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7/11 Ups & Downs

Governor Corbett gets caught in no man’s land, Mayor Nutter doesn’t get his cigarette tax and the state legislature takes even more punches. See who made this week’s list.

Down ArrowTom Corbett. A few weeks ago, we brought up the “never get out of the boat” lesson here concerning Tom Wolf and the Democratic State Committee. Gov. Corbett’s strategy on the budget is just as apt of an example. He could have chosen to sign the budget and trumpet four years of on-time, balanced budgets or he could’ve used his veto power and fought it out over pension reform. Instead, the Governor tried to thread the needle and ended up stuck in “no man’s land”, prolonging this episode without getting what he felt the state needed. When it comes to Gov. Corbett’s methods this month you have to once again go back to Apocalypse Now: “I don’t see any method at all, sir.

Down ArrowMichael Nutter. The Mayor of Philadelphia was all over the Capitol the last few days fighting feverishly for a $2-a-pack cigarette tax that would supply funds to the city’s cash-strapped schools. Unfortunately for him, and the city’s schoolchildren, the measure was stalled thanks to a poison pill amendment. Nutter’s term as Mayor ends next year and there have been indications that he may have his eye on higher office. This loss could be a stinging setback to those ambitions.

Up Arrow1Katie McGinty. Speaking of that fight between Wolf and the Democratic committee, it was unclear at first how involved this new PAC would really be when it concerned candidates not named Tom Wolf. Well, this week we found out FreshStartPA intends to be focused on more than just the gubernatorial nominee. That’s great news for McGinty, who is Chairwoman of what everyday appears more and more like a state committee in everything but name.

Up Arrow1Down ArrowState Legislature. On the one hand, the legislature passed the budget on time, a prospect that once seemed dubious. Yet, as has often been the case, few are happy about it. On top of that, it now appears that Governor Corbett will be running against the legislature in the fall, which makes two gubernatorial candidates. We know the legislative body has been far from perfect but the sheer amount of opposition and vitriol is still something to see.

Our tweet of the week comes from eagle-eyed reporter Kevin Zwick from Capitolwire. We know there’s no way the Governor intended this, but it’s just too good to resist.

11 Responses

  1. @ Isaac L.:

    Your request [“yell at the people who pay the bills and set the policy, yell at the legislators”] is being honored by Corbett who, therefore, merits your praise.

  2. Corbutt meant that middle finger. It’s what he’s been giving the citizens since his election.

  3. The budget is more than just the appropriations bill – without the fiscal code it’s like buying a car without tires. They did not pass the budget on time and did not last year either.

    If you privatize the liquor stores, you’ll need to come up with the better part of half a billion in new revenue going forward because after all the gimmicks this year, it’s pretty clear there’s not much left to cut – privatization = higher taxes.

    And the public sector employees aren’t the problem on pensions; they’re the only ones who paid 100 percent of their contribution obligations holding up their end of the bargain. The state has been borrowing money from the pension funds for years and the credit card bill is coming due. Beating up on school teachers and police officers for the pension problems is like yelling at veterans because the VA isn’t as well-funded and efficient as it should be – yell at the people who pay the bills and set the policy, yell at the legislators.

  4. Corbett did exactly what the taxpayers in this state needed him to do! Now we need him to stand strong against the public sector unions and reform pensions, privatize the liquor stores and pass paycheck protection.

  5. Today Dr. Eli Avila joined the courageous folks who are truth tellers about the Corbett-Acting Governor Brabender administration. Avila is the former Corbett Health secretary, whose warnings on monitoring health issues from fracking went unheeded for “political reason.” Dr. Avila, brave public servants like you and Mike Turzai need to be commended for telling the truth about the Corbett-Brabender team.


  7. Michael nutter should have a down arrow bc this city is a joke. There are areas that look like third world countries. I would be embarassed to be mayor of all this mis spending and greed

  8. It is rather disgusting that now Corbett-Brabender are implying that Turzai is corrupt. Turzai has spoken the truth about the leadership deficit in the Governor’s Office. We voters can no longer tolerate government by the unelected Loudon County, Virginia Republican consulting class. I CALL UPON ALL MEN AND WOMEN OF GOOD FAITH TO DEFEND SPEAKER TURZAI THIS WEEKEND! PAINDY1 ‏@PAINDY1 3m
    Message to Corbett-Brabender: Turzai may need anger management but he is not corrupt!!!

  9. You libs are incorrigible.

    He did precisely what was necessary, namely, he provided the on-time budget while communicating the urgency of the need to defuse the Pension Bomb by depriving the legislators of their anticipated perks.

  10. Corbett is no man land. Or brain. “If I only had a brain comes to mind”
    Wolf wasn’t kidding when he said fresh start. The democrat party of yesterday will only be a memory. Great job Governor Wolf! A real politician with real b—s!!
    Biggest laugh of the week republicans caring about poor people that smoke. Protecting them. You have got to be kidding. Republicans don’t care when they starve people. What a joke.

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