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6/10 Ups & Downs

Liquor, rent and the White House. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. This was one of the best weeks of the Governor’s tenure so far. On Tuesday, he announced that the Shell Cracker Plant was coming to Pennsylvania. Wolf was also magnanimous, sharing credit with his predecessors, Tom Corbett, who worked so hard to make the deal happen. Then on Thursday, Wolf signed a historic liquor reform bill into law. Gov. Wolf is now much stronger as he tries to secure a budget agreement this summer and avoid last year’s disaster.


Down ArrowFrank Fina. After years of rivalry and controversy, Frank Fina was suddenly gone. On Tuesday, the Legal Intelligencer discovered that the polarizing prosecutor had resigned at the beginning of the month. It was quite an unsatisfying conclusion after all we’ve learned about his email habits and his mutually destructive conflict with Kathleen Kane.



Up ArrowHillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State at long last won the Democratic Presidential nomination this week. That wasn’t the only bit of good news Clinton (and her allies) received, however, as ABC News rated PA as “Lean Democratic” and the latest PPP poll shows her tied with Donald Trump in the Keystone State. While a tie is not optimal, these results reflect a divided Democratic Party that has quickly begun uniting behind Clinton over the last few hours. Finally we learned that Clinton, and Trump, will be visiting Pittsburgh soon.  

Down ArrowSeth Williams. The Fina news would be embarrassing enough for the Philadelphia District Attorney, given that Williams infamously stood by his employee. Unfortunately for Williams, though, we learned that the DA had allegedly asked a contributor to get his ex-wife a deal on a rented home. Remember it was just last week that Williams showed up to a fundraiser for indicted State Sen. Larry Farnese. Suffice to say, the Philly DA is not on an upward trajectory.  


Up ArrowDown ArrowPat Toomey. Strictly speaking, Senator Toomey has a lot going for him. He leads in the latest poll and is favored by prognosticators. Mitch McConnell’s PAC and Andrea Mitchell also lent a helping hand. Nevertheless, the specter of Donald Trump continues to haunt the Senator. The critical task for him over the next five months will be to keep his re-election campaign about himself and his opponent and not whatever is happening in the presidential contest. Of course, that’s easier said than done.   

The tweet of the week goes to this tribute to The Greatest:

20 Responses

  1. Laura Ditka is actually a very well respected prosecutor. such misogynistic and sexist remarks about her add nothing to the information some of us would like to expect from visits to this board.

  2. Yes Bungy. That’s the rumor. Garet has also said that the City car that got vandalized was really in front of the house of the blonde girl Seth is boning.

    That would mean that Seth and his people falsified the police report.

    We already know that the person that did it has not been forced to pay for the damage. Seth made the taxpayers cover that.

  3. Is it true that Seth is sleeping with the blonde that used to date the drug-dealer? And that he recently promoted her too?!?

  4. Is Tim a conservative parody account written by a liberal? The Daily Mail is a joke and who is afraid of hanging out in Downtown Philly? This isn’t Charlie Bronson’s New York City.

  5. “unsatisfying conclusion”???

    Nah. The end of Fina’s career as a prosecutor is very satisfying. He is a POS.

  6. Seth Williams:

    The guy who is covering up for the person who defaced City property in front of his house.

    The guy who’s Twitter feed once included photos from Big Booty Latinas.

    The guy who spent campaign funds on membership dues at The Union League and The Sporting Club at The

    The guy who turned his back on the victim of a violent crime because one of the perpetrators gave him lots of $$$.

    The guy who lives with his Mommy.

    The guy who demoted a top Deputy and hard-working prosecutor because she suggested that the Office not have racist, sexist prosecutors on staff.

    The guy that has a Harrisburg bartender and Corbett Republicans running his PAC.

    The guy that got his ass kicked by a defense attorney.

    The guy who is the subject of FBI criminal investigation.

    The guy who sips bourbon in a bow-tie at the Union League.

    The guy who gets field-passes for NFL games and then refuses to prosecute NFL players who sucker-punch off-duty officers.

    The guy whose family lives in the suburbs with the wife that he cheated on repeatedly.

    The guy who goes to bat for disgusting lawyers with multiple ethics violations so they can become Judges.

    And that is all BEFORE WE EVEN TALK ABOUT Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo.

  7. FOXtard – no one clicks on your links. Your candidate is the biggest joke of a cartoon character ever to run for POTUS.

    Put the TEA down !! GET A CLUE !!!!

  8. We will. Philly is pretty awesome.

    Get ready for “President Hillary Clinton”

    It’s coming !!!

    lmao @ the FOXtards.

  9. All you Democrat thugs going to Philly [the cesspool of the State] better have your body armor and concealed carry. You will be the prey down there of the street urchins and savages. Watch this video over at the Daily Mail…,
    Meanwhile, In Cleveland, The police will be dealing with the Black Block Anarchists. Should be really fun! By the way, Ohio is open carry!

  10. Hope everyone has forgotten that I’m still here at Philadelphia DA’s Office!!! Still gettin’ paid by the taxpayers!! There was even a complaint by a female employee about me. Shhhhhhh

  11. The PA OAG should put prosecutor Laura Ditka on the case, as nobody would want to have a sexual relationship with her.

  12. When is someone in the Press going to ask Seth Williams about this blonde?

    Mr. Garet says that Seth’s City car was really in front of this blonde’s house when the tires got slashed – and that the Police paperwork got falsified to cover-up for the star-crossed lovers.

    Either way – Seth is still covering up for the person that did it. He forced the taxpayers to pay for the damage when the person that did it should have to pay.

    New Day – New D.A. Not working out too well for Philadelphia.

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