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9/30 Ups & Downs

Voter registration, debates and a life-saving Congressman. See who made this week’s list!

Up Arrow1Tim Murphy. This is the easiest arrow we’ve given out in quite some time. On Wednesday, Congressman Murphy saved a life in the House Rayburn Office Building when he and his staff stumbled upon an unconscious man in an elevator. Through CPR and a defibrillator, Rep. Murphy and a Capitol police officer were able to resuscitate the man. Great job under pressure, Congressman!



Down ArrowJohn Rafferty. This past week should’ve been a highlight for the Republican nominee for Attorney General. He premiered his first TV ads and the RAGA pitched in with their own web video as well. Then, for the second time in 2016, Joe Peters got in the way. Rafferty’s primary challenger endorsed Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro on Monday. While that’s unfortunate for Rafferty, it does add some more fuel to yet another fiercely contested statewide race.  


Up Arrow1Hillary Clinton. As the week began, the former Secretary of State’s national lead was barely evident. Nonetheless, four different polls had Clinton tenuously holding the advantage in Pennsylvania. Then, the Democratic nominee’s fortunes brightened when she won the first debate and had Joe Biden and Michelle Obama stump for her in Philadelphia on back-to-back days. Finally, PPP released a survey yesterday that had her up five points over Trump.


Up Arrow1PA GOP. The Republican Party has continued to gain ground and eat into the Democrats’ voter registration advantage in the commonwealth. The traditionally Democratic Southwest has become redder and redder while the GOP continues to bring in new voters in other central PA strongholds like York. There is still a dozen days until the October 11th deadline but barring a major shift, 2016 will have been a successful year for the PA GOP on the voter registration front.


Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’ve now up to sixteen weeks, four whole months.




The tweet of the week goes to Michael Mulvihill for pointing out that two of the five largest markets for the first presidential debate were in the Keystone State.

10 Responses

  1. Castor is a qualified, skilled prosecutor. He is also beholden to nobody. He may suck as a politician but he belongs in a prosecutor’s office.

  2. I keep hearing Shapiro is hiring Bruce Castor. Is that a joke. No way! I won’t vote for Shapiro because I don’t like his friends, and I don’t trust him. I think there will be a lot of swing vote, there is some Kathleen Kane backlash going on with the middle of the road democrats and Shapiro is much of the same. Hiring Bruce Castor, you’ve got to be kidding me!! I thought we are trying to clean up Pennsylvania not sh*t all over it with much of the same. I know a lot of democrats voting Rafferty …. particularly if you head to the middle of the state where all that god awful noise is with Sandusky and Stacey Park Miller, which government has done nothing about. Hiring Bruce Castor, he lost my vote as soon as I heard.

  3. “Kracy Kane says: Rafferty is toast. Peters is irrelevant. But Rafferty is really without a clue how to run a statewide campaign. Shapiro will crush him and the office will be solidly in D hands for the rest of time. The GOP sure picks bad candidates.”

    Really?? The Attorney Generals office will be solidly D for the rest of time? Oh, and the last D to hold that office did a really great job. Lets reward the Democratic Party for putting up Kane by choosing to elect another one of the Democratic Parties nominees. John Rafferty has ethics and morals, which have been missing in that office for almost four years. While you support ethically and morally corrupt D’s, I will support John Rafferty. It is time for a change in the Attorney Generals office.

    Oh, and Peters is just bitter because he was snubbed by the Republican Party, and rightly so. If he really wanted to run for Attorney General, he should have gone through the endorsement process from the beginning instead of popping in at the last second. I can imagine it being hard for State Committee members to take any candidate seriously when they are late in beginning their campaign.

  4. At this point the “R” in R. Seth might as well stand for Republican. Hahaha is right, at least as far as running as a Dem goes. He might find a little support and a lot less opposition on the Republican side. Scandals aside, he hasn’t alienated too many Republicans lately and he did drive a few nails in the KK coffin.

    A long shot, sure, but possibly the only shot he has.

  5. Not yet, Aaron.

    But The Dem. Committee Leader today said that they would not be endorsing Seth Williams in May.

    His career in politics is over. No one will hire him now that he has made a fool of himself in Office. And he is probably headed to prison.

    What a guy!!

  6. Rafferty is toast. Peters is irrelevant. But Rafferty is really without a clue how to run a statewide campaign. Shapiro will crush him and the office will be solidly in D hands for the rest of time. The GOP sure picks bad candidates.

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