8/26 Ups & Downs

Hacks, Super PACs and a long-awaited report on some rather lewd emails. See who made this week’s list!

Up ArrowDown ArrowPat Toomey. Senator Toomey is doing his best in this campaign, the problem is that his best may not be good enough. On the one hand, he got the endorsement of Gabby Giffords for his work on gun safety and secured $1.1 million worth of supportive TV ads from a conservative 501(c)(4). On the other hand, his race was moved to toss-up status. Unfortunately for the incumbent, Pennsylvania may be a state where Donald Trump brings more harm than good to the down-ballot GOP candidates. Regardless of the outcome, the next three months are set to be the toughest fight of Pat Toomey’s political life.

Down ArrowDCCC. It’s not every week that Russian hackers become involved with the politics of Southeast PA. The Hill was sent memos and documents stolen from the DCCC that revealed the party’s attempts to recruit other nominees in the PA-6 and PA-7 races. It was no secret that Mike Parrish and Mary Ellen Balchunis weren’t the favorites of the Democratic establishment but to have it officially confirmed makes the party look ineffective. Not to mention that on Monday a Republican Super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, pledged to spend $1.1 million against PA-8 Democratic nominee Steve Santarsiero. The DCCC can’t afford many more cycles where they come up empty handed in SEPA.   

Up Arrow1Kathleen Kane. “If I get taken out of here in handcuffs, what do you think my last act will be?” the former Attorney General once warned. It now appears that Kane’s pledge to take her enemies down with her will be fulfilled. Doug Gansler is sending out notices to state employees that they’re mentioned in his report on the pornographic emails and with Bruce Castor’s tenure set to end on Tuesday, we may soon see its release. Plus, there’s the trouble that Philly DA Seth Williams has gotten himself into. Kane wasn’t the first to go away in handcuffs and she probably won’t be the last either.


Down ArrowEd Rendell. For a man who makes a career out of being surrogate, you’d think he’d be better at it. Once again, the long-time member of Clintonworld managed to embarrass Bill and Hillary when he criticized their conduct concerning the Clinton Foundation. Rendell has always sold himself as a “straight-shooter”, but just how much friendly fire does he actually think he can get away with?



Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’ve now reached week eleven.





The tweet of the week is actually a string of tweets (click to read the whole series) from Max Marin on Philadelphia Councilman Bobby Henon’s silence about that whole FBI-raid-on-his-office-thing.


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  1. Shit – Was that too obvious? Maybe I should have focused just on DD so no one could tell. And I am regretting the “Staffer” handle too. Damn!! I’m so stupid. I’ll try again later under a different name. And I’ll try to spell “truth” properly too.

  2. A co-worker asked me to take a look here and to make some recommendations that could be passed on to Sy. This blog can and should be very important to our party. We should be able to post our ideas and logically discuss them especially in light of the upocoming presidential election.

    1. It appears that David Diano may be posting his opinions as opposed to researchable facts. Why not just include 2 words “my opinion” if supported “It was the opinion of the New York Times August 25th edition that” Would certainly simplify things for all.

    2. It’s also obvious that much of the negativety is directed at Mr. Cott and the various names he uses. If Mr. Cott would refrain from posting under his name or that of the other names he uses for a month let things quiet down especially closer to the election. I don’t think Sy envisioned this and from the looks of it it’s doing the Party no good.

    Have more but I’ll let my co-worker and Sy know.

  3. Anyone notice my name in the article? It’s there!!! I was rushed aboard at the DA’s Office. I have no qualifications – but my husband is tight with Seth and the now-disgraced Frank Fina. And I dodnt interview or anything. The Deputies didn’t even know I was coming aboard til the 11th hour.

    Now – take a look at my start date for the DA’s Office. It was November 2015. Just like this tire-slashing by Seth’s girlfriend was November 2015.

    I’m sure Seth knew that his prior 2nd in Command would NEVER help him cover up a crime for a girlfriend. Lucky for Seth – he had me!!!

  4. Your obsession with Brett Cott is more than a little disturbing and almost certainly unhealthy. Considering he’s been living in New York for the better part of a decade now and out of PA politics for even longer, it’s probably time to give up this sick fascination.

  5. if kane as assistant DA dated a judge who was hearing cases prosecuted by her, they both should be disbarred. what’s wrong with that county????

  6. Kane and Williams….you can’t make these clowns up. They could only exist in Chicago, NYC, or Pa

  7. Lower case truth is even dumber and more unstable than capitalized Truth. And definitely more pathetic than all-caps TRUTH.

