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8/19 Ups & Downs

Mike Sturla. I’m sorry if you were offended. What I actually meant was… almost exactly what I said. State Rep. Sturla drew fire this week when he used the term “womenfolk” to describe how he views how out of state gas drilling workers view Pennsylvania women. It was sarcastic, and he’s not a misogynist. But in almost every instance he complained that it was a distraction, Sturla kept the story going by reiterating his original claims. Next time, issue a blanket statement of apology and wait two days before trying to bring up the serious issues.

Meehan Campaign. A small group (founded by former Lentz staffers) got under the Meehan folks’ skin with a $5,000 ad buy about Medicare. Maybe 13 people saw the actual ad, but because the Meehan camp pushed for a cease and desist from a TV network a whole lot more read this article in the Delco Daily Times. Next time, just let it go. A note to all congressional Republicans in swing districts: cease and desist letters will do you about as much good re: Medicare as they did Democrats re: ‘Obamacare.’

Accountability PA. When a startup issue group spends $5,000 (in southeast PA, no less) to air a TV ad that looks like it could have been produced on iMovie, it has one goal: raise its profile. Mission accomplished. (see above).

Legislative Reapportionment Panel. A good website is a long way from a fair map, but the Redistricting panel put a nice feather in its cap this week with the launch of a comprehensive website that will track changing legislative lines. Let’s hope the transparency continues.

Pat Toomey. With prominence comes scrutiny. Since being named to the debt super committee last week, Senator Toomey has become the target of repeated protests as he travels across the state – in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton and Allentown. They’re organized by the ‘American Dream Movement,’ a progressive group founded by Van Jones.

John Perzel. The dominoes keep falling. Three of his staffers – including COS Paul Towhey – have agreed to plea deals in the Bonusgate proceedings. It’s not looking good for the former House Speaker.

4 Responses

  1. Crickets. The due date for this assignment has passed and thus the commentator above earns an F in the gradebook.

  2. I’d like to challenge the gentlemen above to give me a concrete, specific example (because I’m an old schoolteacher and those habits die hard) of why they dislike Van Jones–and it HAS to be concrete and specific, it can’t be something vague like “I always see on such-and-such website” or “I always hear on such-and-such TV show” “that Van Jones symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Left”. Bonus points for stating examples of why you think the “Left” is so big and scary and mean and nasty, boogedy boogedy boo.

  3. Pat should be honored to be the target of the left. Says he is doing a good job. I think we should put casey photos on some milk cartons.

  4. What better complement to Pat Toomey than to have Van Jones as an enemy!
    By the way, when is Govenor Corbett going to fill the vacant Senate seat that Casey has?

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