2/5 Ups & Downs

Cash, a gaffe and a new inmate. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowChaka Fattah Jr. The long, sad saga of this young man finally ended this week. Fattah Jr., whose father is in his own legal trouble, was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday. This was the culmination of a strange journey, which saw Fattah act as his own lawyer for a trial that lead a jury to find him guilty of 22 counts of fraud. A sorry beginning to what will likely be the worst year ever for the Fattah family.


Up Arrow1Pat Toomey. Despite the fact that Democrats are determined to unseat him in November (or perhaps because of it), Pat Toomey has performed phenomenally well in the race for cash. Pennsylvania’s junior Senator brought in $1.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, giving him a $9.6 million war chest to start off the year. Furthermore, he earned national attention for his endorsement of fellow Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. Finally, he proved an effective surrogate for Rubio…unlike our next honoree.


Down ArrowRick Santorum. The last few days have been a nightmare for the PA Senator. First, his dreams of a repeat of 2012 were expectedly shattered on Monday night when he finished 11th in the Iowa Caucus. As a result, Santorum decided to drop out on Wednesday and endorse Rubio. Afterward, however, he ran into trouble after he couldn’t name one of the Florida Senator’s accomplishments during an interview on Morning Joe. Nothing seemed to go his way this week.


Up Arrow1Pat Meehan. The three SEPA congressional seats; PA-6, PA-7, and PA-8 have been among the most competitive in the U.S. for quite some time now. Democrats fear, though, that the 7th Congressional District may be trending away from them. One of the major reasons this shift has occurred is Rep. Patrick Meehan’s strength as a fundraiser. At the end of 2015 he was sitting on over $2.2 million cash on hand, the most of any congressional candidate in the commonwealth. The more money Meehan is able to raise, the closer he’ll come to sliding this seat solidly into the red column.

Down ArrowScott Petri. This was supposed to be the year State Rep. Scott Petri made the jump from Harrisburg to Washington. He was running a strong campaign, as evidenced by several endorsements, prodigious fundraising and the beginnings of support from the NRCC. Then Brian Fitzpatrick swooped in from California and it all washed away like a sand castle on the beach. Petri was forced to drop out and the retiring incumbent’s younger brother is now positioned to take the GOP nomination.


The tweet of the week goes to election wizard Nate Silver and it’s one worth remembering as we move closer to April 26th:

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  1. The Uneducated Retard can’t even come up with new screen names that do not expose him for the racist FOXtard that he is. Look below. “Amos ‘n Andy” is him too.

    Poor thing. If he wasn’t so sad, he’d be funny. Oh — who am I kidding. This troll is a hoot. it is fun OWNING him here.

  2. It’s OK troll-boy. Just relax. take a deep breath. You are coming unglued again. You are a Ha3 Groupie. I am kind of flattered – even though I think you are a pathetic retard.

  3. OMG – I just lost it again. I’m so sorry. It just makes me feel all warm inside when I pretend to be HaHaHa. Just typing it makes me feel alive … HaHaHa … HaHaHa … … … HaHaHa ………………….

  4. I further and additionally abhor, nay loathe, those whose missives bear the combined monikers of multiple known electronic personalities. My comment must, as per usual, use [brackets] and employ 67 words when 5 would suffice.

  5. I just posted as HaHaHa !!!

    OMG – it felt so good!! Just typing “HaHaHa” makes me all tingly. Is that wrong? No!! What I feel when I type “HaHaHa” cannot be wrong. It feels TOO GOOD to be wrong.

    I think I am in love with HaHaHa.

  6. As much as I take issue with Ha3’s rhetoric, I abhor people who use his screen-name. Mssr. Snyder has been alerted.

  7. You forgot the biggest downer of the week was Represenative Margo Davidson not getting the Delaware County endorsement.

    The 3 time incumbent cheered when she thought she had secured the majority of votes. 33 is not 1/2 of 72 votes….

    Rep Davidson said she was fighting for an open endorsement. This is the beginning of the end of her infamous legacy. It was fun while it lasted.

    Go Sekela Go!!!!!!

  8. Wait, what ? – AKS is on state committee, school board member, community leader, and Pennsylvania Army National Guard captain. He is a Great American, unlike Tom Corbett, Rick Santorum, and David Diano.

  9. Great question, you racist piece of Repervlican shit.

    Perhaps this is why …. From the article:

    Included within the court’s filings were comments on the behavior of Frank Fina, a prosecutor on the Sandusky case who has since left the Attorney General’s office.

    Despite representations by Mr. Fina, a significant number of the commonwealth’s questions to Ms. Baldwin before the grand jury implicated potential confidential communications.

    The Superior Court called Mr. Fina’s questioning “highly improper,” and also said in the Schultz opinion that he was ”paying lip service“ to the privilege concerns and purposely misled a Judge.

  10. Mr. Snyder – Can you please explain why PPA is not covering the Superior Court’s decision in the PSU3 case?

  11. Damn!! I got owned again. I am such a retard!! HaHaHa won’t talk to me and it is eating me up inside !!!!

  12. Ok. I’ll bite. Who is Alan Kennedy Shaffer and why is his endorsement so funny/inconsequential//meaningful??

  13. Next week, I think we will be hearing a lot about the campaign video just posted by Fetterman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Gsp4wKH_Q

    Three reasons spring immediately to mind:

    — It’s wonderfully inventive, funny, well-done and entertaining. It’s going to be widely seen and shared.

    — It’s going to be controversial, too. At the end of the spot, Fetterman has a kid, maybe 12 years old, wearing and asking about a Fetterman t-shirt slogan that reads: “Trump is a Jagoff.” That should spark some conversations across the state.

    — It uses an old Coca-Cola jingle, almost certainly without permission. The clock is already ticking for Coke to demand a take-down or at least to have the song deleted.

    Should be a fun week…

  14. Alan Kennedy Shaffer deserves an up arrow for getting a candidate to publically release his name as an endorser.

  15. B-b-b-b-but Kathleen Kane is still standing. I am sooooo confused. How is she still the AG? How is she ahead in the polls!?! Howwwwwwwwww????????? WAH …. …. Wah !!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    Oh – BTW — I love HaHaHa … the way little girls love Justin Bieber.

  16. B-b-b-b-but it’s a trumped up political witch hunt led by Frank Fina! And the Supreme Court is apparently following Fina’s lead! Yeah, that makes sense!

  17. I am a HaHaHa GROUPIE !!! I can’t stop typing it !!!!!!!!!!!


    somebody help me

  18. No DOWN arrow for Frank Fina, the man behind the smear campaign and trumped up, BS charges against Kathleen Kane?

    In a high profile case, the Appeals Court found that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” The Court also threw out most of the charges against the Penn State executives charged by Fina.

  19. I saw yesterday that the elder Fattah did not get Mayor Kenney’s endorsement in the upcoming election. Obviously that is based on Fattah’s pending legal trouble. So where are the Democrats who whine that Kathleen Kane should be fully supported, despite pending legal trouble, because she’s totally innocent until proven guilty?

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