9/16 Ups & Downs

A gaffe, an endorsement and an appointment. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Pat Toomey. After a distressing series of surveys, Toomey emerged with a lead in the latest Quinnipiac Poll which had him running several points ahead of Donald Trump. The incumbent Senator also won our (arguably more important) reader poll. Additionally, Sen. Toomey opened up a new line of attack against his Democratic opponent Katie McGinty by emphasizing her time as Chief of Staff during Governor Wolf’s stalled first year. If Toomey can have some more weeks like this one he’ll increase his odds of winning a second term.  


Down ArrowDonald Trump Jr. The GOP presidential nominee’s oldest son and namesake visited Pennsylvania this week and ran into trouble. First, Trump Jr. made an unfortunate reference to “gas chambers” during a conversation with Chris Stigall of 1210 WPHT. Then, he was caught flat-flooded in an interview with Bob Mayo of WTAE to the point that a staffer had to cut it short. It will be interesting to see if Trump Jr. visits the commonwealth again before November 8th.


Up Arrow1Christina Hartman. The Democratic nominee in the open contest in PA-16 got a major boost Monday. EMILY’s List, the prominent interest group that promotes pro-choice female candidates, endorsed Hartman’s candidacy. Hartman was arguably already the Democrats’ second-highest priority in the Keystone State given the DCCC’s troubles in PA-6 and PA-7. It will still be a tough, uphill battle for Hartman but at least she has a chance.


Up Arrow1Matt Cartwright. Committee assignments can determine a Congressman’s degree of influence and perhaps the most powerful committee of all is the Appropriations Committee. So Rep. Cartwright must have been thrilled when he learned Wednesday that he’d scored the open seat on that body. Cartwright will take over for Chaka Fattah, who was forced to resign after being convicted last summer. The two-term incumbent now has a major opportunity to make his voice heard in Washington, D.C.


Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is week fourteen.





The tweet of the week goes to Philadelphia Magazine’s Dan McQuade for this A+ gif.

14 Responses

  1. HaHaHa – I think you mean Hong Kong. Toomey lived there for a year back when he was slinging derivatives and making his fortune off of other people’s hard work.

    Toomey is an exceptionally disciplined campaigner who is hard to get off message. I wouldn’t underestimate him, even if he is absurdly conservative for a state like Pennsylvania.

  2. No one is gonna run …. other contenders …. Negrin as Seth’s “good buddy” …. Come on, man. Get your shit together!!

    Negrin is going to run against Seth. And he will beat him. Seth is broke and friendless. Brady won’t touch him. And his attempt to pander to Blacke (El Shabazz) has already blown up in his face. Plus – Seth can’t get around the fact that he is corrupt. He prosecuted retired Black judge for taking a bracelet while he was taking “$160,000.00.

    Seth’s political career is over. And aaron is going to be right …. AGAIN !!

  3. Please stop whining about Seth Williams and get used to the fact that no one will run against him. His good buddy Rich Negrin, whose wife is one of Seth’s deputies only floats his name to keep other contenders out. As for Seth being exposed, he only people talking about Levant, El-SHabbaz, Cummings and SEth’s otherwise deplorable conduct are posters on this site. If you want him gone, do something about it.

  4. It’s over. When HaHaHa starts predicting winners with 50 days left, that person is either going to jail or headed to defeat.

  5. This is not good!! Why is everyone in Philly talking about my Brother-in-Law, Harry Levant?!?

    So what if he stole $2,000,000.00 and did not go to jail. So what if Seth Williams ignored a clear conflict (my husband, Harry’s brother, and Seth are tight)!! So what if Seth assigned the case to guys that were represented by my husband (the thief’s brother)?!? So what ????!!!!!?????

    OMG – are we going to jail too?

  6. Toomey is a one-term garden gnome. He gets an A+ from the NRA though. PA is too good for him. He can go back to NY (or Tokyo) after McGinty crushed him.

  7. Toomey is a good campaigner and your up arrow is well placed. He is very good this cycle at not making mistakes and maximizing his positives. McGinty has made numerous gaffes and fumbled around mentioning being the first one in her family to go to college when it was easily proven otherwise as well as being proclaimed by Andrea Mitchell as being a “weak candidate.” This flawed style will not win against Toomey. Bottom line: Toomey in a close one-maybe 3 percent.

  8. Pretty soon, four new Democrats will be sworn in:

    – Rich Negrin (Philly DA)

    – Josh Shapiro (AG)

    – Katie McGinty (US Senate)

    – Hillary Clinton (POTUS)

    Try not to jump off buildings, FOXtards!!

  9. Where is the DOWN ARROW for Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s corrupt D.A.?

    Seth had a terrible week. He threw a “party” for his orange-bearded new Deputy …. but nobody went.

    Seth got EXPOSED on the Harry Levant case too. Harry is a lawyer who ran for Judge. He stole almost $2,000,000.00 and did not do a day in jail. Harry’s sister-in-law is Seth’s Chief of Staff. Harry’s brother represented Seth when the Feds came knocking.

    And Seth assigned the Harry Levant case to a Unit that had no business handling it. A Unit led by Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo – both of whom had as their attorney Bob Levant (Harry’s brother).


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