314 PAC Unveils New Web Ad (VIDEO)

Scientific professionals feel their voice isn’t being heard in Washington and Shaughnessy Naughton’s new PAC is trying to change that.

314 PAC launched their first web video today, in which Naughton delivers the group’s mission statement.

“Those of us in the science community have been increasingly concerned by political rhetoric that pushes aside research and data in favor of misinformation and outright craziness,” Naughton states.

She goes on to lament the reduction of STEM research that has occurred in Congress.

“If we don’t have scientifically literate people determining policy, we can’t possibly expect to have laws based on reasoned judgement,” she asserts.

Naughton emphasizes that the goals behind creating 314 PAC are to recruit, train and support STEM professionals so that they can become “viable, credible Democratic candidates.”

A chemist and small business owner, Naughton ran in the PA-8 Democratic primary against eventual nominee Kevin Strouse.

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5 thoughts on “314 PAC Unveils New Web Ad (VIDEO)”

  1. Way to go Shaughnessy. Finally! I am a licensed PE. If we don’t get some leadership among our leaders, our infrastructure…and, oh yeah, our planet…is doomed. Best luck, and when I get a little extra cash I’ll send you some.

  2. M. Dodel says:

    Yep, progressives should just let all the psychotic, moron Republicans just win every election because that has worked out so well in the past. No need for science or facts, certainly not for cretins like yourselves.

  3. jmarshak says:

    Gee, and I thought liberals were determined to get the money out of politics…

  4. sean ryan says:

    So after decrying super pacs, liberals are now embracing them. I guess they weren’t really upset with citizens united after all.

  5. RussBucks says:

    go away.

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