  8. COTT…. This is the guy . Look at him, evaluate his posts. He bpneeds to be examined by professionals because he is going to do something bad and you in The Deomocratic party have been warned we’ll just hold it all and maybe release as an Octobrer surpirise. A guy arrested , stole tax money our money got out of jail don’t look to good his crazy saying. Especially since pennsylvania is up for grabs2We’ll him be your spokes boy.think about that hard Dems because he’s going down hard. Just at the best times since you don’t want to get rid of him. We warned you

  9. Prison …. Bockkkkk ….. Theresa ….. Prison. …. Cott ….. another version of “Truth” … DD …. Basement …. Prison ….. Basement ….. Cott …… Bockkkkkk …., Prison ….. DD ……. Polly want a cracker …… another misspelling of “Truth” …… Cott ….. DD …… Polly want a cracker …. Theresa …… Bald head … Bockkkkk …., Bald head ….. Polly want a cracker??

  10. Bungy aka COTT….Are my kids retarded? No they are not and they are all mine? Can you say the same COTT? A woman gets awful lonely when her man is in jail for stealing.i can give you a tip on a good DNA lab. The one sure way to find out is do they have fat bald bulbous heads like you, do they have an IQ so low they can’t get into a public school? Do you find money or your welfare card missing from time to time. Do they always seem to have other plans on Father’s Day. On bring my dad to school day do they ask you to wear your prison uniform? Do they borrow money and never pay it back? That’s a good checklist to start. Just so everyone Knows COTT bought the kids into all this first. Feeling the pressure COTT. Are anyone one of them named Theresa? Cya stupid

  11. Retard!!! ….. That’s you Truthy.

    Unsanctioned R(etard) = same pathetic loser who can’t spell “Truth” as he changes his screen name to “The Truth”

    Is it true your kid is a retard too? It stands to reason.

  12. Unsanctioned (whatever name COTT is using) getting a bit unglued Brett. Just like the glue you used to keep that toupee down when you wore it. Now that’s a good night you should pay back some of that fine money you still owe. If you took someone else, yes Diano but also someone close to you think how much money you could make?

  13. HaHU COTT, ever been to Casablanca? I love that show. Some people say I look like Humphtey Bogart. Those were the days. Where a list seller like Diano was really respected. Now who cares.

  14. Hey COTT, You’re posting under Polly now that’s a new name for you. You know I love the name Therea. I pray to St . Theresa every night for wisdom and guidance. I’m not sure but I think she did most of her charity work in New York. I’m glad you did good in spelling in that “special school” you went to. Thanks for correcting my mistakes. Hey correct me if this is wrong T H E R E S A did I get that right. You know Brett they say you still owe $60,000 in fines. You gonna pay that. If so Diano and his mom will get their checks. Cause it’s tough when you aren’t selling lists. How did the bills get paid at your house when you went to the looney jail? Guess it was tough for T. Oh well Brett by the you’re a punk assed theif felon that turned out not to be as smart as you think. A guy using 369 asked me to tell you that. He don’t like you very much Brett. Well gonna have some Mrs. T pierogi and sausage (they called that something different in prison) just sit back and relax. You have a great day Brett. Tell Diano’s mom nobody holds her responsible for her dead beat son. He’s a bum that’s why he lives in the basement. Cya Baldie.

  15. Prison …. Cott ….. Prison. …. another version of “Truth” …,, DD …. Basement …. Prison ….. Basement ….. Cott …… Prison ….. DD ……. Polly want a cracker …… another misspelling of “Truth” …… Cott ….. DD …… Polly want a cracker!!

  16. Pat Unger aka Brett COTT. There you go again Brett making up screen names and talking to yourself. Do you do that a lot Brett I can understand nobody wants to be friends with a theif and a liar. Brett I’m surprised you talk about low IQ, wasn’t that the reason you couldn’t go to any public school or they had to send you to a “special” prison. Tell everyone Brett what your family had to do to pay the bills. Maybe I will then. What do you think Baldie.

  17. Well said, Peggy. The best way to handle a troll is to never engage him in a conversation. Sometimes he will change his screen name to fool me into interacting. But then you figure it out because of the low-IQ nature of the comment(s). He really is quite stupid. Most FOXtards are!!

  18. Flex it COTT…….I think you’ve been flexing it for a long time. You’re a pathetic bald loser and I’m encouraged to continually humiliate you by others on this blog but it’s getting easier and easier.
    Cya baldy

  19. Long time reader. First time commenting.

    The “pathetic retard troll” is the worst commenter here. It’s always obvious which comments are his/hers. No matter how many handles he/she makes up.

    The only person close is Sklaroff. His comments are not as frequent.

