7/18 Ups & Downs

The July fundraising reports came out, one nominee is being urged to drop out and some awkward additions to the State Capitol. See who made this week’s list.

Up Arrow1Fundraising Winners. If you caught our July quarterly winners & losers piece you saw the advantages that three Republican nominees hold in Southeast Pennsylvania. As Jesse Unruh once said, “Money is the mother’s milk of politics” meaning that whether you like or not, cash makes up a huge portion of our politics today. Therefore, it’s only right that those candidates that won the quarter also earn an up arrow this week.

Down ArrowSteve Cickay. Sure, State Senate nominee Steve Cickay didn’t step down (and there’s no indication he will) but now we know several top Democrats want him to. Additionally, all this attention has shown a spotlight on Cickay’s poor fundraising numbers. While this could conceivably rally people behind him, it’s nevertheless tough to convince voters to accept you when your party is split on whether you should even be the person on the ballot.

Up ArrowDown ArrowTom Corbett. Another week, another stream of stories about the Governor. On the plus side, he launched his first attack ad and has been defended by national conservatives who have taken aim against NextGen PAC founder Tom Steyer. He even had the RGA pledge it was “all in” for him until November. Nonetheless, his re-election odds are still dangerously low with the National Journal naming him a “dead man walking”. It was a split decision this week for the Governor but he desperately needs to pick up some wins.

Down ArrowHarrisburg. In what may perhaps be the most embarrassing symbolic act in the history of the commonwealth, signs were added to a number of portraits in the State Capitol describing the illegal activity by those portrayed. The additions were the result of a compromise between those that wanted the paintings taken down and those that felt such an act would be a whitewash of history. Instead now we have plaques to commemorate our state’s corruption. Not exactly the state’s proudest moment…

Anyway, this week’s tweet of the week goes to CBS Philly talk radio host, Chris Stigall.

7 Responses

  1. Corbett is a loser but as dems we might worry about wolf being linked to Obama- who is the worst Presudent in out History. Obama is a weak, inept and corrupt leader who makes Nixon look honorable. Obama shames our Nation and his office. He is dishonorable – so when we take shots AT&T Corbett for being a weak leader let us not forget Obama is even more pathetic!

  2. Amazing how some Senator from York County that is in the trash business led the way for pointing out illegal activity within the halls of the capitol. What an idiot! Now he is pushing for a Hotel Tax increase. Sounds like a Tea Partier to me!

  3. Paindy, you misspelled ‘press corps. ‘ It should be ‘press corpse’ since it is a body at the coroner’s office with a toe tag when it comes to reporting corruption. This is another instance of proof regarding the banality of evil

  4. Congratulations Senator Wagner. May I now suggest for an encore that you resolve to have the nude statuary removed from the Capitol main entrance?

  5. Paindy has been saying that Corbett is dead for years. Now it is news when some out of state source makes the claim? Paindy has been saying that the consultants, lobbyists and cronies have been getting themselves off using this corpse for cash for two years. He has correctly pointed out that the necrophilia is rampant in the GOP consultant ranks led by Acting Governor Brabender who lined his pockets under Tom Ridge as well as Senator Rick Santorum. The corruption of the GOP is not just from the rotting corpse of this particular politician, it arises from all the putrification among the political class. Where is Edmund Burke?

  6. Once we get past the passers-by slowing down to look at a train wreck aspect, is there even a point to covering the gubernatorial race?

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