2/28 Ups & Downs

Polls, endorsements and drop-outs earn Ups and Downs. See who all made this week’s list.

Up ArrowTom Wolf. A trifecta of polls showed the former Revenue Secretary with a strong lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor. Harper Polling showed him with 40%, F&M showed him with 36% and Quinnipiac found him with the largest lead over Governor Corbett in a general election matchup.

Down ArrowMax Myers. The Cumberland County minister dropped out of the race for governor this week because he found it logistically and financially impossible to continue his bid. What’s worse is that he’s had to solicit donations from supporters in order to cover $55,000 in debt from his campaign. A $25 donation will get you a thermal campaign cup, if you act now.

Up ArrowProgressives. Keystone Progress is putting on a jam-packed conference this weekend which will include a governor’s candidate debate, a lieutenant governor candidate’s debate and more workshops than the Harrisburg Hilton has probably ever seen. Senator Tim Kaine will be in town for the event as well.

Down ArrowGovernor Tom Corbett. In the latest Quinnipiac poll, 55% to 34%, respondents say Corbett’s shouldn’t get a second term, including 79% of Democrats, 55% of Independents and even 30% of Republicans. The 21 point gap is the worst yet for Corbett according the pollster.

Up ArrowRich Fitzgerald. The Allegheny County Executive had a lucrative fundraiser last night in Pittsburgh featuring former Governor Ed Rendell. Fitzgerald raised about $1 million at the event, and while we’re not sure what his next political goal is, we think he’ll be well-financed to reach it.

Up ArrowDaryl Metcalfe. The conservative king of SEO strikes again! This week he invited Phil Robertson – the Duck Dynasty star who was temporarily banned from the A&E network for remarks about gays and minorities – to his annual Second Amendment rally. Whether Robertson ever learns about the invitation, let alone attends, is irrelevant. Metcalfe earned headlines across the state (Morning Call, Business Times, Philadelphia Weekly, Tribune-Review and more) on the power of the invitation alone.

Tweet of the week goes to HD-50 challenger, Michael Muha for this little issue on the campaign trail.

And HD-164’s challenger, Billy Smith earns Facebook post of the week with these drawings:

7 Responses

  1. What kind of website gives Metcalfe an “up” arrow for such nonsense? I though PA Politics was a serious political website. I don’t care who he invites to an event, he’s still Darryl Metcalfe and he’s a hateful, bigoted, xenophobe. The fact that you are impressed with such a shameless publicity stunt makes me wonder, who is giving out the arrows?

  2. When is somebody at UPMC, the home of World Class Jeff Romoff, Tom Corbett’s new political marriage partner going to pay the price for this hair-brained political union? Please read the insightful Op-Ed from The Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The days of Tom Corbett, Acting Governor John Brabender, and World Class Jeff Romoff of UPMC are numbered. http://trib.me/1g1CVlx
    It oftentimes takes an outsider to place into proper perspective the insider game that is politics. Those too close to a political scenario typically might …

  3. The ever insightful Signor Ferrari posted on Casablancapa.com on this topic:Monday, February 24, 2014 WHAT MIGHT CORBETT HAVE WANTED TO HIDE WITH EMAIL DUMP? Again Signor Ferrari, made references to Victim # 1’s book: SILENT NO MORE. What a great read.

  4. Mr. Corbett,
    I said a prayer for your successful operation and recovery. I must say I am ecstatic over your poll numbers. Someday I hope you see what you did to the poor and the poor school districts of this once respected state. How about the children indeed!

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