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The saga of Jane Orie is grinding toward a climax. Each side gave its concluding arguments yesterday, and the jury is deliberating as we speak (as you read). Yesterday PoliticsPA was the first to report that Republicans are already preparing for a special election for Orie’s seat. Former Congresswoman (and Orie political rival) Melissa Hart leads the hypothetical GOP field.

Rick Santorum’s contract with Fox News has been suspended (along with Mike Huckabee’s) pending his decision whether to run in 2012. Every PA lawmaker in DC supported the continuing resolution to prevent a government shut-down. The NYT Marcellus story created quite a stir among big players in PA.

And Pittsburgh may have cause to re-think its inferiority complex vis-a-vis Philly. While the Steel City is routinely listed as America’s most livable city, Forbes is calling Philly the most toxic. However, with Pittsburgh police debating a possible boycott of off-duty work during the St. Patty’s Day parade, so we’ll see how livable it is next weekend…

PoliticsPA Reports

Exclusive: Republicans Planning for Special Election in State Sen. Jane Orie’s District; Front Runner is Former Rep. Melissa Hart
Allegheny County Republicans are quietly preparing for a special election to fill State Senator Orie’s seat, and the front runner for the GOP nomination appears to be former Congresswoman Melissa Hart.

TVnewser: Rick Santorum Suspended by Fox News
Fox News’ Bret Baier just announced that the network has put a 60-day suspension on the paid contributor deals with both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — who are both considering a run for president in 2012.

Dan Hirschhorn, Formerly of Pa2010, Takes a Look at Joe Sestak’s Game Plan
Having covered the former admiral for the entirety of his Senate campaign for pa2010, Dan Hirshhorn is pretty familiar with Joe Sestak. Check out Hirshhorn’s story today about Sestak’s next move.

NYT Macellus Shale Piece Muddies the Water in Pa.
Sunday’s New York Times featured an article highly critical of regulation of wastewater from natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania, precipitated a contentious response among some players in the Marcellus arena.

Pennsylvania Ave.: National Journal Reports That Rep. Dent Is One of the Few Moderates To Have Been Re-Elected in 2010
The National Journal, which last week brought us the 2010 liberal and conservative rankings of all members of Congress, takes a look today at the 10 lawmakers that had voting records overlapping with the opposing party. There were only 10, and of them, only two were re-elected. One was Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., and the other was the Lehigh Valley’s own Charlie Dent.

Pa. Senate Dems Unveil Plan to Spur 28,000 Jobs
With budget cuts in the works in Harrisburg, state senate Democrats are putting job creation at the top of their agenda. Senate Democrats introduced “PA Works” last Wednesday, a six-part initiative aimed at stimulating tens of thousands of jobs.

Post-Gazette: Orie jury begins deliberating
Pennsylvania Ave.: All Pa. Lawmakers Support Short Term Continuing Resolution
Early Returns: Toomey Open Pittsburgh Office
Commonwealth Confidential: Corbett Official Vows No Replay of Gosnell Clinic Horrors
Early Returns: Corbett Catch-All: It’s Rendell’s Fault
Capitol Ideas: Lawmakers Plead the Case for Early Childhood Programs
PhillyClout: GOP Candidate For Mayor of Philadelphia is a Democratic Party Official
Post-Gazette: State Senate recommends new DEP, state police leaders
Post-Gazette: Lawyer calls charges against Sen. Orie ‘a smokescreen’
Post-Gazette: Pittsburgh Council to consider financial management system
AP: Stamp of approval for two Corbett nominees
Inquirer: Corbett vows change as new DRPA head
Daily News: Rick Santorum suspended from Fox News
Politico: CNN to Rick: Nice to meet ya
Tribune-Review: Orie finishes testimony in corruption case
Tribune-Review: Projected state revenue a guesstimate at best
Tribune-Review: Pittsburgh police set to vote on St. Patrick’s day work
Delco Times: West Philly abortion doc may face death penalty
AP: Jury ends deliberations for day in Pa. Sen. Jane Orie’s trial
Inquirer: Most toxic area? Philly, says Forbes
Inquirer: Senate panel OKs Pa. school voucher bill
Daily News: Corbett names Sam Katz to PICA panel
Daily News: Nutter’s proposed budget a $4B draft
Inquirer: Proposed Pa. budget would help victims of child sex abuse seek justice
AP: Despite overhaul, gas wastewater still a problem

Times-Tribune Editorial: Humanely, or not at all
Post-Gazette Editorial: Sending a message: The feds want to see mine safety taken seriously
Post-Gazette Editorial: One pat too many: A traveler spurns the jet and opts for the ferry
Post-Gazette Editorial: Iraq’s unrest: Even if the protests grow, the U.S. must exit
Times-Tribune Editorial: Keep cameras rolling in Pa.
John Baer, Daily News: Money and votes talk, liberal sentiments walk
Tribune-Review Editorial: White House games: Kowtowing to unions
Patriot News Editorial: To the rescue? Harrisburg’s consultants give lackluster first show
Inquirer Editorial: Redefining marriage

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