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7/15 Ups & Downs

Polls, ads and a budget. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Down ArrowHillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This week was so chaotic for the presidential candidates that it has to be ruled a split decision. The Democratic nominee revealed her PA team at the same time that the AP uncovered the GOP’s struggles. Then, however, Donald Trump came out ahead in the new Quinnipiac Poll. Just a few hours later, though, an NBC/Marist poll had Clinton with a solid lead. Ten days out from the Democratic National Convention in Philly, Pennsylvania is definitely a swing state.

Up ArrowTom Wolf. There will be no repeat of the 267 day budget standoff of 2015-16. After initially indicating that he wouldn’t veto the budget bill, Governor Wolf eventually signed the revenue bill and ended this second standoff at just thirteen days. Given last year’s disaster, a quick resolution was exactly what Wolf needed. Now he has to wait and see if his numbers start to improve as 2018 quickly creeps up on us.


Down ArrowEd Rendell. The former Governor of Pennsylvania just can’t quite help himself. This week he found himself praising Donald Trump for his stance towards China and international trade,  although he later pushed back against the idea he applauded Trump’s stance on the latter issue. Regardless, Rendell is seen and treated as a leader of his party, yet he keeps causing PR headaches for the commissions and campaigns he chairs. One has to wonder how many more times stuff like this can happen until Rendell stops being asked to take these roles. Given how much the ex-Gov seems to value being a voice of the Democratic Party, it would be wise for him to be more careful in the future.

Up ArrowPat Toomey. The Senator went through quite a bit of whiplash this week. Over the weekend he delivered the GOP’s weekly address, which gave him the platform to talk about one of his top issues, sanctuary cities. Tuesday brought the news that McGinty had stepped up her fundraising game, though the incumbent was still ahead. Then on Wednesday, the first poll to show McGinty in the lead was released while environmental groups hit the airwaves attacking Sen. Toomey. Come Thursday, however, another poll showed Toomey with a solid advantage and he released his own tough TV ad. So on the whole this week goes to the Senator, although judging by this pace who knows where we’ll be seven days from now.

Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is now week five.





The tweet of the week goes to the Wall Street Journal’s Neil King for uncovering this nugget in the NBC/Marist poll:

38 Responses

  1. Tuned in to RNC last night. Seems they are becoming radicalized. May be time to put some Trumpanzees on the terror watch list. Guiliani should be 1st. He’s a racist too.

  2. Hey RETARD – I thought the FBI told you not to direct comments at HA3 anymore. That’s what you said on the Kane article. So – why you going it? Is it be caused you are obsessed, you poor little pathetic RETARD?

  3. HaHaFelon, aka BRETT COTT everyone should know that you are a convicted felon and theif.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that the D USAO will not indict Philly’s D District Attorney until AFTER the D Nat’l Convention in Philly.

    But – who knows. Maybe he will agree to resign or not run again in exchange for his freedom. Some think that is what happened with AG Kane. And it appears that’s what happened with Seamus McCaffery.

  5. Yo wait …. I beg to differ.

    Zane Meminger is Black too. He doesn’t care if a corrupt politician is Black. Look at Fattah.

    Seth Williams’ behavior has been worse than Fattah’s. And he is a prosecutor. He should know better. The FBI has been hot – and – heavy on Seth’s trail for quite some time. They aren’t going to turn and look away because he is Black (maybe).

    Wait til the truth comes out about the Harry Levant case. Something is VERY rotten at the Philly DA’s Office!!!

  6. Sorry I asked. Seems someone doesn’t like Seth very much. That said, don’t hold your breath waiting for that indictment. I have a sneaking suspicion the U.S. attorney won’t indict Pennsylvanians first African American DA.

  7. Hey Mrs. B — you should bring dat pretty ass over my crib. I’ll show you how a REAL MAN be knockin’ dem boots!!

  8. bungy never gets a hard-on — unless he is thinking about HaHa or DD. he is a homosexual and its time for me to kick him out of the trailer for good.

