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8/29 Ups & Downs

Wolf maintains his lead, Adolph gets a new opponent and things are looking grim for Chaka Fattah. See who made this week’s list.

Down ArrowChaka Fattah. It’s been a cruel summer for Rep. Fattah, but this last week might end up being the worst. After watching his son be indicted earlier this month, it is beginning to look like the Congressman has become embroiled in a scandal all his own. On Wednesday, his former Chief of Staff Gregory Naylor plead guilty to campaign finance fraud. According to the DOJ, Naylor was obscuring where campaign money was coming from while also making sure some of it went to pay off the college debts of a son of a candidate. The report never named the candidate but there is little doubt about who it could be. Fall may turn out to be even worse for Chaka Fattah.

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. The Wolf campaign obviously had a great primary season but it remained to be seen whether they could withstand the expected summer onslaught from Governor Corbett. After being hit by numerous attack ads, it turns out the Democratic nominee is no worse for wear. The latest F&M poll showed Wolf with a 25 point lead against the incumbent. The man with the Jeep is now firmly in the driver’s seat of this race.

Up Arrow1Down ArrowTom Corbett. As you can see above, despite an intensive effort, the Corbett-Cawley team couldn’t make a dent in Wolf’s lead. Even the campaign’s internal strategists seem to think the Governor is down in the race, although they still believe there is a path to victory. Additionally, Planned Parenthood announced they intend to hammer the Governor for the rest of the campaign with their own “Top Ten List” to oppose his re-election. On the other hand, Corbett finally got some good news yesterday when his HealthyPA plan was approved.

Down ArrowPresident Obama. It’s not yet known whether the President will be doing any public midterm campaigning. If so, it’s unlikely he’ll come to Pennsylvania, despite the fact that he has won it twice. The F&M poll showed his approval rating unchanged at 34%. It seems the six-year itch is still haunting the chief executive.

Down ArrowBill Adolph. What’s the only thing worse than facing a wealthy opponent? Facing a wealthy opponent with no warning. This week it was revealed that venture capitalist Charles Hadley had been named the Democratic nominee in HD-165 just days before the filing deadline. Now, the House Appropriations Committee Chairman with dreams of becoming Speaker has to first make sure he’ll still be around come January.

The tweet of the week goes more to a series of tweets than any single one, this back and forth between FreshStartPA spokesman Mike Mikus and PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney. I highly suggest you read the whole 21 tweet timeline to get a good overview of the political combat occurring in the race for Governor.

10 Responses

  1. Doug – if you’re going to correct someone’s spelling, please make sure there aren’t any glaring grammatical errors in your own comment, you semi-literate half-wit.

  2. RE: Chaka Fattah
    Is “obscuring” a noun? As in, “Naylor was obscuring where campaign money…” My, you politicos are really up on things, even language variance.

  3. “thinking it actually weakens him with his base as he looks subservient to Obama.”-DO

    Gee slinging stuff against the wall didn’t work better call Obama. If that don’t work in the polls we’ll go with Bengasi.

  4. So PoliticsPA thinks that Corbett’s late embracing of ObamaCare that he needed the Obama administration to approve and which does not give his teabag friends the work-component that craves gets him an up arrow…interesting…not sure if it helps him in his party, and will not sway anywhere near enough independents to save him…thinking it actually weakens him with his base as he looks subservient to Obama.

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