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5/1 Ups & Downs

Commercials, endorsements and primaries. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. It’s become a prolonged avalanche of bad news for the Attorney General at this point. Monday saw the release of the grand jury presentment that recommended five charges against her. The next day we learned that Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman, who will decide whether to indict Kane, is expanding her investigation to cover the firing of James Barker. Every week this scandal seems to grow exponentially.


Up Arrow1Ori Feibush. After weeks of Councilman Johnson rolling out endorsements, his primary opponent needed some positive news to turn things around. This week, that’s what he got. First, the real estate developer launched two new TV ads. Then, Feibush earned the backing of the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board. Momentum is difficult to quantify but it can’t hurt to have a good few days with the election just around the corner.


Down ArrowBill Shuster. The revelation that Congressman Shuster, the Chair of the Transportation Committee, is dating an airline lobbyist captured headlines but is not the reason the lawmaker gets this down arrow. The most damaging consequence of this news doesn’t have anything to do with Rep. Shuster’s reputation but rather his career. 2012 GOP Senate nominee Tom Smith, a multi-millionaire, is now making noise about challenging Shuster in a primary. An anti-D.C. crusade led by a man with enough cash to finance his campaign has got to be the Congressman’s worst nightmare.

Up ArrowDown ArrowLynne Abraham. The former Philly DA is at a critical point in her candidacy. In many ways, she has slipped behind Anthony Williams and Jim Kenney and has to break through by taking advantage of their fight. That’s the goal of her first TV ad, which is positive and focuses on improving the lives and futures of the city’s kids. Yet she’s also being criticized for her actions as DA and still has difficulty adequately explaining some of her past decisions. Finally, Nelson Diaz started taking shots at her after criticizing Kenney last week.

Up Arrow1Hugh McGough. It’s tough to get noticed when you’re running for lower-tier offices. That’s why endorsements are so important. If you can get a well-known figure to support you, it increases the odds voters will notice you, especially if they appear in your commercial. All this explains why McGough’s ad with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto was such a success. Using an old Chevy Chase/Garrett Morris routine from the early days of SNL, the Court of Common Pleas candidate was able to break out from the pack. We recommend a Wayne’s World parody next.

The tweet of the week goes to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Karen Langley for illustrating the momentum that is building for the resignation of the Attorney General.

6 Responses

  1. Moderate Mel, Hugh’s ad should start airing late this week. Should have a fairly high rotation.

  2. McGough may have a fun commercial but it is currently not on TV. So besides polticspa nobody is going to see it…

  3. I don’t think the governor has the power to remove a duly elected official from office. Article VI Section 4 of the PA Constitution delegates sole power of impeachment to the House of Representatives.

  4. I’m not embarrassed by her. Im embarrassed that some people think she should throw her life away before shes been adjudicated of anything. Grow up and let it play out

  5. The AG is an absolute embarrassment. She needs to resign or Gov. Wolf should force her out someway. This is ridiculous.

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