7/27 Morning Buzz

Sen. Toomey has put forward legislation that would tell the President where he can spend money if the government does not have the authority to borrow additional money.

Mayor Michael Nutter is getting into the debt limit fight by co-signing an op-ed in Politico that warns Congress that a failure to raise the debt limit could mean a reverse of the economic progress that has been made since the peak of the recession.

Rick Santorum got into a verbal spat over the weekend with Rick Perry over Perry’s position on gay marriage and state’s rights.

Finally, what if there was an online community for a political campaign where you could interact directly with the candidate? Meet Laureen Cummings, candidate for U.S. Senate who has started a Facebook community where voters and activists are directly communicating with Ms. Cummings. Of course, such a community has downfalls but it is a new and unique way of campaigning.

PoliticsPA Reports

Toomey (Re)Introduces Payment Prioritization Plan As Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms
Under Toomey’s aptly named “Ensuring the Full Faith and Credit of the United States and Protecting America’s Soldiers and Seniors Act,” the Treasury would be obligated to prioritize interest on its debt, social security payments, and salary due to active duty military service members.

Mayor Nutter Co-Signs Politico Op-Ed With U.S. Conference Of Mayors Colleagues
The political gridlock surrounding the debt crisis threatens to undo economic progress made in America’s cities and “sink us back into recession,” according to an opinion piece signed by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and his counterparts in Los Angeles and Mesa and published at Politico on Tuesday.

Santorum Blasts Rick Perry
This weekend Senator Rick Santorum blasted Texas Governor Rick Perry’s position that gay marriage is a states’ rights issue and the federal government should leave it alone.

Laureen Cummings: A Candidate Everybody Can Meet
Let’s face it – meeting a politican face-to-face is a thing of the past. Technology now allows us to be virtual “friends” with a U.S. Senate hopeful if we so chose, as a way to educate ourselves on the person’s political beliefs and happenings.


Early Returns: Casey backs Reid plan
The Big Tent: Congressional Circuits Overloaded
WHYY Newsworks: A Week From Debt Ceiling Deadline, Pa. Congressman Trade Rhetoric
WITF: Too early for PA to know the potential effect of no debt ceiling deal
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Vote on ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ bill shows partisan divide
York Daily Record: York County residents weigh in on debt-ceiling standoff
Valley News Dispatch: Service Employee union members rally outside Altmire’s office to fight off spending cuts
Early Returns: Daily Santorum: The Quarter-Dodd begins
Roll Call: Freshman Rep. Barletta Draws Democratic Rival
Citizen’s Voice: Kanjorski raises his own rent
WHYY Newsworks: Ann Coulter Tells Philadelphia Audience She’s Still Hoping Chris Christie Changes His Mind And Decides To Run For President
The Hill: Bipartisan hospital training bill soars through House panel
PA Independent: Santorum blasts Obama’s approach to the economy, budget
Tribune-Review: 126 W. Pa. Branches On Post Office Closure Study
Standard Speaker: Schuylkill County denied federal assistance for tornado recovery


Capitol Ideas: Privatization Hearing Slated for 2pm Wednesday
WITF: WSJ blesses PA’s natural gas industry and Treasurer McCord says Roads panel amounts to tax hikes
State Impact – NPR: Contradictions in the Marcellus Commission Report on Pipelines
Centre Daily Times: Corbett signs drunken boating bill
Daily Review: Baker unveils legislation to update state’s oil and gas law to reflect growth of Marcellus Shale industry
Times Leader: Lt. Gov. Cawley comments on issues in visit


PhillyClout: Total City Overtime Costs Dropped Slightly Since Last Year
WHYY Newsworks: PICA Approves Philadelphia Budget
WHYY Newsworks: Sell The Philly Airport?
Inquirer: Pa. Ethics Panel Says It Didn’t Have Evidence To Prove Violations By Former Charter School Head
WHYY Newsworks: Group Rallies To Keep Ackerman In The School District

Philly Suburbs

The Mercury: Rep. Kampf to Host Workshop On ‘Shopping For Electricity’


Post-Gazette: Vacancies, Expired Terms Dot City Boards
Post-Gazette: August Wilson Center For African American Culture Struggles To Reduce $9 Million Debt


Altoona Mirror: School funding reform stirs pot
Altoona Mirror: Postal facility to be studied

Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley Live: Warren County Freeholder Jason Sarnoski has plan to get local economy ‘flowing again’

South Central

Patriot News: State sees green in red-light cameras
Patriot News: Steelton post office facing possible closure


Times Leader: Cash-strapped Pa. city seeks ‘pauper’ status
Standard Speaker: Controller stands by refusal to pay county bills

North by Northwest

Times-News: Erie County Council could approve more than $290,000 in additional library
Times-News: Post offices in northwestern Pennsylvania studied for possible closure
Centre Daily Times: State College school board passes new nondiscrimination policy


Baer Growls: Oh, Them Crashing Websites
Bucks Local News, Editorial: What are your feelings on the federal deficit?
Daily News, Editorial: Draw the lines, Council, or no pay for you
Daily Times, Editorial: Pa. Legislature needs to tap the LCB keg
Inquirer, Editorial: Public wants balance
Times-News, Editorial: Thompson’s education bill makes sense
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Editorial: Smoother rode: Corbett’s panel has good fixes for transportation
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Editorial: Dry well: Marcellus shale report comes up short


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