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2/13 Ups & Downs

A convention for Democrats, a double-edged sword for Republicans and a critical moment for the Governor. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Philadelphia. In case you haven’t heard, the City of Brotherly Love won the right to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Besides the financial benefits and the chance to showcase the city, the convention could provide a lift to all the other Democratic candidates in the Keystone State. A special up arrow also goes out to all those that fought to win this event, most prominently former Gov. Ed Rendell, Mayor Michael Nutter and Congressman Bob Brady. Finally, additional up arrows for all those staffers who didn’t get the headlines but worked just as hard: Aubrey Montgomery, Kevin Washo, Jordan Schwartz, Lila Rose and Dana Fritz.

Down ArrowPA Republicans. You won’t get any of them to say it, but the GOP can’t be happy about all that extra attention and money a National Convention is likely to bring to the Democrats. Pennsylvania has voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in six straight elections so Republicans have a bit of an inherent disadvantage in 2016. If the convention convinces Republicans to spend even just a little less time and money in PA, it could hurt down ballot candidates.


Up ArrowDown ArrowPat Toomey. Senator Toomey was very magnanimous in his advocacy for a Philly convention. Unfortunately, that kind gesture could prove to be a huge mistake. Since Toomey is up for re-election in 2016, any promotion that his Senate opponent could get from the DNC could prove harmful. The Senator has consciously tried to appeal to the electorate as a moderate Republican acceptable to a Democratic-leaning state. Yet he, and we, won’t know until election night 2016 whether or not he succeeded.

Up ArrowTom Wolf. Of course, the Governor is among those who will benefit from the convention, especially if he’s given a prime opportunity to speak to a statewide (and nationwide) audience. The convention, though, wasn’t the only news this week. Gov. Wolf also released his highly anticipated severance tax plan. Additionally, he began the process of adopting the Medicaid expansion and informing the state how this transition would work. It’s quite possible these plans end up a mess, but for now the new Governor gets to enjoy that sweet yet fleeting moment between the start of something and the actual accomplishment of that task.

Down ArrowAnne Covey. This week likely did not unfold as the Commonwealth Court Judge and  State Supreme Court candidate intended. On Monday, the Pennsylvania Bar Association refused to recommend Covey, leading the Judge to denounce the PBA. The next day, one of her opponents, Supreme Court Justice Correale Stevens sent a letter to PoliticsPA criticizing Covey’s behavior and characterizing her objections as “temper tantrums”. Altogether, not the best way to jumpstart a campaign.


The tweet of the week goes to Jim MacMillan for this priceless 1998 photo…and that was for the Republican convention.

6 Responses

  1. to Sy Snyder i ask: didn’t some D press release (in listing important folks in the D party of PA) intentionally omit mentioning Tom Wolf? [It was in connection with the D-Convention.]

  2. to Burgermeister i ask: what happened this week with regard to Alan Kennedy-Shaffer? (Not all of us are in Harrisburg, and, using google, i still don’t see a recent item.)

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