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6/29 Ups & Downs

In the battle of east versus west, Philadelphia definitely won out this week. Though when it comes to redistricting reform, we’re all losers. See who had a good week, and who did not, in this week’s edition of the Ups & Downs!


Philadelphia Eagles. This week, Gov. Tom Wolf signed the “Clean Slate” bill that would seal records for certain nonviolent offenders to prevent discrimination in education, hiring and housing. This was a top issue for several players. Importantly, they identified a bill that had bipartisan support – led by Rep. Jordan Harris and Sheryl Delozier. First, the Super Bowl. Then, successful criminal justice reform. Not a bad year.



Pittsburgh media. The Post-Gazette is dropping to five days of print a week next month, and both KDKA and WPXI came under intense scrutiny for reporting that video exists showing Antwon Rose had fired a gun the night he was shot and killed. Those reports were based on anonymous sources and were contradicted this week by the criminal complaint against Officer Michael Rosfeld, who shot an unarmed Rose in the back as he fled.





Pennsylvania Democrats. Two polls this month have shown double-digit leads for the party’s top-ticket nominees: Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey. Historically, that means good news as well for down-ballot races.






Redistricting efforts. For some, there is a glimmer of home. To the rest, it’s clear that meaningful changes to the way Pennsylvania redraws its maps are not happening in time for 2021. Activists across the state are notably disappointed and continue to call for change. Those pleas seem to fall on deaf ears during election season.





George Scott. While it seems crass to analyze potential job loss as an optics issue, it’s clear that the Democratic congressional nominee in PA-10 can campaign on Harley-Davidson’s announcement that it was shifting some production overseas as the result of a burgeoning tariff war between the EU and the Trump administration.




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And our Tweet of the Week goes to Ryan W. Briggs of City & State for this absolutely accurate take on the new Pennsylvania tourism logo:

5 Responses

  1. I might be more interested in obtaining my happiness in Pennsylvania, not just pursuing something that is always out of reach.

  2. To answer Ryan Briggs’ Tweet: Because SCOTUS is crucially important to each citizen, and almost no citizen (except the minuscule handful involved in creating it) ever knows or cares what any state’s logo is.

  3. We the people were robbed of the redistricting reform we all widely wanted, regardless our demographics or party affiliation if any. Each and every Gen Assembly member of any party who is not actively criticizing our leadership of both parties for this blatantly purposeful deflection, deception and foot dragging needs to be held to account in their next election.

    Shame on you all, and thank your lucky stars that PA citizens are not allowed to initiate ballot referendum, like those in many states are. Because we would yank districting out of your corrupt and selfish little hands so quickly your heads would spin.

  4. The tea leaves are before us. Trump’s antics, Supreme Court choice and the Doug Jones Senate race in Alabama all point in a direction that says this will be a good year to run for Wolf and Casey. Doug Jones especially is a great indicator because this is what happens when a base is energized. The R’s did not switch to Jones but rather Jones got a lot more Dem’s to vote for him because they were motivated. The Trump antics and Supreme Court choice will energize the Dems this fall and make it a good year to run for Casey and Wolf. It would have been very different for them to run had it been 2016 or Hillary won but it is what it is and for sure this is an optimal year to run as a Dem for Senate and Governor.

  5. Trump’s bumbling, ill-conceived trade wars are ridiculous and having a real impact on workers and consumers. We tried (much more careful) steel tariffs in 2002 and it was a disaster. This is foolish and completely avoidable. It’s entirely fair to ask, what is Scott Perry doing to check this out-of-control president?

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