8/29 Morning Buzz

Good morning politicos, here’s the Buzz. The RNC is in full swing, and two western PA Republicans spoke Tuesday. Senator Specter is facing his third battle with cancer, but is reportedly recovering well and is already out of the hospital. And it appears the last GOP super PAC is off the air in PA.

Specter Battling Cancer Again: Update: Specter is out of the hospital and recovering. Former Senator Arlen Specter confirmed today that he is facing cancer for a third time. “I am battling cancer, and it’s another battle I intend to win,” Specter said in a statement issued by his office.

Romney, Obama Surrogates Hop On The Bus For Statewide Tours: While campaigns across the country are just starting to get off the ground, The Obama and Romney campaigns will be staying on the ground – with bus tours in Pennsylvania.

TV Battle Commences in Top PA Senate Race (Watch Videos): Both sides are on the air in the race to replace retiring Sen. Jane Earll (R-Erie). The campaign pits economic development executive and Republican Janet Anderson against hospital executive and Democrat Sean Wiley.

Rothfus Delivers RNC Remarks: Just a few minutes after 3:30 p.m., PA-12 GOP candidate Keith Rothfus took to the podium at the RNC to deliver a speech about his own battle with cancer and the need to repeal Obamacare.

GOP Super PAC Pulls Out of PA Stations: Rumors are swirling that conservative interest group Americans For Prosperity is pulling their ads in Pennsylvania, which could leave PA without a conservative ad presence just as the 2012 campaign season begins in earnest.

PennDOT Now Issuing Department of State ID: As promised, a new form of ID issued by the DOS is now to be available at PennDOT driver’s license centers across the state. The ID, which requires applicants provide fewer documents, may help the state’s case when the law is scrutinized by the state Supreme Court in two weeks.

Legislative Election Updates

SD-37: The Post-Gazette reports that Raja, the Republican seeking to replace former Sen. John Pippy (R-Allegheny), is going on TV today. Raja’s campaign hasn’t released the video yet, but are expected to soon. He faces Dem state Rep. Matt Smith.

SD-49: Both Republican Janet Anderson and Democrat Sean Wiley are on TV in this race to replace retiring Sen. Jane Earll (R-Erie).

Speaking of Anderson, the political arm of the PA Business Council, PEG-PAC, made its endorsements this week, her among them. The endorsement will mean entrée to the state’s biz community as well as some campaign bucks. Almost all are Republicans except Mark Rozzi, a Dem running for the Reading-area seat of retiring Rep. Dante Santoni (D-Berks).

Here’s the full list of PEG-PAC endorsed candidates:

David Freed for Attorney General
John Maher for Auditor General

Senator Dominic Pileggi (SD-9)
John McNally (SD-15)
D. Raja (SD- 37)
Janet Anderson (SD – 49)

Jason Owen (HD-3)
Anne Chapman (HD-31)
Sherry Stalley (HD- 71)
Tom Sankey (HD-74)
Harry Rogers (HD-83)
Mark Rozzi (HD-126)
Becky Corbin (HD- 155)
Rep. Dan Truitt (HD-156)
Rep. Warren Kampf (HD- 157)

4 Responses

  1. An episode of Jersey Shore is way more intellectually stimulating than the ideas being touted at the RNC convention. And I just call it how I see it. Chris Christie’s speech was not very good at all even conservative pundits are saying that. And Ann Romney was trying to sell her husband to the American public through imagery as if they were like the Leave it to Beaver family. Meanwhile her political party is pushing an agenda that would force women who have been raped to bear the children of their attacker. If you thought that last night was a good night for the RNC then you’re living in “la-La” land.

  2. Name calling, personally tearing down a woman who is not even a political opponent, class warfare, and then a completely unsubstantiated lie. What big and “new” 😉 ideas you present this morning. Last night require too much thinking for you?

  3. @Mary — did you watch the same garbage that I watched? Chris Christie looked like a fat pig and had nothing of substance to say. Ann Romney looked like a throwback from the 1950s like Joan Cleaver. She just validated how the Romney’s are out of totally touch with mainstream America. She understands no struggles of working women because if so then she wouldn’t support her husbands and Paul Ryan’s plan to totally destroy the working class so that the rich can horde more wealth. Ann Romney is the wolf in sheeps clothing.

  4. The Republican National convention was fabulous last night!! Chris Christie was challenging and inspiring, and Mrs Romney gave a beautiful, moving speech. Artur Davis is an incredible addition to the Party. We are delighted to have him. Clips of all can be seen on Nationalreview.com

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