2/21 Morning Buzz

The biggest news of the weekend was “Cash for Kids” judge Ciavarella. He was found guilty of 12 out of 39 counts and faces 12-15 years in prison. He seems likely to appeal.

PoliticsPA had the exclusive on the weekend debut of the first TV spot in next month’s special election to replace the late State Sen. Mike O’Pake. Democrat Judy Schwank unveiled a 30-second spot that’s all about jobs.

The battle lines have been drawn on last week’s vote to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. The organization is airing radio ads hitting U.S. Reps. Fitzpatrick and Meehan for their votes, and naturally there are strong opinions on the issue. Check back later today for updates.

PoliticsPA grades Governor Tom Corbett on his first month in office. U.S. Rep. Fitzpatrick casts a very interesting vote against the Patriot Act (most of the GOP). And some budget optimism hits the news.

Good morning politicos, and welcome to the buzz.

PoliticsPA Reports

Exclusive: Schwank on TV in 11th State Senate District Special Election
Judy Schwank will begin airing TV advertisements today, PoliticsPA has learned. The 30-second spot is all about jobs and Schwank’s experience fostering economic growth in Berks County.

Rep. Fitzpatrick Goes Against Party in Patriot Act Extension Vote
In maybe the most interesting vote of the week, Rep. Fitzpatrick was the only PA GOPer to oppose extensions of the Patriot Act. The GOP and many Dems supported the measure, civil liberties groups and many Tea Party organizations opposed it.

Dems Offer New Marcellus Bills but Outlook is Grim
Arguably one of the most controversial issues in environmental politics, the Marcellus Shale debate continues in the House of Representatives in the new legislative session. So far this year, Democrats have introduced several bills on the issue.

Tom Corbett: Progress Report
It’s exactly one month into Tom Corbett’s term, and PoliticsPA wanted to check in on some of the Governor’s campaign promises to see how he’s doing.

CPAC From the Pennsylvania Perspective
Jessica Marinaccio recounts the CPAC experience from the perspective of several Pennsylvania attendees.

Redistricting Watch: Caucus Leaders Certified as Redistricting Commission Members
The four caucus leaders were officially certified as members of the commission that will redraw PA’s political boundaries.

PoliticsPA’s Ups and Downs: 2/18
There was a little romance in the air, and we’re happy to recognize two nice guys who are getting married. The was less love, however, for many of the other folks on the list this week.

Times-Tribune: Ciaverella Guilty on 12 of 39 Counts, faces 12-15 years; YouTube: distraught mother calls him out (warning: strong language)
Shout-out to Penn State for raising $9.56 million to fight childhood cancer
Times Leader: Anguished mom talks to CNN
Politico: Planned Parenthood hits Fitzpatrick and Meehan in radio ads
Politico: Federal Watchdog: Punish Former U.S. Attorney For Fundraiser (h/t Early Returns)
Delaware County Times: Sestak talks about his options in lengthy interview
NBC Philly: Dog poop mailed to Ardmore Coalition activist/blogger
Big Tent: Santorum warns of dangers of multiculturalism
State House Sound Bites: DeWeese: Prison canceled because because of politics
Fox Philadelphia: Gov. Corbett Hits Another Budget Snag
Newsworks: Pa. School Voucher Fight Heats Up
Patriot-News: Pa. Labor Leaders Worry Wisconsin’s Tactics Could Spread
Patriot-News: Some state lawmakers find new ways to reward election workers
AP: Optimism Spreads that State Budget Deficit Will Be Lower Than Expected
Post-Gazette: Intern recounts actions that led to Orie’s trial
PhillyClout: Pa. Will Have Less Campaign Finance Info On-Line
Times-Tribune: Ciaverella Antics Put New Spin on Victorian gloom, doom
Inquirer: For DA Seth Williams, a devout Catholic, clergy abuse cases are a painful obligation
Patriot News: Lawmakers have a new way to reward leg staffers for campaign work
Times-Tribune: Pa. Senate won’t say if taxpayers funding Mellow, Musto defense
Times Leader: More upbeat about possible smaller deficit
Inquirer: New lawyer in town, hanging up his shingle: “Arlen Specter, Attorney-at-Law”
Fox Philadelphia: Milton Street Speaks About Mayoral Run
Newsworks: February surprise from Tom Knox on the mayor’s race?
Inquirer: Philadelphia Convention Center faces uncertain fate
Inquirer: Council’s DROP Report, to be delivered Tuesday, shows a less costly program than mayor’s study
PhillyClout: In the politics gamble, 7 is unlucky
Inquirer: Opinion indicates investigation of Mellow
Post-Gazette: Allegheny County Council GOP Fails to Stop Property Reassessment
Post-Gazette: Port Authority’s 15% cuts to be felt throughout the system
Early Returns: SEIU endorses Fitzgerald
Intelligencer: Teacher’s Blog is Center of Attention
Citizens’ Voice: More ex-judges, legislators are on feds’ slate
Times-Tribune: Lawsuit involving Wayne County Commissioners moves forward
Patriot-News: Central Pa. School Districts Brace for Tough Budget Cuts
York Sunday News: National Christmas Tree, originally from York, blown over in the wind
Inquirer: Chester County Democrats select their candidates
Post-Gazette: Many candidates, many contests and some drama leading up to May 17 primaries
Daily Review: Rep. Marino hails budget cuts
Daily Review: New production data shows shale’s promise and growth
Times Leader: Out of scandal, a new system
Patriot-News: Harrisburg wants Pa. businesses to hand over use tax
Daily Local: Democrats Endorse Stretton
Times Leader: Technology would enhance 911 system
Fox Philadelphia: Local politicians headed to Wisconsin
Fox Philadelphia: Is Corbett buying shipyard to nowhere?

Times Leader, Richard L. O’Connor: Ciaverella, defenders should own up to what’s been done
Matt Zeiger, Patriot News: Harrisburg isn’t the only PA city in fiscal trouble
Inquirer Editorial: Shale tax is a fair solution
Pennsylvania Progressive: Judy Schwank raised taxes because of GOP’s poor leadership
Citizens’ Voice:  Take politics out of budget cuts
Nancy Eshelman, Patriot-News: Nancy Eshelman: Harrisburg mayor shouldn’t have taunted protesters
Tribune Review, Colin McNickle: March of the arses
Tribune Review, Brad Bumsted: As Wisconsin goes…
Tribune Review Editorial: Public sector unions: your day is done
Post Gazette Editorial: Public matter: To understand our courts, the record must be open
Post Gazette Editorial: Step to reform: Pennsylvania needs fairness on financial liability
Patriot News Editorial: Harrisburg isn’t only Pa. city in financial distress
Philly Jewish Voice: Rep. Gerlach is not a moderate on reproductive rights
Above Average Jane: De-funding Planned Parenthood isn’t pro-life

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