  9. Hold on! Seth sleeps with white women? Fuck him! He’s getting indicted. Zane never really liked Seth anyway.

  10. Dear Stacey – your days are numbered. Seth prefers BLONDES. Bitch …,

  11. Has Seth finally told the truth about who slashed those tires? I hope not !!!! If people dig a little, they may see that the Police picked someone (me) up for the crime. Then they let her (me) go!!! It’s awesome being Seth’s girlfriend. I didn’t even have to pay for the damage to the City cars!!!

    BTW – Claude Thomas is a great guy. It is not fair that people call him Fraud Thomas. And he should not have to live in Philadelphia. Who cares where he lives …

  12. I loved hanging out with that deputy that Seth demoted…we had the same love of the drink. She told me she never had to be at work so we could drink all day when I get to Philly!!! Always need a good drinkin’ buddy. You know, the one that used to sext people from her work phone…oh, what was her name? She was a deputy? Never at work? Loved drinking? Bruce. Bruce? Bruce?

  13. First a drug dealer. Now Seth. I love being an ADA!!! Seth even gave me a promotion and a raise !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bob – What should I do? I am getting scared. It seems like everybody knows the truth. I won’t survive in prison!!

  15. Hon — Don’t worry about no one liking you at the DA’s Office. Just keep banking that six-figure salary and keep your mouth shut. No more hanging up on reporters!!

  16. He better not snitch on me!! I still have that money-driven lawsuit against the State … the one where I represent the guys who took over my brother’s case and made sure he did not go to jail. You know – the one where I represent Frank Fina and ADA Costanzo. I’m sure the Feds won’t ask why their Unit took over my brother’s case.

  17. We wish he was cleared.

    Unfortunately – the FBI is coming for him. Not sure what will happen to me. No one seems to like me here. I wonder why … … …

  18. Harry – didn’t your brother and I tell you to keep your mouth shut?!? Didn’t Fina and Costanzo tell you the same?

    Everyone knows Seth is going down. Do you want us to go down with him?

    Shut your thieving self up. You got the “deal” of a lifetime. We kept it quiet for you too (normally – there would be press releases over such cases).

    We really don’t want to go to prison!!!

  19. wait –

    “Bungy” is a moron FOXtard. The other day, he mentioned the articles about Seth being “cleared.” Then when someone asked him to post them — CRICKETS (like the sound between his Repervlican ears). That’s because there are no such articles and Seth is getting indicted.

    Now the FOXtard is talking about Zane and Seth being “tight.” LMAO. He has no idea!


  20. As long as everyone keeps my name out of this!!

    So what if I stole over a million dollars? So what if my Sister-in-Law (Seth’s New Chief of Staff) made sure that Fina and Costanzo “took care” of the criminal case against me? So what if I did not do a day in jail?

    So what!?!? My brother is tight with Seth Williams. Like Johnny Dougherty is.

  21. Look at the poor FOXtard. He has come unhinged. Someone get him some more TEA.

    Oh – and someone get Seth Williams fitted for his orange jumpsuit. The G-Men are coming. The G-Men are coming!!

  22. My husband doesn’t know what he is talking about. Just ignore him …. like we do here. He watches FoxNews and trolls online all day. He hasn’t showered in a week and eats nothing but microwaved Hot Pockets. He is in a bad place right now.

  23. Where’s the DOWN ARROW for Seth Williams. The FBI is getting ready to perp walk him.

    And he just fired a Deputy (career prosecutor) who spoke out against Fina and Costanzo.

    When are we going to hear the real story about what happened with Harry Levant’s case?

    We know Harry’s Sister in Law took over as second in command right before his most curious case went to court. We know Harry – a lawyer who ran for Judge – stole over $1,000,000 and did not do a day in jail.

    Wonder what unit handled the case? Was it the a Economic Crimes Unit? The Insurance Fraud Unit? Both of those would make sense since Harry Levant stole from his own clients and from insurance companies.

    Or was iFina’s Unit? Costanzo’s Unit?

    We know that Bob Levant, Harry Levant’s brother, represents Fina and Costanzo (and others). We know Seth Williams is said to have been represented by Bob Levant as well. We also know Seth Williams hired Bob Levant’s wife as second in command … A six figure job she has zero qualifications for.

    Something is VERY rotten at the DA’s Office. Can’t wait to hear them tell us which unit handled Harry Levant’s case …. and how it was that he got such a SWEET DEAL.

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