9/18 Ups & Downs

Search warrants, party endorsements and public budget frustration. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. Whenever your office is being raided by detectives, it’s been a bad week. Especially when this is the third time a warrant has been issued against you in the last year. She also had incredible difficulty explaining why she is fighting the release of the lewd emails that she says she wants to reveal. As if her situation couldn’t get any worse, we also learned that the State Senate and Gov. Wolf appear to be devising their own plan to remove her from office. Somehow this seemingly never-ending saga just keeps getting more complex.

Up ArrowJohn Fetterman. When two high-profile Democrats are already engaged in a competitive primary, you would expect the announcement of a third candidate to gain less attention, particularly when said candidate is the Mayor of a small town. Instead, Fetterman’s unique personality made him stand out and he received coverage from several national outlets. It would be challenging (though not impossible) for Fetterman to win, yet it is very likely that he will have a significant effect on the Democratic contest.


Down ArrowTom Wolf. “I got nothing.” That pretty much sums up how Governor Wolf feels at the end of this week. We began with the Republicans in the legislature threatening to pass stopgap spending bills and daring Wolf to veto them. The Gov responded that he wouldn’t sign anything without at least the framework of a budget agreement. When Wolf presented his liquor privatization and pension reform plans and didn’t get an offer in return, he showed more frustration than he ever had before in public life. It seems that the Governor doesn’t feel this is a honest negotiation and he’s not sure what he can do about it.

Up ArrowJohn Rafferty. Last week, Rafferty’s primary opponent State Rep. Todd Stephens won the support of his caucus leaders. Now, State Sen. Rafferty secured the endorsement of Joe Scarnati and Jake Corman and will have another twenty-four of his colleagues show up to fundraise with him. One of the most intriguing storylines of this weekend’s GOP fall committee meeting, in fact, is that both candidates will be giving speeches to those assembled.


Up ArrowMarcel Groen. Speaking of party committees, the Democratic Party has a new Chairman. After a long battle with Gov. Tom Wolf, Jim Burn finally announced his retirement last July. Last weekend, the Montgomery County Chair Marcel Groen (Wolf’s favored successor) was chosen as the new leader of the PA Democratic Party. Groen helped turn Montgomery County from purple to blue and his colleagues hope he can do the same for the entire Keystone State.


The tweet of the week goes to the Patriot-News’ John Micek for reminding us that the budget debate isn’t making anyone happy.

7 Responses

  1. In my opinion, there should be an up-arrow for Kane. The search warrant as not a “raid”and the people running this could get a search warrant every other week to try to make her look bad. Additionally – the fact that they are still trying to build their case is a good sign for Kane. They obviously know their case is weak.

  2. In My Opinion John Rafferty is a Scum Bag who likes to file suit aginast people who have a Free Speech right that critisize The Scum Bag Senator He did it in Montgomery County Using Sprage who was representing Montgomery County at the Time and Did a Quid Pro Quo by Filing Suit against the Guy who did not even use Scum Bag Raffertys Name yet caused said person over 90,000 Dollars to defend against a Bogus law suit

  3. After researching a bit more, I’m voting for Fettermen.

    I’ve read and seen it pretty well documented that Sestak’s family doesn’t even live in the state and the fact that he now thinks he has “walked in your shoes” because he had the time to walk across PA shows that he is an arrogant out of touch fool.

    McGinty appears even worse. 8% in the Gov primary and then Wolf hands her a check for $100,000 to retire her own personal campaign debt after staying in a race with Alison Schwartz that McGinty never had a chance at winning? That looks real shady and I can’t believe it hasn’t gotten more press. Google it. Now McGinty is suddenly claiming to be a champion of the middle class except she doesn’t live with them. She lives in a $1,000,000 house in a rich Philly suburb. She quit the job Wolf gave to her after 6 months in the middle of the budget impasse. Before that, it is well documented that she fast tracked a dirty coal plant to get approved right before more stringent laws too effect. It would appear that she does what she is told.

    Fettermen at least seems sincere. He’s got a Harvard degree and actually appears to have done something.

  4. Somebody should tell John Micek that nobody cares what Tony Williams has to say, because Williams just likes to yell and complain.

  5. Unless the Governor abandons a certain nefarious labor union chieftain, his fortunes (literally and figuratively) will continue to ebb.

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