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9/12 Ups & Downs

Great news for Tom Wolf and Penn State while one man seeks to edit his IMDB page. See who made this week’s list.

Up Arrow1Tom Wolf. All around it was a pretty great week for the Democratic nominee. A new Quinnipiac Poll shows him leading Gov. Corbett by 24 points. Not only that but the survey was among likely voters which tend to be more Republican-leaning (and accurate) than surveys among registered voters. National prognosticators also pronounced him a likely winner and a national progressive organization endorsed him. There’s was that one thing…but we’ll get to that later.

Down ArrowTom Corbett. The polls just keep getting worse for Tom Corbett. A twenty-four point deficit is a tough hill to climb and requires the campaign spend valuable ad time and money defending the Governor’s actions instead of talking about the future. He also may have been too late in his call for a special session on pension reform. Corbett had the opportunity to call one in July but declined. Finally, those “inappropriate” emails still lurk as another potential headache.

Down ArrowAlan Benyak. You spend years as an Army lawyer, even run for office, but you make one movie as “Mr. Cannibal” and that’s all anyone wants to talk about. Benyak (and Wolf) probably wishes he passed on the option to be in the Democrat’s latest campaign commercial. After Buzzfeed found out about his prior film history, he became in his own words “a pawn” in the fight for the Governorship. Hopefully for Benyak, people’s memory of this moment will be short.

Up Arrow1Penn State. This week it was announced that the NCAA was removing the remaining sanctions on Penn State’s football program. Next year, they’ll have their full supply of scholarships back and could even appear in a bowl game this year if their record is good enough. Of course, the NCAA chose to release this information in the midst of the NFL’s Ray Rice scandal in the hopes of burying it. The penalties may be gone but the legacy of Jerry Sandusky still apparently hangs over Happy Valley.

Up Arrow1Shaughnessy Naughton. The former PA-8 congressional candidate announced the creation of her new PAC this week. 314 PAC will focus on attracting STEM professionals into politics and has a number of notables on its board including climate scientist Michael Mann. It’s also a sign that we may see Naughton on the political stage again soon, as creating a PAC is the go-to move for any candidate currently between campaigns.

The tweet of the week goes to the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein for this little slice of sanity amidst the silly season that is fall of an election year (we also want to credit our old Managing Editor Brittany Foster for tipping us off to it).

10 Responses

  1. “Draft dodging weasel” describes so many Republicans in recent high position where does one begin?

  2. The NCAA hoped to bury the NFL’s scandal? Kinda like Obama hoping to bury the French president’s infidelity scandal, isn’t it? The two are SEPARATE. Kindly refrain from commenting about football; the knowledge base is clearly lacking.

  3. I can’t vote for some one committed to raising income taxes. Tom Corbett hasn’t earned my vote either.

    I’ll be writing in Bob Guzzardi. Or maybe Jim Gerlach, who briefly challenged Corbett for the GOP nod in early 2010.

  4. Wolf is the anti Corbett- maybe one term unless he is not a spend and tax liberal –
    Rob Gleason should resign as republican chairperson. his group- the Ashers and the old studs from chester county have led that party to this debacle-Wolf is mediocre but at least he isn’t Corbett

  5. All you good Republicans out there disheartened by the miserable showing of your governor: look to the party’s leadership, its elected political leaders, its “elder statesmen,” the business community, conservative groups, major donors to the party through the years. These are the people who could have stepped in and put a stop to the Corbett debacle which everyone saw coming for two years. Now ask yourself why they did not? Some, perhaps, are complacent with where they are and don’t like the governor for his attacks on the General Assembly. Some, perhaps, no longer care about Pennsylvania politics because it has become a lost cause in statewide elections. But most of the people who could have done something to force Corbett out are benefiting from him in some way. They and Corbett are married to each other so long as the gravy train continues. They are squeezing out every dime, perk, position, whatever they can while the disaster that is the Corbett Administration chugs along headed for the cliff. Tom Corbett has been a pawn in this for years. Moved around the board at the whim of those he is beholden to. All the while the GOP has lost ground in statewide held offices through bad candidate selection. Republicans: look to YOUR leadership when this final disaster strikes. They allowed the party to disintegrate. Soon there will be nothing left.

  6. My favorite comments this week were from Corbett supporters who angrily pointed out that we should ignore one poll that showed their candidate down by double digits, in favor of a “closer” poll that ALSO showed their candidate down by double digits. Really? If the best you can hope for is a closer loss, that’s pretty sad.

  7. Well Chris at least we can agree on two things.
    1. There is going to be a landslide.
    2. Wolf for 8 years.

  8. this is all bunk there are plenty of poles showing corbit is gonna win in a land slide in nov because thats thee way it worx in penna one party get’s the guvenor for 8 year’s than the other party get’s it for 8 year’s

  9. “Finally, those “inappropriate” emails still lurk as another potential headache.”

    Tom looks more and more like a Simpson Character.

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