7/17 Ups & Downs

Martha’s Vineyard, wiretaps and a sarcophagus. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowStephen Reed. The hammer finally came down on the former Mayor of Harrisburg this week. Ever since Reed’s home was raided in June, we’ve been waiting to see what the final results would be. It’s hard to imagine anyone saw this coming. Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced 499 criminal charges against the ex-Mayor. At the heart of the case was Reed’s penchant for buying artifacts and keeping them himself. These items include a life-sized sarcophagus, a full suit of armor and a “vampire hunting kit”. Apparently he really got into that horror resurgence from a few years ago. Of course, the scariest place of all is still prison.

Up Arrow1Katie McGinty. As we reported on Monday, the Democratic Party rolled out the red carpet for McGinty last weekend. She flew with dozens of Senators on a chartered flight to the DSCC retreat in Martha’s Vineyard. This would seem to suggest some serious support within the party for a Senate run. Both pundits and our readers believe McGinty will run. The only question left to answer is, what does Katie McGinty think?


Down ArrowEd Pawlowski. The Allentown Mayor’s political and personal future gets cloudier by the day. Late last Friday, we learned that the FBI is expanding its investigation into Reading. Then on Tuesday, it was revealed that Pawlowski’s closest political advisor Mike Fleck was recording his conversations. Finally, the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign returned the May $1,000 donation from the Friends of Ed Pawlowski. Unfortunately for the Mayor, he is about to learn how many friends he really does have.


Up Arrow1Pat Toomey. The Senator continues to rake in the cash as his re-election contest nears. In this year’s second fundraising quarter, Toomey raised $2.2 million (which is more than some presidential candidates have been able to cobble together). He also has $8.3 million cash on hand as he prepares to defend himself against the Democratic initiative to take back the Senate in 2016.


Up Arrow1Down ArrowScott Wagner. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone decides to tape some iPhones to a fire extinguisher. It turns out that some of Sen. Wagner’s famous posters were being knocked down, defaced or just plain stolen. How do you solve such a problem? Through stealth surveillance apparently. It’s doubtful this whole incident will help or hurt the State Senator. He has become such a polarizing figure that the episode is just another reason to love or loathe him. One thing it definitely does, though, is make him stand out.

The tweet of the week goes to the Patriot-News’ John Micek. Oy, indeed.

3 Responses

  1. Actually the wire tap act doesn’t defend against no sound video ie. video cameras in convenience stores and things like that. As long as there’s no video….

  2. Is anyone going to mention that Scott Wagner clearly violated the wire tap act? (And continues to do so every day those phones are left up?)

    Dude is a felon.

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