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3/29 Ups & Downs

Typical political foibles, and some interesting moves in the Pa. Gov race. Here are this week’s Ups & Downs!

Up ArrowVic Stabile. The Cumberland County attorney caught a big break this week when his only rival for the GOP nomination for Superior Court dropped out. Ron Wyda, an Allegheny County judge, said he pulled his name from the ballot because he felt he’d made his mark in Republican circles (read: he’ll be back). Now Stabile can sit back and raise money while the two Dems – Joe Waters and Jack McVay – duke it out.

Down ArrowLiberals. As much as Democrats love to see a prominent Republican go down – the result of a case passed over by then-AG Tom Corbett, no less – Joan Orie Melvin’s resignation announcement this week brings their magical year to an end. Since she was suspended in May, the Pa. Supreme Court has had a 3-3 partisan tie. If Corbett nominates a respected, moderate Republicans like he’s expected to, he will have the upper hand in a nomination fight and the GOP will reassert control of the Court.

Up ArrowPerry County Scumbags. Who knew they had so much support? This week when Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson sought to soothe concerns about a proposal to privatize the city’s trash service she said, “We’re not opening up our floodgates for, you know, some scumbag that comes from Perry County who got the money and pocketed it and comes here and wants to dump it for free.” Her remark caused a firestorm (they have Twitter in Perry County?) and earned her an editorial rebuke.

Up ArrowDown ArrowBruce Castor. It’s never fun to see one’s dirty laundry aired, as anonymous critics did this week in creating the attack website But it’s always fun to know that you’re getting under enough people’s skin to elicit a strong response.

Up ArrowTV Networks. After a less-than-record campaign season, TV networks got a bit of political love this week from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PAC and from VoteVets. Both groups are advocating the Senate Dems’ gutted gun control bill which deals primarily with universal background checks (and leaves out any mention of an assault weapons ban). They’re hoping to sway Sen. Pat Toomey in particular.

Tweet of the week: Mary Wilson, WITF

We couldn’t resist.

6 Responses

  1. The best place for Turzai is the ignored dustbin of Pa History. Or is that notoriety?

  2. I don’t know, … how safe can any sitting R feel knowing that Turzai took the step back allowing two high ranking Party Members, the Ories, to be taken down in just one year clearing his upward path?

  3. Turzai for Supreme Court??? It takes 34 votes in the Senate for a Governor to get his nomination through. Turzai won’t get a single Dem vote, so that’s a pipe dream

  4. It is time to put Leader Turzai where he belongs in the Governor’s mansion. That is unless Gov. Corbett has the wisdom to put him on the Supreme Court.

  5. – the result of a case passed over by then-AG Tom Corbett, no less –

    That a shocker! I’m sure Tom was to busy with the Sandusky Investigation.

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