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6/3 Ups & Downs

Buzzfeed, a resignation and write-in votes. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKatie McGinty. It’s the little white lies that kill you in politics. On Wednesday Buzzfeed exposed a little white lie McGinty has told on the campaign trail, that she was the first in her family to go to college. Her campaign has maintained that McGinty has mostly categorized herself as the first member to attend a “four-year college” but it’s clear she wanted listeners to think she was the first for the sad reason that it would sound better in a stump speech. Over the past year, McGinty has focused her efforts on being the embodiment of the quintessential political candidate instead of explaining why she should be Pennsylvania’s Senator. If that doesn’t change, November 8th will not be a happy night for the Democratic nominee.

Up ArrowArt Halvorson. After three years of running against Congressman Bill Shuster, Art Halvorson came up just 1,227 votes short of victory last month. It seemed he would have to wait until 2018 and hope that the third time would be the charm. All of a sudden, though, it appears we may get a November rematch. Halvorson is leading the write-in vote for the Democratic nomination and may decide to accept should he be declared the winner. It would be a tough transition but Halvorson’s dream of toppling Shuster may not be dead yet.

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. And Ardo makes seven. Just before the Memorial Day weekend, the Attorney General’s longest tenured (and seventh) spokesman announced his intention to resign. Ardo went on to give a number of interviews painting Kathleen Kane in a negative light. It remains to be seen who, besides the AG herself, is left to speak up for her.



Down ArrowBruce Castor. That gust you felt earlier this week was the complete 180 Solicitor General Bruce Castor pulled. On Monday, Castor cancelled a press conference scheduled for the next day in which special prosecutor Douglas Gansler would’ve revealed his report on the infamous lewd emails. The Solicitor General, however, said the report was “incomplete” and that he couldn’t understand it. Just twenty-four hours later Castor flip-flopped, saying that the report just needed an addendum and would be unveiled soon. With Kane’s future up in the air, many were looking to Castor to provide stability in the AG’s office. This incident suggests we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

Up ArrowJosh Kopelman. The Philadelphia Media Network has a new Chairman. Kopelman will be in charge of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, taking over for Gerry Lenfest. The venture capitalist is now one of the most powerful figures in Pennsylvania media (even as newspapers continue to decline). We wish the best of luck to Kopelman, who’ll have to lead the commonwealth’s biggest media company at a time of great turmoil.


The tweet of the week goes to the Inquirer’s Angela Couloumbis for both breaking the Ardo news and getting the best quote.

23 Responses

  1. Bungy had a good one on the other article:

    How many RETARDS does it take to change a light-bulb?

    Line up Unsanctioned, SpongeBob, Tim, Brandy, kanesdriver, Jessica Myers, Same Old Same Old, William Stauffer, Robert Stauffer and William Schuester so I can find out.

  2. Looks like another day of bungy/HaHaHa getting owned and deleted.

    #ShadyKatie is going down.

  3. I notice the porn report is still not out. Guess it’s not expanded as Castor wanted. So where is that 180 again, Mr. Snyder? I’m guessing it won’t come out until Castor is satisfied. But, hey, might as well trash the guy, right?

  4. Tim, stop trying to make Bernie Sanders happen. It’s not going to happen.

  5. Bungy – Don’t hold your breath. “Tim” is a pathetic troll. He is a fat, pock-faced coward who sits in his double-wide and acts tough on the internet using 5,000 different screen-names.

    Oh – and he is a TEA-guzzling FOXtard too.

  6. How many McGinty kids does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Just one older sibling to screw it in and tell the press that Katie the Senate candidate did it.

  7. McGinty is the first person on her family to beat Sestak.

    That’s good enough for me. 🙂

  8. The flip flop as noted in the first story about McGinty and her claim to be the first to go to college in her family seems puzzling. Why not just say that McGinty and her brother were the first to go to college in their family as that is fine in and of itself. For McGinty to say that her brother went first but transferred credits from a community college and she did not is odd as well. This is because many many students do just that to cut costs, ie, go to the community college and then transfer to a four year institution. The entire episode doesn’t make sense as their is nothing wrong sharing honors saying McGinty was first to go to college along with her brother and nothing wrong with transferring credits from a community college to a four year school and graduating.

  9. Here is a down arrow…continuing riots at the Zappala Family “cash for Kids” facility in Butler County. The Philly kids referred by the Philly D.A. Didn’t get along well with the Pittsburgh kids referred by Steve Zappala, Junior, the Allegheny County D.A. The state police have taken six people for treatment so far. It must be cheaper to let the kids fight than to hire security.

  10. Can’t wait to see Williams’ perp walk. Scum-bag Fina will probably testify against him. LOL

  11. Will someone please put Bruce Castor in check? He is running loose across the state!

  12. It seems to me Castor did not change his position at all: no press conference. No report without additional information he demanded, and nothing happening until he says so. So where”s the 180? PoliticsPA should get the Down Arrow for completely blowing it.

  13. gulag – The public already decided Fina has to go. But he’s collecting taxpayer $$$. Unless he has resigned. Has Fina resigned yet?

  14. Just post all the porn emails on line and let the public decide who needs to go.

  15. Why no THUMBS DOWN for Frank Fina? We found out a lot about him recently:

    From PennLive article —

    “The committee’s work [to help fix the broken justice system] took four long years but, in 2011, it released its report, a 316-page tome that thoroughly analyzed the causes of wrongful convictions and offered a series of recommendations to fix the problem.

    The committee’s recommendations included greater preservation of biological evidence, changes in witness interviews and photo lineups, state-based funding for indigent defense services, video and audio recording of interrogations, and compensation for people who are wrongly convicted.

    Unfortunately, law enforcement released its own minority report. That report diminished the committee’s recommendations and refused to even acknowledge the reality of innocent people in prison.

    Signers of the minority report included Ed Marsico, FRANK FINA, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

    Perhaps most appalling of all, the minority report called the idea of compensating wrongly convicted people “preposterous.”

    Frank Fina apparently thinks he deserves to be compensated with taxpayer $$$, though. And he hasn’t even gone to jail yet. Fina has sued the State trying to get his pervy little hands on more taxpayer money. But – he doesn’t think innocent people who get sent to jail by corrupt prosecutors like him should recover any. Shame on him. And shame on Seth Williams for continuing to employ him.

  16. Word on the street is that Castor was about to fire Ardo and that Ardo resigned before Castor could drop the ax.

    Agree that a press secretary risking future employment by ripping you publicly is not a good thing for Kane.

    That Castor is being careful with Gansler’s report seems to be a good thing. The PA Press have been on the side of racists and perverts almost from the start. Castor postponed a news conference on the heels of the OAG’s press secretary resigning. Getting more info (by way of addendum) does not seem to be a bad thing at all.

    My guess is that Castor wants to be able to use the Report to push back on defense lawyers who are using Hate-gate as a way to get convictions tossed. We’ll see if I am correct.

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