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9 Republican County Chairs Will Not Support Bartos After His Ad

The nine county Republican chairs in Congressman Lou Barletta’s district sent a letter to U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Bartos saying they cannot support his bid after the ad Bartos’ campaign ran attacking Barletta.   

“As the Republican Party of Pennsylvania County Chairs for the 11th Congressional District, we find it very troubling that you are running ads attacking our Republican Congressman Lou Barletta. Your personal attacks against Lou Barletta are wrong, desperate, and beneath the dignity of the nomination you seek,” the letter reads.  

The counties represented in the 11th district are Carbon, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, and Wyoming.  

According to the letter, PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio sent a letter to all statewide campaigns calling for no “unnecessary negative campaign rhetoric and attacks” during the primary.  

The letter calls the attacks in the ad an attack on the county chairs as well, and informs Bartos they will not support him.  

“For these reasons, we cannot support you for the Republican nomination,” the letter concludes.  

The withdrawal of support will make it harder for Bartos to gain the coveted PA GOP endorsement this winter, an endorsement many believe Barletta already has a strong shot at getting.  

Update: Bartos’ campaign responded to the letter by continuing to push that Bartos is an outsider and will continue its messaging on the issue.

“The Bartos campaign appreciates the concerns expressed by the Republican County Chairs in the 11th Congressional District. Our Republican County Chairs work very hard and their service is respected and valued. That said, the campaign will continue to take Jeff’s message directly to the voters. The time for career politicians is over, and we need true outsiders to help shake-up Washington and get things done for Pennsylvania. You will continue to hear truth from the campaign even if the truth is sometimes uncomfortable for the establishment,” Bartos campaign spokesman Matt Langston said in an email.

You can read the entire letter below.

Bartos Letter by Paul Engelkemier on Scribd

21 Responses

    1. this MUST be coupled with a claim that it matters, citing a policy-difference; ABSENT such a documented assertion, it bespeaks unnecessary divisiveness/opportunism

      1. That makes no sense… Lou being a career politician VS Bartos not being one needs no further explanation/policy based backup. You can’t seriously believe that a candidate differentiating himself from a career politician is being overly divisive and/or opportunistic.

  1. PA is in a state of Peril, and there is enough blame to go around; moreover,the petty politics has to stop, if we’re to begin moving forward.

    1. Agreed. These are the people that eat, sleep and breath Barletta/Marino/Trump. They would have never supported Bartos. Bartos needs to understand the PA Geography and QUICKLY. He needs to focus on SEPA and out West. Battling in Barletta’s territory is a waste of money, especially this early in the game.

      1. this also isn’t accurate; absent Lou, lotsa people could easily be attracted to Jeff

        1. And absent Trump, clinton would have had a great shot? No crap. But Barletta DOES exist. So they would have never supported Bartos..

  2. Wait… isn’t DiGiorgio the GOP Chairman who just weeks after becoming Chairman went negative against a Republican candidate for statewide judge and lost? But now it’s bad? Guess we can tell the state party is already in the bag for Barletta. Wonder what DiGiorgio got for that!

    1. Yes. DiGiorgio viciously attacked Judge Mary Murray calling her a Democrat. DiGiorgio will also not give senate candidate Cynthia Ayers the time of day. I am not pleased about the establishment. This is why I support Cynthia.

  3. Elsewhere @ PoliticsPA, I wrote [when this ad first appeared]: “I like Jeff, but this isn’t effective; if he can’t ID a key-issue that is problematic regarding his major opponent…then he may wish to save his $.”

    ht tp://w ww.politicspa.c om/bartos-launches-ad-targeting-barletta/84261/

    Thus, it is quite understandable that GOP-leaders would recoil from his broadside for, far from presaging an aggressive anti-Casey posture, Jeff is besmirching a solid colleague inexplicably [who has yet to announce his plans].

    I copied these comments and submitted them to the Inqy after it, also, published an article on what has transpired

    h ttp://w m/philly/news/politics/congressional/bartos-20170823.html

    I would think that the natural reaction to the emergence of this ad is to prompt Barletta to honor the request of The Donald, and to announce his candidacy [rendering this behavior into becoming a counter-productive act].

  4. Yea… because Barletta’s home county chairs were going to support someone else. #fakenews isn’t just for Democrats anymore

  5. I cannot stand this Bartos clown! Though I am supporting Cynthia Ayers for Senator, I do not support attacking Rep. Barletta or any other candidate.

  6. Probably more convincing were Scott Wagner not trashing Republicans every day without anyone raising an eyebrow.

  7. If they’re offended by an ad calling him a career politician, imagine their reaction when a left wing group calls him out for being a racist thug. Poor little county chair snowflakes, their little heads will explode!

  8. Thank you for taking a stand to end the ugly rhetoric in these races. Lou is a Class Act. I wonder if they will give Wagner this same memo?

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