during the conference’s concluding luncheon.

Here’s the weekend agenda:


Thursday, March 31

9 a.m. – Election Integrity Summit


Friday, April 1

8 a.m. – “How to Sell Freedom Without Starting a Fight”

Speaker: Duane Lester, Americans for Prosperity


9 a.m. – “Parental Rights in Education”

Speakers: Luke Rosiak, Daily Wire; Jeremy Samek, PA Family Institute


10 a.m. – “Parent Empowerment”

Speaker: Amy Carney, Freedom Works


11 a.m. – Welcome.

Speakers: Lowman Henry, PA Leadership Council; Matt Bevin, former Kentucky Governor; Tim DeFoor, PA Auditor General


11:30 a.m. – “Empowering Pennsylvanians, Emerging Stronger”

Moderator: Ashley Klingensmith, Americans for Prosperity

Panelists: Kristin Phillips-Hill, state senator; Jesse Mallory, Colorado AFP; Tony Martin, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe


12:15 p.m. – Speaker: Cleta Mitchell, Conservative Partnership Institute

12:30 p.m. – Speaker: Cliff Maloney, Citizens Alliance of America


12:45 p.m. – Governor Forum A

Moderator: Gary Sutton, WSBA Radio

Panelists: Albert Eisenberg, Broad+Liberty; Jennifer Stefano, Commonwealth Foundation

Candidates: Lou Barletta, Melissa Hart, Doug Mastriano, Dave White, Nche Zama.


1:45 p.m. – Governor Forum B

Candidates: Jake Corman, Joe Gale, Charlie Gerow, Bill McSwain.


2:45 – “The Value of Work”

Moderator: Greg Moreland, NFIB

Panelists: Courtney Fasnacht, NEPA MAEC; Mike Rounds, president, Williamson College of the Trades; John Wetzel, former PA Secretary of Corrections


3:15 – Speaker: Stacy Garrity, PA State Treasurer


3:30 – “Agenda for Pennsylvania”

Moderator: Matt Brouillette, Commonwealth Partners

Panelists: Kerry Benninghoff, House Majority leader; Scott Martin, state senator


3:50 – Speaker: C.L. Bryant, Freedom Works


4:05 – BREAK


5:00 – Pre-Dinner Reception with Trey Gowdy (SOLD OUT)


6:30 – “Liberty Dinner with Trey Gowdy”

Master of Ceremonies: R.J. Harris, WHP Radio

Speaker: Trey Gowdy

Presentation of the Frederick W. Anton III Patriot of the Year Award


Post-Dinner – “Lieutenant Governor Candidate Reception”


Saturday, April 2

7 a.m. – “Freedom Breakfast”

Master of Ceremonies: David Taylor, PA Manufacturers Association

Speaker: John Gizzi, Newsmax

State of the Conservative Movement: Gizzi, Paul Kengor, professor of political science, Grove City College


8 a.m. – “Empowering Pennsylvania Parents”

Speakers: Andrew Lewis, state representative; Aaron Anderson, Logos Academy


8:20 a.m. – Speaker: Scott Parkinson, Club for Growth


8:35 a.m. – “Pro-Life Movement After Dobbs”

Moderator: Kathy Rapp, state representative

Panelists: Sue Liebel, Susan B. Anthony List; Cheryl Allen, PA Family Institute; Judy Ward, state senator


9:05 a.m. – “Cutting Red Tape by Executive Order”

Speaker: James Broughel, Mercatus Center


9:20 a.m. – “The Future of Health Care”

Speakers: Lloyd Smucker, U.S. representative; Elliot Fox, Stand Together


9:40 a.m. – Speaker: Scott Perry, U.S. Representative


9:55 a.m. – “Fueling Pennsylvania’s Future”

Moderator: Pam Witmer, UGI

Panelists: David Callahan, Marcellus Shale Coalition; Victoria Coates, American Foreign Policy Council; Joe Pittman, state senator


10:25 a.m. – “Big Tech/China”

Speakers: Dustin Carmack, Heritage Foundation; Kara Frederick, Heritage Foundation


10:40 a.m. – Speaker: Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator


11 a.m. – BREAK


12 p.m. – “Leadership Luncheon.” Speaker: Lowman Henry

U.S. Senate Forum

Moderator: Jeff Lord, American Spectator; Rose Tennent, Rose Unplugged; John Gizzi, Newsmax

Candidates: Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, George Bochetto, Sean Gale, Carla Sands, Mehmet Oz.

Straw Poll Results: Scott R. Davis, PA Leadership Council


2 p.m. – “American Majority”

Speaker: Matt Betzel, American Majority



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7 thoughts on “2022 PA Leadership Conference Preview”

  1. Chris says:

    It’s a good thing it’s a “freedom breakfast” and not just…you know…”breakfast”. Heaven forbid the morning eggs and coffee not be hyperbolic.

  2. Joe Buss says:

    I need a ticket for Thursday

  3. The Huckabeast says:

    Looks like a bunch of scums and bums to me – most are part of the War on The Middle Class

  4. Dwight D. Eisenhower says:

    I’m already reserving a seat for the 2 pm seminar the first day that includes a 3 hour discussion as to how to say a lot and yet really say very little. This vigorous discussion will have a 30 minute exercise where the attendees will be challenged to debate the topics of the day with points deducted for not being properly vague. There will be a break midpoint for a substantial snack of empty calories from Twinkees and Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink. Also, the substantial snacks will be paid for by a hedge fund that wants to remain anonymous.

  5. gulagpittsburgh says:

    Great speakers lined up. Looking forward to this wonderful conference.

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      gulag approves this message!!!

  6. McCormick Staffer says:

    I’ll be running around slipping fat stacks and Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards into coat pockets for endorsements. Then I’ll go back to my day job bagging carpets.

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