7/3 Ups & Downs

Tom Wolf maintains his lead, the budget awaits a signature and the commonwealth’s capital city goes through another traumatic episode. See who made this week’s list.

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. Remember that struggle over who would be Democratic State Chair? Neither does anyone else apparently. The new Franklin & Marshall poll shows the Democratic nominee leading the Governor by twenty-two points, 47%-25%. On top of that the budget standoff has focused all attention on Gov. Corbett, giving Wolf more time to regroup after the Democratic primary.

Down ArrowTom Corbett. Maybe Governor Corbett’s decision to hold off on signing the budget will in the long-run be seen as a great maneuver. At this moment, however, it’s hard to see the advantage. The move causes bad headlines and uncertainty and it is still not clear that he’ll be able to get the pension reform bill that he wants. Add that to the F&M results and it was a tough week for the Gov.

Down ArrowBarack Obama. Poor Barry. The job market is improving and nobody seems to care. Franklin & Marshall showed the President’s approval rating among Pennsylvanians at a dismal 34%. Even worse, a national Quinnipiac Poll found 33% of respondents think he is the worst U.S. President since WWII. Of course, those numbers are likely more the result of the normal antipathy voters have with a President in his second term than a true reflection on his record, but that news still must sting.

Down ArrowHarrisburg. Sure, the legislature may have done their job and passed the budget on time, but the current stand-off is probably going to hurt them just as much, if not more, than anyone else. People generally rate legislative bodies poorly (just look at the U.S. Congress) and ever since the infamous 2005 pay raise Harrisburg has lost the benefit of the doubt. Put simply, any chaos is bad for the capital city.

Up Arrow1Tim Howard. This doesn’t have anything to do with Politics or PA but come on, SIXTEEN SAVES!



Tweet of the week goes to Pennlive’s John Micek, who captures the state of despair in the capital with a stark reminder.

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  1. I should add that my transition as a trans-woman is nearly complete. Once I get my breasts later this month, I will start posting as Isabella L.

  2. I’m with Tank – these douchebags impersonating other people are just obnoxious. Require accounts or start banning IPs… or, you know, moderate – it’s pretty obvious which comments are bogus if you’ve spent any time at all reading the comment section.

  3. Corbett is the worst politician of my lifetime.The anti Robin Hood who steals from the poor and gives to the rich!

  4. Politics PA shows their lack of respect for our President. The President’s name is Barack Obama, not Barry. Whoever said that this website has gone downhill since Keegan left, is correct.

  5. Where are the legislators on immigration? How about a Resolution calling for the President to enforce the immigration law. Then the voters can see what side of the issue their legislator is on before the Nov election.

  6. Dear PoliticsPA, I think it’s time to require an account to post comments. This is getting ridiculous.

  7. The Republicans in both the House & Senate are thumbing their noses @ Tom Corbett. Sounds like they’ve had their fill of him. He is looking very weak in spite of his unending moaning for pension reform.

  8. Legislature won the budget battle. Corbett got zero. Told legislature he needed pension to sign budget. They didn’t do it. Just went home. Insult or what? Now he can veto after the fact looking weak or watch it become law without him

  9. PAGOP Chair ROB GLEASON IS RIGHT: Let’s shut down the government until Election Day! Every lost cause needs a SPARK PLUG. Here’s one of histories great provocateurs and prognosticators who made the wrong call too! Keep on believing; Keep hope alive for the Corbettistas, Chairman Gleason! http://youtu.be/qAZqkQvopL0

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