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22 People Who Didn’t Think It was Funny that Toomey Posted the SNL Sketch

Hader as Toomey
Bill Hader as Pat Toomey

You’re a U.S. Senator, fresh off being lampooned by Saturday Night Live. Should you acknowledge the skit and try to laugh it off? No. Not according to these people.

Pat Toomey’s background check bill earned him a spot in Saturday Night Live’s cold open, which he good-naturedly posted. His social media supporters were not amused.

Toomey and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) introduced a bill to expand background checks for gun sales, an effort which SNL teased for being meager.

“Public safety and Second Amendment Rights are very serious issues. But sometimes it’s ok to laugh,” Toomey posted on Facebook and Twitter.

No it isn’t, said these people:

1. David McDonnell

Toomey reax 1

2. Wesley Garrod

Toomey reax 2

3. Anthony Cosenza

Toomey reax 3

4. Paul Murray

Toomey reax 4

5. Steve Brandt Sr

Toomey reax 5

6. Fred Edwards

Toomey reax 6

7. Connie Bierzonski

Toomey reax 7

8. Dwight Weidman (Franklin Co. GOP Chair)

Toomey reax 8

9. Jeff Sheridan

Toomey reax 9

10. Jim Rendar

Toomey reax 10

11. Gary Adam Feldman

Toomey reax 11

12. Topher Liebel

Toomey reax 12

13. Karen Bump

Toomey reax 13

14. Andrew Rumbold

Toomey reax 14

15. Wayne Kirkland

Toomey reax 15

16. Mike Smith

Toomey reax 16

17. Tom Bowers

Toomey reax 17

18. Paula Weber Stiles

Toomey reax 18

19. Rose LeTourneau

Toomey reax 19

20. Jim James

Toomey reax 20

21. Jodie Tannehill

Toomey reax 21

22. Erin Birster

Toomey reax 22

Bonus: Rich Drees
Toomey reax Seldom Do

As Toomey battles the ideological right of his party, let the schadenfruede among Democrats commence.

17 Responses

  1. If you get near these 26 people, make sure you have a rabies shot. See a lot of foaming at the mouth.

  2. @tea bagged – that is a fact! I emailed Toomey after I read in the National Journal he’s about to flip flop on traditional marriage and now support gay marriage and I got an email back saying: Try back in a couple of days, I’m moving to a bigger office!

  3. Wall Street Dealmaker Pat Toomey gave Harry Reid his vote on the fiscal cliff deal so he could get on Senate Finance. Now, he’s given him his conservative cred for a better office. He’s sold his values, his votes…is there anything Pat won’t sell to enrich himself?

  4. Harry Reid just moved his new best friend Democrat Pat Toomey into an new upgraded Senate office suite. Just try calling Toomey’s Washington office, it is literally shut down for “the move”
    Toomey is a disgrace, no different than all the other politicians who sell out for the trappings of power and personal gain and a bigger office. Toomey is a disgrace!

  5. It’s a frightening thought that there are people who think one of the most conservative members of Congress isn’t conservative enough, and I’m going by DW Nominate scores here.

  6. Matt, when you go to purchase a firearm online you are required to have the proper background check at a local dealer who will fax a verification to the online seller which will then mail to the local dealer. Mail order guns can only be mailed to a person with an FFL.

  7. There is a clear correlation between the inability to differentiate your and you’re and an obsession with guns, god and “liberal tv shows.”

  8. Maybe Toomey should get on board with improving educational standards and our school system.

    Based on the comments above, the intelligence of these people are moronic. This is the product of our school system? There are valid points that Toomey is not behaving like a ‘conservative,’ but these arguments are worthy of SNL.

  9. Thank you for your wise comment Sean Ryan. Although, I do believe the one thing the bill would change for Pennsylvanians is with respect to having to submit to a background check for purchasing a gun on-line. I’ve never purchased a gun over the internet, so maybe I’m wrong about this.

  10. I like the one by the idiot who thinks that having guns without background checks is a “God Given Right” guaranteed by Constitution.

    I guess because, Jesus carried a gun and in the Bible he talked about gun rights as much as he talked against homosexuality.

    Well, these are the same nuts who voted for Toomey in the first place.

  11. Pat Toomey on background checks:

    “Now, background checks are not a cure-all by any means, but they can be helpful. In a 10-year period from 1999 to 2009, 1.8 million gun sales were blocked by the current background check system because people were not qualified to own a gun. Now, I’ve supported background checks in the past. I support them now. They already exist, of course, for the purchase of guns from licensed dealers. In Pennsylvania, in fact, they already exist for all handgun purchases. What our measure will do, it’ll expand background checks to purchases of firearms at gun shows and over the Internet. It would not require recordkeeping by any private citizen.” CNN 10 April 2013

    Team Obama are master manipulators and the tsunami of emotion from parents is overwhelming. Pat is holding back a tidal wave from my perspective. The parents are being skillfully and brilliantly exploited to advance the Obama gun agenda. This is political reality and Pat Toomey is making the very best of it. Elections have consequences and the Obama Administration sets the agenda.

    This bill is not the threat that many are saying it is:

    1) The Manchin-Toomey-Kirk-Schumer amendment expressly prohibits a national registry and goes one step further by requiring 15 years in jail for any government official who attempts to keep such a list. In other words, this amendment makes it harder – not easier — to create a federal registry than under current law.

    2) The Public Safety and 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act now allows concealed carry permit holders to skip a background check altogether.

  12. It would be nice if these people knew that the back ground check laws proposed in the bill are identical to what we have here in PA currently.
    That is why the skit is funny. It changes nothing for Toomey constituents. These are the same fools who are opposed to everything.

  13. These commenters, in the immortal words of Marge Tartaglione should “go wipe yourselves”

    If you had a sense of humor you’d know how funny you look in your tin foil hats.

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