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8/19 Ups & Downs

A guilty verdict, a new Attorney General and a lot of undisclosed gifts. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. To paraphrase Gerald Ford, our long statewide nightmare is over. The Kathleen Kane saga is finally coming to an end. On Monday closing arguments were heard in her case, and after just four and a half hours of deliberation, the jury declared her guilty on all nine counts. A bit surprisingly, Kane announced the next day that she would be resigning. It seems that she is finally starting to understand her reality and the gravity of her current situation. This whole episode was really one for the books. In fact, they’ll likely be several books about Kathleen Kane and her downfall.

Up Arrow1Bruce Beemer. The Inspector General is set to become the Attorney General. The former First Deputy clashed repeatedly with Kathleen Kane and finally left last month. After testifying against Kane last week, he is someone who can easily appeal to legislative Republicans and earn confirmation.



Down ArrowSeth Williams. The Philadelphia District Attorney is very lucky that his latest scandal broke in the midst of the Kane verdict. The Inquirer reported this week that Seth Williams received $160,050 in undisclosed gifts from 2010 to 2015. These favors ranged from cash to home repair to sideline passes for Eagles games. Not to mention this already infamous portrait. Additionally, Williams has also been under fire for not prosecuting an alleged sexual assault that occurred during the Democratic Convention. Given all that’s happened over the past few years to prominent PA Democrats, this feels like the beginning of something serious for Seth Williams.

Up ArrowLou Barletta and Tom Marino. Only a handful of advisors made it into the Trump campaign’s inaugural national security meeting. Two of them were Pennsylvania Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino. Both Representatives are members of the House Homeland Security Committee and were early supporters of the GOP presidential nominee. Reps. Barletta and Marino seem due for a higher national profile.


Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’re now all the way up to week ten.





The tweet of the week goes to Jake Sternberger for this insight on the Kathleen Kane saga.

16 Responses

  1. Tariq – We better get our resumes ready.

    When Seth goes to jail, we will be the first ones gone. Nobody likes me here anyway. They think I got the job because my husband’s “relationship” with Seth. Guess they have a point. I have zero qualifications.

    But at least I pay my taxes!!!! LOL. You took the attention off me. Thanks!

  2. Jake Sternberger’s tweet is ironic, because he was a key supporter of a vindictive guy who’s downfall was his massive ego and inability to play well with others.

  3. I’m just glad I am not on this list. Seth Williams just hired me to run the DA’s Office …. and I cannot even run his own life or my one-man law office.

    Oh — and I don’t bother paying taxes. Ain’t life grand? It’s good to be friends with Seth Williams!!

  4. Kane was arrested in August of 2015. Castor started representing Miller in January 2015, and she was cleared by a grand jury in July, 2015. So how could Castor know Kane would be arrested and thus know to participate in this grand conspiracy?

  5. Jan 2015: AG Kathleen Kane faced perjury charges & DA Stacy Parks Miller, forgery of a judge’s signature. The two needed each other. And they both needed Bruce Castor.

    Summer 2015: DA Parks Miller’s attorney, Bruce Castor, stands by Parks Miller though her Grand Jury investigation for forgery.

    Summer 2015: AG Kane knew that annoying DA Parks Miller or her attorney Bruce Castor would hurt her perjury prosecution. If Castor won the November Montco DA race, he would prosecute AG Kane.

    AG Kane did not recommend criminal charges against DA Parks Miller.

    Sources later told The Legal Intelligencer that AG Kane “directly called the attorney responsible for the investigation in Pittsburgh, and said the OAG would not ruin Parks Miller’s reputation.”

    Two independent handwriting experts both testified that the judge’s signature was not forged. Only, the two independent experts were partners in a two-man firm located an hour from State College and Clearfield.

    March 2016: AG Kane creates a new position, Solicitor General, for Bruce Castor. Controversy erupted because Castor earned a $150,000 full-time salary, enjoyed special permission to continue his private practice representing Centre County DA Parks Miller as long as he remained “walled off” from any information about his client, and continued to serve as Parks Miller Special District Attorney.

  6. So Brett Cott, who was convicted of stealing from people while working for House Democrats, posts on this site under the names “HaHaHa,” “Pat Unger, and sometimes “aaron.” What a loser. Down arrow!

  7. Ms. O’Shea – I completely agree. Stacy Parks Miller is Bruce Castor’s Achilles Heel. If they set another GJ on that mess it will be like opening Pandoras box. And they need to investigate the finances. Parks Miller is writing personal checks out of the Drug Forfeiture money, some of them made directly out to Police Officers appearingly so in their personal capacity. Opening up Centre County will be like opening up Luzerne County back in the day. Stacy Parks Miller is a cesspool of criminal activity. I cannot fathom what the hold up is with the disciplinary board. This article is my personal favorite: – Stacy Parks Miller is Bruce Castor’s Achilles heel. Governor Wolf also needs to fix Centre County or no trust will ever be restored to the OAG office. Wolf also needs to tell Castor that he can no longer hold the position of Centre County ADA, particularly if there is any sort of criminal investigation into his client Parks Miller. It’s an inherent conflict. Ms. O’Shea i agree whole heartedly.

  8. Bruce Castor needs removed from AG ASAP. Castor also needs FIRED from Centre County OAG, just like he was FIRED from Interim AG. Bruce Beemer needs to clean up the Kane/Castor mess in Centre County. What mess? This mess:

    Kathleen Kane and Bruce Castor RIGGED the Grand Jury:

    Castor was running for Montgomery Co DA and Kane was under an investigating GJ at the time. Castor and Kane struck a deal wherein if Castor won the election he would go light on Kane, if that is, Kane went light on his client Stacy Parks Miller.

    As a result Stacy Parks Miller NEVER faced any penalties for her felony crimes. She needs to be reinvestigated, Beemer needs to reopen the probe.

    Bruce Castor is scum of the earth, what he is doing in Centre County is cause for alarm. Castor has sued this xounty 3x and the suit was thrown out in federal court, Judge Brann called it “vitriolic.” Castor needs investigated in a criminal probe, and his criminal client Stacy Parks Miller needs to face a jury of her peers.

    Superior Court overturning cases that Castor worked on with Parks Miller due to PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT. These two people are a danger to society, and they need to be held accountable and publicly admonished for their deviant and corrupt behaviors.

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