4/20 Ups & Downs

The latest Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll brings good news for candidates, Metcalfe gets in the headlines again, and Lamb’s final primary challenger exits the race.  See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!

Up-Arrow4-2Tom Wolf. In the latest Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll Governor Tom Wolf leads all three Republican challengers by over 10 points, giving him a boost to his re-election campaign that outside groups have begun viewing as likely for him to win.  




Up-Arrow4-2Jim Chistriana.  The latest Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll had state Rep. Jim Christiana trailing Senator Bob Casey by three points more than Congressman Lou Barletta, which is within the margin of error of the poll.  




Down Arrow Daryl Metcalfe.  State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is finding himself in the news again for the wrong reasons.  Fellow state Rep. Chris Rabb filed a formal complaint against Metcalfe for what Rabb viewed as a threat following a committee meeting.  




Up-Arrow4-2Conor Lamb. Congressman Conor Lamb’s final primary opponent dropped out of the primary election, giving him an open path to the general election against Congressman Keith Rothfus.  Lamb also finished the 1st quarter with a slight fundraising edge over Rothfus.  



Down Arrow Mini Casinos.  In the latest round of bidding for the state’s sixth mini casino, the state Gaming Control Board faced an odd predicament when it asked for any bidders to come forward, not a single person did leading to no bids being placed.  




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The tweet of the week goes to Associated Press reporter Marc Levy for his preview of this year’s Gridiron skit.  


5 Responses

  1. Daryl Metcalfe is an embarrassment. My comment, directly on Metcalfe’s FB whine about the mean old Dems, followed immediately by his boast that he arbitrarily kills all Dem legislation:

    “You are the most despicable member of the PA General Assembly, and that is saying something. I hope you do lose what little control you appear to have of your temper and hurt someone. I will rejoice to see you led out of our state house in cuffs !”

  2. You reading this Ray? Your 15 minutes are up. You railed against machine politicians and then you punk out and join them. Now Fitz takes you to Committe meetings as his boy bitch. You weren’t goi g to win but how you bowed out by taking a knee was embarrassing.

  3. According to news reports, Rep. Metcalfe was supposed to have said to Rep Rabb, “we’d have a different conversation on the street.” While this chatter is just fine for a World Federation Wrestler it is not acceptable coming from a member of the Pennsylvania State legislature. Legislators are to set an example not to lower the bar for professional work behavior and talk.

  4. Regarding the mini-casinos, maybe the marketplace is trying to tell PA govt that you cannot gamble your way to fiscal responsibility. Institute a gas extraction tax immediately and stop being bought off by oil/gas lobby.

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