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8/8 Ups & Downs

Marino makes a valuable enemy, Corbett has yet another roller coaster week while the gubernatorial ballot will be unusually short this year. See who made this week’s list.

Up Arrow1Tom Marino. Usually, you would think getting scolded (and chased) on the House floor would be a bad thing. When you’re a Republican Congressman and the person doing the scolding is Nancy Pelosi, however, it’s hard to ask for a greater blessing. Marino was on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from the former Speaker and conservative punching bag, which can only serve to endear him to his fellow Republicans. Don’t be surprised to see Rep. Marino wear this incident as a badge of honor.

Up Arrow1Down ArrowTom Corbett. It seems like it’s always deja vu all over again for Gov. Corbett when it comes to this column. On the one hand, a second poll showed the incumbent gaining ground on Democratic front-runner Tom Wolf. Yet, on the other hand, the Governor got in hot water for allowing campaign staff to attend government meetings. Additionally, Rothenberg Political Report downgraded his re-election chances. Another mixed-bag week for the Gov when he needed a solid win.

Down ArrowThird-Party Candidates. For all the talk about Democrats and Republicans, we too often forget about the Greens, Libertarians, and Bull Mooses out there. It is much harder for lesser-known parties to get on the ballot and this was exemplified by the news this week that third-party hopefuls Paul Glover and Ken Krawchuk had to drop out. Unfortunately, the 17,000 petition requirement (Democrats and Republicans only need 2,000) was too burdensome for them. Now Pennsylvania may never have a Prohibition Party Governor.

Up Arrow1Down ArrowPhilly Schools. The good news is that Gov. Corbett announced $265 million in advanced payments to Philadelphia’s cash-strapped schools. The bad news is that apparently it’s not enough. Also, as Mayor Nutter pointed out, this is merely an advance and doesn’t add any additional money to the school system. Nor is it clear that the city will have enough funds to open on time next month. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this saga.

The tweet of the week goes to this photoshop of PA-8 Democratic nominee Kevin Strouse and his wife Amy. We’re not sure if it’s meant to be positive or negative but we are sure it’s earned the honors.

3 Responses

  1. too bad the Republican speaker Boehner doesn’t have the cojones that Nancy does. She may be the punching bag, but the woman kept her caucus in line far better than Boehner ever has and she didn’t weep tears any time a microphone was present.

  2. Congressman Marino is tapping into serious anger about ObamAmerica’s push for amnesty and to give out free medical care, schooling and access cards to illegals.
    Submit a Resolution to the House, Congressmand demanding the Pres enforce the Immigration Law. At the very least it will force incumbents up for re election to take a stand.

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