    Ha3 can be annoying – but only because I lean conservative and he is a strong, outspoken progressive.

  20. Peggy and Grandparent……why am I surprised that your posts are very similar to that of Cott’s when will he ever learn. He a little sissy baldy who is a felon. I never get tired of this no many how many names you use.

  21. I think we all agree that the commenter known as “The TRUTH” (and so many other names) is a loser and a troll. The best thing to do is refuse to engage him in a “conversation.” It comes down to the old saying – “Do not feed the troll.”

  22. I’m old. Too old to fight. But The TRUTH is a pussy. Sick of reading his stupid comments here too.

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  24. Don’t waste your time, 369. He is a pussy-ass coward. Ha3 owns him here every day. He’s a dumb alt-right troll.

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  27. 369…..sure Brett but I will refuse to engage in any fisticuffs with any guy wearing a dress so please dress appropriately. Also, the last place in Reading, PA you failed to show. The bartender even checked the men’s room because he thought you were hanging in there.

  28. 369. I think you are the real jackass and. crybaby. Everything this guy posts is supported with facts. Everytime this HaHa posts he looks like a jerk and add to that Diano you would have to meet in a rubber room. I know some other people here and they all agree you guys are jerks.

  29. Who is this moron posting as “The Truth?” Seems like a real jackass. And a crybaby too. .

  30. Free the Emails. Post them all publicly for free access by anyone. Govt work product (done on govt computers) belongs to the people.

  31. Paul: And what will happen to the judge? (Please name him, by the way. No secrets for the corruption club.)

    Seems odd that you want her in a straight jacket for banging the judge and prosecuting cases in front of him, but have nothing to say about the judge banging her and still sitting on her cases. Can you explain that?

  32. Go Kathleen Kane! Your only problem, you thought you could trust the holdovers – trust me, you couldn’t. When the Republicans have control, they clean house. When the Democrats have control, they keep the Republicans and promote them.

  33. How funny is it that Kane’s hand picked successor, Castor, is the one who has held up the emails all these months, and is still doing it, even though they totally will prove her defense of perverts running OAG? And then the fools in the state senate and that dope Guv. Wolf, move Heaven and Earth, to get Castor out? Idiots. Castor’s done in politics so he could stone wall until January. Beemer wants a future, like US Atty. in Pittsburgh, but he will be the guy with the stinking pile of sh*t waiting for him. Too funny. Way to go Jake Corman, you really, eff-ed this one up. Just because your two-timing racist buddy was booted from the Supreme Court. Hint: he was not going to make it anyway with that little problem in Monroe County. She wouldn’t like the, ah, spotlight shall we say. So Castor does nothing to help Kane, saves all the pols from porngate he can, gets to be called “General” every day for the rest of his life, then Jake sets a new land speed record to get Beemer back. Beemer, who said Eakin was “clean” when Eakin was porn central. You can’t make this stuff up. Did everyone forget about the big story in Philly Mag. Wanting Beemer’s head for saying Eakin was not involved in porn when he was up to his eyeballs? Too funny. Senate asleep at the switch..again.

  34. Wow, you guys are extremely biased. How am I supposed to take you seriously when you have so many negative things to say about the Democratic Party? A.K.A. the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Seriously, there are pros and cons to democratic socialism. California has a surplus right now. Why? Because, there’s no gridlock.

  35. After the Impeachment report and the revelations of her dating a Judge when she was an Ass’t DA in Lackawanna County and handling criminal cases in front of him she will be taken out in a straight jacket not handcuffs.

  36. HahuCott…….you appear to become the only one unglued when someone mentions you are a convicted felon for stealing. That’s ok because they sent you to their “special” jail for those who have”special” problems. How was the family able to pay the bills when you were in jail?

  37. I hope Gansler not only released the porn emails, but does it in a way that garners the most journalistic coverage possible over the longest period of time. Drip… Drip… Drip. It’s the conservative way of doing things. Name the names, and let us share them on Facebook and beyond. Put black censor-bars over the naughty bits, and let the public wonder what’s under them. Ruin careers. End business partnerships. Let the right wing know the heat from their own flames. It’s time the Party of Personal Responsibility takes some… personal responsibility. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  38. Oh look!!! The pathetic retard troll is coming unglued again!!!!! He knows the gig is up. The Kane UP ARROW isn’t his real problem …….

  39. So down arrows for all crooked Democrats but an up arrow for Kane because she got to be malicious after all? Gansler has some list that would make McCarthy proud and he won’t tell anyone how they got on that list. Way to protect constitutional due process, Kane! You get an up arrow!

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