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5/22 Ups & Downs

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and the shock of an upset. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowJim Kenney. This one seems obvious. With the Democratic nomination in hand, Kenney is now set to become the 99th Mayor of Philadelphia. For some time now it was clear Kenney was the favorite but his landslide ended up being one of the largest in history. He should enjoy this moment while he can, because the only thing more difficult than campaigning is actually governing.


Down ArrowAnthony Williams. Of course, Kenney’s moment on the mountain top leaves Williams in the deepest valley. The State Senator was considered the front-runner, he had name recognition and money, but his campaign just stalled. It was almost as if, coming so close to the dream of both him and his father, he froze and couldn’t break the stupor. What he does now is anyone’s guess, including perhaps himself.


Up Arrow1Christine Donohue. When the Democrats elected to only endorse two out of a possible three candidates at their winter meeting, it meant there would be a free-for-all for that final slot. Not only did Donohue win, but she actually outpolled Kevin Dougherty (brother of Johnny Doc) in the process. Considering fellow nominee David Wehct also had a familial advantage, it’s quite an accomplishment that Donohue was able to garner over 21% of the vote in the six-way race.

Down ArrowTodd Eagen. There was only one party-backed statewide judicial candidate who lost on Tuesday and it was Commonwealth Court hopeful Todd Eagen. Despite the support of his party and Senator Casey, as well as his own TV ad, Eagen still suffered an upset.



Up Arrow1Pat Toomey. The continually brewing drama between Joe Sestak and Pennsylvania and D.C. Democrats would be cause enough for a celebration in the Toomey camp. Yet the GOP Senator got even more good news when Sabato’s Crystal Ball moved his race from a “toss-up” to “Leans Republican”. The state’s junior Senator would be wise to stay out of the way and allow his opponents to keep fighting amongst themselves.


Special Election-Day Honorable MentionUp: Michael Wojcik. The man who beat Eagen. Down: Ed Neilson and Wilson Goode. Philly Councilmen no more. Up: Allan Domb, Derek Gym and Helen Gym. The new additions to the Philly City Council. Down: The Sixers. Picking thirdagain.

The tweet of the week goes to Liz Spikol for pointing out that, even in the midst of defeat, Anthony Williams still knows what’s really important in life.

6 Responses

  1. Something is wrong with an election that depends more on geography than qualifications. It also speaks volumes about our electoral turnout situation. Todd Eagen was an excellent choice. Hope we see more of him.

  2. I tip my hat to the Egan family. They worked incredibly hard and gained my respect. Wishing them all the best.)

  3. I agree with Happy Valley. Todd Eagen and his family certainly earned my respect and friendship. They all worked hard to get Todd elected. The family started two years ago to get Todd’s name across the state. When he runs again, I will be supporting him and working to get him elected!

  4. Wojick won on geography and better turnout in the west than the east. He did not run a campaign. The Eagan family worked enormously hard, earning widespread friendship and respect. Your characterization of the outcome is unfair to them.

  5. SMH!! The chosen tweet of the week is beyond inappropriate. Crude. PoliticsPa you can do better.

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