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2/24 Ups & Downs

Jason Atlmire. 1,600 signatures? Really? The fact that Altmire’s primary opponent Mark Critz would challenge his petitions isn’t surprising. What shocked operatives across the spectrum was just how legitimate the challenge is. There is a real chance that Rep. Altmire could get tossed from the ballot. And even if he doesn’t, the episode has exposed the soft underbelly of his campaign.

Legislative Reapportionment Commission. This is an up if you are a Dem and a down if you are in the GOP. Another week went by and there is no map, meaning it’s harder to delay the primaries and implement new lines in time for 2012. And it really weakens the argument that the LRC and Pa. Supreme Court can get it done on a predictable timeline. Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi conceded as much this week.

Arlen Specter. When they were in the U.S. Senate together, Specter and Rick Santorum were an effective team. Specter on appropriations, Santorum in GOP leadership. But when Specter switched parties in 2009, they became a liability for each other. Sestak whacked Specter with Santorum, and now Romney is whacking Santorum with Specter. Specter wants left out of the 2012 race? Ain’t gonna happen.

David Christian. The Bucks County veterans’ advocate and U.S. Senate hopeful won the lottery this week when he drew the top spot on the GOP primary ballot. Assuming he’s still on it. His petitions are being challenged by the PAGOP (he turned in around 3,300; 2,000 are required for ballot access). But one of the primary’s dynamics is to see who will be the anti-establishment alternative to Steve Welch, and this should earn Christian some street cred. And what the hell, we’ll call his endorsement by Sharron Angle a positive.

7 Responses

  1. What is the story with the PA GOP attack on Dave Christian? Why is the party antagonizing and alienating its own base? Stupid. Arrogant. Question is, if candidates like Christian win, will they then go after GOP to force staff and culture change?

  2. Critz has lost the Allegheny, Beaver, and Westmoreland Democratic endorsements. Critz is finding out that labor endorsements don’t mean squat. Altmire by 10+ points.

  3. I agree with tony p: Critz’s only chance is for his Rethuglican dirty trick to work. Otherwise, turn out the lights.

  4. Today Critz lost a key endorsement in his back yard. The party operatives realize he’s a weak candidate. He better pray the challenge sticks, cause if it doesn’t Altmire will trounce him.

  5. “And what the hell, we’ll call his endorsement by Sharron Angle a positive.”

    Sincerely love that line. It made me laugh in the office this morning.

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