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3/30 Morning Buzz

First Lynne Abraham, and now Democrat Kathleen Granahan Kane is taking a look at a run for Attorney General. The NEPA prosecutor with a fundraising network and strong ties to the Casey clan is announcing her plans today. PoliticsPA has the exclusive.

Politico’s Dan Hirschhorn takes an early look at the primary matchup between Reps. Jason Altmire and Mark Critz that would occur if, as most analysts expect, the two are redrawn into the same district next cycle. Spoiler: it’s bad news for Atlmire.

Pro-life Senator Bob Casey is in a tight spot this week as votes near over GOP efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood and has been relatively quiet on the subject. He’s either got to give the GOP a boat load of ammo, or alienate a big part of his Dem base. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum made national headlines with his comment that “abortion culture” is to blame for America’s Social Security woes.

And Governor Corbett is taking heat for his limited-access press conferences, complete with guards, as Harrisburg veterans recall his (Dem and GOP) predecessors being far more open. It’s not like he campaigned on transparency or anything…

PoliticsPA Reports

Exclusive: Kathleen Granahan Kane to Announce AG Candidacy on Wednesday
Kathleen Granahan Kane, a career prosecutor and former Assistant District Attorney in Lackawanna County, plans to announce her candidacy for state Attorney General on Wednesday, according to a press announcement obtained Tuesday afternoon by PoliticsPA.

Corbett Presser Rules Panned
Governor Corbett is taking heat from the press today, after another incident in which his staff limited access to a press conference.

Centrist Casey Stays Mum on Planned Parenthood Spending Cuts As Vote Nears
With government funding for Planned Parenthood one of the most dividing issues in reaching agreement on the government’s budget for the remaining fiscal year, centrist Senators– including Sen. Casey– have yet to take on the issue, The Hill’s Cristina Marcos reports:

Pa. Rainwater Contains Small Traces of Radiation; Corbett Says No Need to Worry
“The bottom line is our public drinking water is safe,” Corbett said on the 32nd anniversary of the start of the nation’s worst nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, south of Harrisburg.

Port Authority Union Tries Onorato Again
After Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato rejected Port Authority union workers’ proposal for a 10 percent pay cut and forgoing a 3 percent raise scheduled for January, transit workers are willing to restart talks. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jon Schmitz reports:

Dems Look at DiNicola to Take on Rep. Kelly
Kevin Cuneo of the Erie Times News is reporting that Erie County Dems are looking at attorney and former congressional candidate Ron DiNicola to challenge freshman Rep. Mike Kelly.

Students Take to the Capitol For Higher-Ed Protests
Hundreds of residents crowded outside the Capitol Monday morning, prepared with signs and chants to prove to Gov. Corbett that his proposed 50 percent funding cuts to the 14 state-owned and four state-affiliated universities won’t go down without a fight.

AP: Speaker Smith Proposes Eliminating 50 Representatives From the State House
The speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is pushing for a bill to start the lengthy process need to reduce the size of the 203-member chamber by about 25 percent.

Politico: PA Dems’ looming primary showdown between Reps. Altmire and Critz
Pennsylvania Ave.: Santorum blames abortion for Social Security problems
Times-Leader: Area lawmakers split on Libya
Pennsylvania Ave.: Toomey, Casey sign bipartisan letter to Clinton about Israel
AP: Sen. Casey wants feds to help investigate Pa. house explosions
Early Returns: Casey: Votes With Obama 97%
Pennsylvania Ave.: Casey continues campaign against bath salts
Times-Leader: Rep. Barletta Opposed to Anymore CRs
Early Returns: Rep. Altmire introduces gun rights bill
Early Returns: Corbett Fails Transparency Test
PhillyNow: Gov. Corbett was only joking about ‘more transparency’
Early Returns: Armey in the House
Tribune-Review: Prosecutors blast Orie efforts to dismiss judge, avoid retrial
Capitol Ideas: Liquor Control Board Officials Take Heavy Fire From House Panel
Delaware County Times: Pa. Schools Chief Says Money Does Not Buy Learning
Fox Philadelphia: Rep. Wants Safe Schools Advocate Back
ABC Pittsburgh: Team 4 Finds More Wasteful Spending in the Legislature
Heard in the Hall: The Late Sky-Diving Mayor on Politicians
Daily News: $1M tax bill does not stop Milton’s critique
Times-Leader: Entitlement news irks area seniors
Times-Leader: Officials: It is time to recalculate COLA
Times-Leader: Superseding indictment filed against Cordaro and Munchak
PhillyNow: At-large candidate Lazin Calls Out Rizzo in City Hall
AP: Speaker proposes cutting 50 House members
Post-Gazette: Oversight board seeks answers to city budget questions
Post-Gazette: Onorato: No deal better than bad Port Authority deal
Post-Gazette: Port Authority Union willing to restart talks
Post-Gazette: Union leader defends state-run liquor sales
Post-Gazette: Educators restore some more education cuts
ABC Philadelphia: Long blackouts could endanger Pa. nuclear facilities
Delaware County Times: Former district judge gets jail time for corruption of minor
Early Returns: Full Allegheny County candidate list
Inquirer: HUD launches another audit of PHA
PhillyClout: Dueling DROP letters pass between Rizzo and Lazin
Citizens’ Voice: Back Mountain man faces persecution if deported to Pakistan
Citizens’ Voice: Counties weigh natural gas drilling impact fee
Citizens’ Voice: Disease clusters focus of Senate hearing
Times-Tribune: CMC to raise funds for Japanese earthquake victims
Times-Tribune: Commissioners: Reassessment off table
The Morning Call: In Southern Lehigh, search for budget cuts on
The Morning Call: Valley business leaders cheer Toomey

Baer Growls: Air Obama
Newsworks Editorial: Obama’s loopholes
Young Philly Politics: Guv sez: Drop dead, Mayor sez: Keep smilin’
Times-Tribune: Ferraro carried burden of ‘first’
Post-Gazette Editorial: Ferraro’s legacy: No office should be off limits to half the people
Times Leader: Time for Toole to do the time

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