8/18 Ups & Downs

DiGiorgio makes a strong statement on Charlottesville and white supremacists, teachers get the more time to teach students, Bloom leads the filing in PA-11, and Metcalfe’s previous statements come back to haunt him.  See who made this week’s Ups & Downs!


Up-Arrow4-2 Val DiGiorgio.  PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio’s statement on the violence in Charlottesville struck a powerful note, distancing the party in no uncertain terms. “Let me be very clear: anyone who promotes bigotry is not welcome in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and we disavow them in the strongest terms.  We do not want or need their support and the cowards that perpetrate violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” his statement said.  A party leader saying they do not want people’s votes sents a very strong message.  


Down Arrow


Statewide Republican Candidates.  If this week is any indication of the atmosphere they will be running in, the candidates will be spending the next 9-14 months answering questions about Donald Trump instead of touting their own positions.  



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Daryl Metcalfe. State Representative Daryl Metcalfe got renewed criticism for his 2015 comments after he invited a white nationalist speaker to testify at a hearing. He responded to criticism at the time by insisting white nationalism was different from white supremacy.  Now people are calling for his job, and asking GOP leaders to revoke his committee chairmanship.  Metcalfe has refused to comment on stories sprouting up from the attention which will likely add continue to fuel stories.   





Pennsylvania Teachers.  Governor Tom Wolf announced this week that the state is decreasing the amount of class time students would spend taking standardized tests.  This will allow teachers more time to teach to students instead of proctoring tests.



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Marc Gergley.  State Representative Marc Gergley pleaded guilty this week to corruption charges this week for his involvement in an illegal gambling ring.  Gergley will remain in his seat until sentencing, which may put a new House rule allowing members to be expelled to its first test.  





Stephen Bloom.  State Representative Stephen Bloom is one of the candidates considering a run to replace Congressman Lou Barletta, but he is a step ahead of the others as the first one to file a statement of candidacy with the FEC.   




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The tweet of the week goes to Governor Tom Wolf for his response to the terrorist attacks in Charlottesville.

14 Responses

  1. Val DiGiorgio said it all, it’s a creed he has always lived by and practices, well said!

  2. I am disgusted with the republican party. Have been a faithful voter over the years and have encouraged my seven children and wife to vote for the candidates which have been put forth.This will change.We are fed up with our career politicians who have chosen to fight against our president instead of working with him and for us.President Trump was right on target when he placed the blame on all sides but many of our exaulted, wonderful republicans decided to join the leftist choir in denouncing him. When will you all in PA. and Washington finally get your act together ? You have lost OUR support.

  3. You should start a new weekly section that is based off the craziest, most insane thing that John Hanger is saying on Facebook.

  4. How many employees of the Governors Office received letters that they were on WIRETAPS with Johnny Doc. ? ? ? Is that Right to Know?

    1. Quite a few. Obra Kernodle is safe though. He would have to be sitting in the office to answer his phone.

  5. Did you see the stampede out of the Republican Party? Val DiGiorgio says racists and bigots cannot be part of GOP anymore. GOP loses half its membership in PA.


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