5/27 Ups & Downs

Six-packs, emails and convicts. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. The Governor was in desperate need of a win. Then he was able to “free the six-pack”. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board was likely going to loosen restrictions anyway but Wolf smartly jumped ahead early. As a result, the PLCB went much further than initially thought and the Governor was able to get on the more popular side of an issue that has been disadvantageous for Democrats.


Down ArrowJohn Quigley. One member of the Governor’s cabinet, though, did not have a pleasant week as evidenced by the fact that he is no longer a member of said cabinet. Ex-DEP Secretary John Quigley was forced out after a controversy arose about an email that he sent to environmental groups. His ouster became a rallying point for the environmental community yet, at least for the moment, Quigley is left without a job.  


Up ArrowDown ArrowDonald Trump. It feels like every week is an up and down week for Donald Trump. On the positive side of the ledger, the GOP nominee won the support of Otto Voit and Rick Santorum. Additionally, Sanders is talking about a “messy” convention and western PA is trending his way. On the other hand, he trails Hillary Clinton among middle income residents in the Rust Belt states, the group that he is betting his campaign on. He’s also clearly become the Democrats’ favorite bogeyman as the DCCC latest web ad indicates. Finally, the Washington Post rated Pennsylvania as a “Lean Democratic” state.

Down ArrowChaka Fattah. The embattled Congressman is in the fight of his life as he battles 29 indictments in his criminal trial. On Wednesday a key member of the prosecution testified, Rep. Fattah’s former Chief of Staff Gregory Naylor. The cooperation of such a high-profile staffer, who pled guilty for his own part in these schemes, bodes poorly for Rep. Fattah’s chances of victory.  


Down ArrowKathleen Kane. Morale is low in the Attorney General’s office. This week we learned just how heavy a toll Kane’s troubles have had on the staff in Harrisburg. That “culture of paranoia” can’t be helped by the fact that Kane’s driver is still drawing a paycheck despite being convicted of criminal contempt and sentenced to 3-6 months in prison. It’s such a shame that the AG’s office is counting the days until the Attorney General leaves office.


The tweet of the week goes to the “Angry Tom Wolf” for the A+ Simpsons reference.

12 Responses

  1. Tim-

    Perhaps if Republicans stopped blocking proper funding to the schools in PA, test scores would rise back up to show Pennsylvania being back near the top in schools as it was before Tom Corbett.

  2. PSEA [PA teachers union] raked in over $70 million in dues and nearly $5 million in investment income in 2015. 16 of their officials made more than $200,000. They have nearly 190,000 members. Own $6 million in real estate and contribute quite a bit to both parties at election time. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania students scored substantially below the rest of the nation in standardized test, ranking only 35th in the country. How’s that union thing working out?

  3. We ignore negative Fina stories. Couldn’t care less that the Superior Court recently found that Fina’s conduct in the Penn State case was “highly improper.” He fed us stories. That’s all we care about.

  4. Kane still under attack. It’s fine though. Her trial is coming up. The truth will come to then. Unnamed cry-babies at the OAG really don’t move the needle much. And Kane is breaking no law keeping Reese on. After all – he was doing what she told him to do when he snooped through e-mails. If she fires him for that, he could successfully sue. Plus – the prosecution of Reese DOES appear to be a political one.

  5. Kane’s continuation in office is even more demoralizing to Frank Fina and Seth Williams, plus ex-PA Supreme Court justices and their porn email buddies.

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