6/6 Ups & Downs

A plethora of polls were released, the Philly mayoral race started to take shape and some sobering reader numbers for aspiring female politicians. See who made the list.

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. Well, this wasn’t hard. Three separate polls were released this week and the Democratic nominee held leads of 20, 25 and 20 points in each of them. Nominees usually get a bounce after their primary victories but it’s become apparent that even if these numbers are inflated, Tom Wolf holds a solid advantage right now in the governor’s race.

Down Arrow Barack Obama. Those same polls also tested the President’s approval ratings in PA and found them stuck in the 40’s, almost exactly where they’ve been for a long time. The President’s ratings in the commonwealth roughly mirror his national performance in which he’s risen a few points over the course of the year but not many. It’s entirely possible that we won’t see the President in Pennsylvania (or any other states) come this fall.

Up Arrow1 Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, the former Secretary of State is widely admired in the Keystone state. A Quinnipiac Poll shows her leading the potential 2016 presidential field across the board. Clinton also has some family ties to Scranton, which can’t hurt if she ultimately decides to take the plunge. Either way expect to see her campaigning in the commonwealth for as many PA Democrats as she wants this fall.

Up Arrow1Down Arrow Anthony Williams. The Philly State Senator gave a major indication that his sights are set on City Hall this week when he hired 270 Strategies. Led by former Obama field operatives Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart the move is a clear step towards entering the 2015 mayoral primary. Williams did not fare so well, though, in a poll commissioned by City Controller Alan Butkovitz. It’s unclear, however, how reliable that poll is and just what the state of the race truly is with just less than a year to go.

Down Arrow Female PA Politicians. According to our latest reader poll, if you’re a female politician hoping to one day be Governor or Senator, don’t get your hopes up. A plurality of readers felt that it will be 8-11 years before a woman is elected to one of those offices. With all the controversy surrounding Allyson Schwartz’s defeat and the fact that PA’s congressional delegation may very well be all-male come January, it’s not exactly an auspicious time to be a female pol in PA right now.

Our tweet of the week goes to Aubrey Montgomery, who reminds all of us that you should be considerate when composing fundraising emails.

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  1. Would whoever is posting as bizzaro PAINDY1 kindly stop being such an obnoxious halfwit? Create your own opposite account if you feel the need to spam the boards, but posting as someone else is really just childish.

    Of course, it would be so very nice if PoliticsPA would switch to Disquis for the comment section – it would enrich the back and forth, organize things nicely, offer more features for commenters, and also solve this particular issue.

  2. Hey Signor Ferrari of casablancapa.com: Have you received your advance copy of the Corbett-Sandusky report?

  3. When can these fine gentleman get there money back? They weren’t contributing to a funeral? Can they sue the Corbett/Brabender poltiical team and the wonderful PAGOP because you all were never serious about winning? Isn’t that called misrepresentation? Natural gas industry money pouring into Pa. governor’s race, mostly to Corbett


  4. Corbet-Sandusky Report: I think there remain many unanswered questions in the Corbett-Sandusky matter. The leaks to press on this Corbett report by interested parties are ridiculous and troubling. This whole matter has caused the entire state great pain; not to mention the victims of Sandusky. When will average voters get to see this report and ask questions about the report? Question: Can anyone questioned for this report suffer perjury for lying to the special prosecutor and his investigative team? This is another case of Harrisburg treating the rest of us very badly.

  5. Is Christie so bullish about Tom Corbett to hush up “problems” lurking in the Delaware River Authority?? Does any reader of PoliticsPA really believe that Christie gives a DAMN about any PA taxpayer??

  6. You think with the three polls out this week our reverse Robin Hood of a Governor would have earned, and I mean earned an arrow.

    Curious ….Is there anyone else out there that feels he is the worst politician of our / your generation?

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