5/9 Ups & Downs

Two Pennsylvanians make MSNBC for very different reasons and an impeachment hearing goes awry. See who all made this week’s list.

Up ArrowVincent Hughes: The Philadelphia State Senator scored an interview on MSNBC for the stand he’s taken against the KKK activity South Central PA. Hughes petitioned and received a response from the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission regarding alleged Klu Klux Klan activity in Fairview Township. TJ Holmes interviewed Hughes on MSNBC earlier this week and Hughes was able to promote the years of work he’s done to eradicate racist activity in the Commonwealth.

Down ArrowDaryl Metcalfe: In the weeks since the botched Philadelphia sting operation was revealed, AG Kathleen Kane has stumbled trying to gain the high ground in the discussion. This week, State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe mobilized Kane supporters and embarrassed himself when he attempted to impeach Kane in the House State Government Committee meeting earlier this week. He had another representative removed and the entire House Democratic coalition left the meeting entirely in a show of support behind the AG.

Up ArrowGene Stilp: Thousands of people showed up to rally in Harrisburg in favor of natural gas development, but one guy was able to throw them off message. The good government advocate  carried a sign that read “Tax the frackers behind me” in front of their rally and led them all the way to the Capitol. Point made, sir.

Down ArrowRob McCord: MSNBC rarely criticizes Democrats, and even more rarely are those critiques on the basis of racial issues but this week Chris Matthews scolded the State Treasurer for his ad that tied Tom Wolf to York Mayor Robertson who was charged with murder in a 1960s race riot. Former Governor Ed Rendell, Senator Bob Casey and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald also voiced their displeasure with the spot.

Up ArrowAllyson Schwartz: Getting an anti-endorsement isn’t often good news, except when it comes from a Tea Party group when you’re in a battle to win a Democratic nomination. The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC gave an anti-endorsement to the Congresswoman this week, calling her the most anti-Tea Party candidate in the race for governor. Being the furthest candidate from the Tea Party is an honor to run on in a Democratic primary, and the news is sure to mobilize Schwartz supporters who

Down ArrowMark Cohen: Despite holding the seat for decades, Cohen has a serious challenger this year: Jared Solomon. Solomon has been endorsed by a handful of local organizations and popular Philadelphia Democratic Rep. Brian Sims. He’s now running two ads in the primary against Cohen and according to a source close to his campaign, internal polling shows him with a double digit lead over the incumbent.

Tweet of the week double dips a bit into Metcalfe’s Down Arrow, but Sims wraps it up nicely in this tweet.

Selfie of the week: This feature award goes to Representatives Bizzarro, Farina and Flynn for showing us that legislators are regular people who take selfies at work like the rest of us.



13 Responses

  1. John is right–the Independence Hall Tea Party has decided that Schwartz is the weakest link.

    They’re using reverse psychology on Democrats who irrationally hate the Tea Party.

    If the Tea Party hates Schwartz, then we Dems should vote for her.

    If Schwartz were smart–and she’s not–she would run with the anti-endorsement–and use it to mobilize support.

    Unless, of course, she agrees with the Tea Party and believes, like them, that she is the weakest link–and realizes Wolf has the best shot at beating Corbett.

  2. Enjoy the selfies at the Capital while you can, Frank. Next year it is back to lawn care. If you had done the right thing and supported COMPREHENSIVE Youth suicide prevention and talked to your collegues, perhaps HB 1559 would have passed with improvements. Before the primary though, it is going nowhere because you didn’t advocate for National Recommendations for suicide prevention in Youth.

  3. I have heard others make the claim that owning guns is a God given right. Must be somewhere in the back of the Bible.
    The video of Gene Stilp is priceless. We need imagination in Harrisburg and Washington

  4. Cohen “deserves” re-election? Why? Because he has more history and knowledge than most.” Most what?
    My God, he’s been there for 40 years! And all he is known for is the per diem expenditures he’s collected. Time for him to go.

  5. It’s interesting Hughes gets an up arrow for calling out racist white supremacist activity that still takes place in York but the establishment rebukes McCord for calling attention to their chosen candidate’s close association and unwavering loyalty with former members of that movement whose activities directly or indirectly resulted in a young African American woman’s death.

  6. Schwartz got that endorsement because the tea party WANTS to run against her as and the Corbett people want to as well. I don’t understand how that manages an “up” arrow

  7. Metcalfe yesterday stated owning guns is Gods given right!!! Hmmmm I don’t recall ever reading about God -giving that right!! Maybe he needs to check his meds. He is a whack a doodle!
    As for Cohan – he truly is an intelligent caring rep. Different yes but aren’t we all. He has more history and knowledge then most. He deserves to be re-elected.
    Great selfie guys!!!

  8. Been trying really hard to like the Metcalf guy, as someone who agrees with him on many issues. The challenge is that he just seems so partisan. How could he not invite Ms. Kane to tell her side, or anyone with an opposing viewpoint?

    Who was his choice for Speaker of the House, was it Mr. Perzel, the crook who ended up behind bars? Where was the call for impeachment when Attorney General Corbett had a fundraising meeting with John Perzel, who Corbett was supposed to be investigating? How about the fact that it took two years to make an arrest on Jerry Sandusky after Corbett began an investigation. That’s two full years Sandusky went on raping and molesting victims. Corbett was proud as a peacock about the new special sex crimes unit he created upon becoming the Atty Gen, and yet he sends in a state trooper, not the special new unit, to investigate Sandusky. Does Mr. Metcalfe think it is a coincidence that Sandusky finally got indicted…two days AFTER Penn State gets the record breaking victory Joe Paterno spent years trying to achieve? Where were the calls for impeachment then?

  9. Sy: Thanks for sharing this awesome tweet. The truth is Corbett is interested in PRETENDING TO EDUCATE PHILLY KIDS, if Charly Zogby’s Cyber Charter Corporate Welfare queens can get the action at taxpayer expense. Aw Shucks: Who cares about the children of these DEM voting sons and daughters of Philly Welfare Queens? They’ll eventually benefit the Private Prison Pirateers! Philly.com: Moody’s: Pa. charter rules are wrecking Phila. School District

    Read the full story here:

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