9/25 Ups & Downs

Polls, fundraising and a suspension. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowKathleen Kane. After weeks of speculation, the Attorney General’s law license was suspended on Monday. The action caused a new wave of officials who think Kane should resign including potential GOP opponents, a potential Democratic opponent and a Democratic congressional hopeful. So far, a majority of the respondents in our reader poll agree with the Court’s action. In what could be an attempt to change the story, Kane is now indicating that she will finally release all the lewd emails that passed through state equipment. It’s hard to imagine this saga becoming more sordid, but at this point we certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

Up Arrow1Democratic Supreme Court Nominees. The state fundraising deadline was Tuesday and it gave a good look at the numbers race for the Supreme Court, Commonwealth Court and Superior Court. The overwhelming winners were the Democratic Supreme Court nominees (Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty and David Wecht) who vastly outraised their GOP opponents. In fact, the trio have so much cash that the Democrats running for the two lower court positions are hoping that there’ll be a down ballot effect. With Labor Day far behind us and October nearly here, the biggest contests of the year are gearing up.

Down ArrowHarrisburg. To put it simply, nothing is working and no one is happy. More specifically, we still don’t have a budget and the people blame everyone. A recent Harper poll asked Pennsylvania voters who was responsible for the stalemate. 35% said both the Governor and the State Legislature while 31% each solely blamed the former or the latter. There’s so much frustration right now voters don’t know what do with it, except blindly focus it on PA’s capital city.


Up ArrowJoe Sestak. For the first time we got a good look at a Sestak-McGinty matchup and found out that the 2010 Democratic nominee has the edge for 2016. Of course, it’s now clear it won’t be a simple two person race, with John Fetterman launching his first campaign video and even unveiling endorsements. A crowded field, however, should help the front-runner. Sestak is by no means guaranteed the nomination but this may be the best shape he’s been in for months.


Up Arrow1Down ArrowHillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There’s good news and bad news for this unlikely duo. The good news is that they are both still their party’s front-runners for the 2016 presidential nominations. The bad news is that their leads have shrunk, especially Trump’s. The big question is whether that slide will continue or stop for the presidential hopefuls.


The tweet of the week goes to Philadelphia Magazine for saying what we’re all thinking.

10 Responses

  1. How about a down arrow for Governor Wolf’s advisors and senior staff for being quite possibly the worst at giving him good advice.

  2. Down Arrow for OAG Special Agent Robert Marsili outed as the poster “kanesdriver” who has been relentlessly attacking (his boss) AG Kane.

  3. LOL … Looks like I have a secret admirer!!! But this one (with yet another new screen-name) seems to be conflating my comments with those of others.

    I want Kane to be held accountable if she broke the law … but only AFTER her trial. And Fina WILL BE a witness at that trial … even if the government does not call him. Book it!!

    Wait … the FBI is coming for Fina? Or for his new boss?

  4. Can you give a double-triple times ten down arrow to Bob Brady? For selfishly, embarrassingly and arrogantly stealing the glass of water the pope drank from during the papal congress address, and then 1) drinking from it himself, 2) allowing his wife and staff to do the same, and — words cannot begin to describe this last point — have the glass fingerpinted to prove to the pope touched and used it.

    Bob, you are going to hell for this stunt.

  5. Joe – you’re likely right because kane will will resign before any of it happens. She’s facing serious jail time and for good reason. She’ll step aside and plea out – likely soon.

  6. H3,

    You are certainly one of the largest idiots on this planet. No one is worrying about Kane’spent trial least of all Fina.

    Let’s list all things that you have been wrong about:

    1. Kane won’t be indicted.
    2. The Supreme Court will invalidate the special prosector.
    3. The Montgomery County DA won’t prosecute.
    4. Case won’t be held for trial.
    5. Court threw out contempt charge.
    6. Philly bribe cases won’t be convicted.
    7. Viewing porn is illegal.

    Are there more? You’re a moron and a clown. Keep eating your popcorn because the FBI is coming.

  7. Kane seems to be plotting her exit strategy. Can’t wait for the trial!! Popcorn will be ready … especially for Fina’s testimony. First question will be about the leaks to Craig and Angela.

  8. PA House Rep. Daryl Metcalfe deserves a down arrow for inviting a White Nationalist to speak before his committee and the attempting to defend the purported difference between a White Nationalist and a White Supremacist.

  9. The COH advantage D judges have over Rs won’t last. The Koch brothers will bury the Ds, so the Rs can have several more decades to kill democracy one gerrymander at a time.

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