9/9 Ups & Downs

Polls, staff shakeups and a divorce. See who made this week’s list!

Down ArrowBruce Castor. One week you’re the Acting Attorney General, the next week you’re gone. After Bruce Beemer was confirmed as the new AG it was only a matter of time until Beemer completely cleared the office of Kathleen Kane’s appointees. On Tuesday, Beemer quietly revealed that Castor would be leaving as of today. It appears that after a first act defined by a refusal to prosecute Bill Cosby, Castor’s second act will be remembered for not revealing the long-awaited email report.


Up Arrow1Hillary Clinton. Four separate polls were released this week and all four had the Democratic nominee in the lead. CBS/YouGov, Washington Post/SurveyMonkey, PPP and Quinnipiac show Clinton with advantages of eight, four, five and five points respectively. To see Hillary’s lead in the Keystone State holding at a time when her edge nationwide is narrowing must be particularly heartening for the Democrat’s PA team.


Down ArrowKathleen Kane. This was supposed to be a quiet time for the ex-Attorney General, the calm before the storm that will be her sentencing hearing on October 24th. When it comes to Kathleen Kane, however, there is no such thing as a tranquil period. On Wednesday, we found out that that Kane is seeking $1 million from her former husband in order to pay her legal bills. Kane is attempting to secure a total of $6 million from her divorce proceedings. Once again, Kathleen Kane’s drama is on display for the whole commonwealth to see.


Up Arrow1PA Department of State. We want to give a special shout-out to Pennsylvania’s Department of State for their efforts to facilitate voter registration. They’ve launched a new “2Vote” initiative that will allow PA citizens to access registration forms and find their polling places. All you have to do is text “PA” to “2Vote” (28683) and don’t forget the voter registration deadline is October 11th.



Down ArrowEric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We are now up to the thirteenth week.





The tweet of the week goes to Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer for pointing out the loneliness of the post-campaign life.

16 Responses

  1. All this speculation about Bruce Castor prompts the reader to become bemused by conjured intrigue; he’s a private attorney serving @ the pleasure of people who request his services.

    Bruce obviously felt compelled to defend what he had done with Cosby legally, even if he got bad-PR as a result; similarly, he served as a character witness for Fumo, relating his experience regardless of the fallout.


    Wiki allows anyone to upload anything, so the excerpt shouldn’t be taken seriously; quibble regarding his high-visibility behavior to taste, but don’t unjustifiably challenge his personality in the process.

  2. HaHaHa: the “connection” between those people is obvious. They’re all Democrats, which means they’re all crooked. Thanks for highlighting that issue.

  3. When is someone going to write about the connections between Seth Williams, Bob Levant, Frank Fina, Tyron Ali, Harry Levant, and Kathy Martin?

  4. Castor would be an outstanding Shalpiro hire to run the criminal division of the OAG. As for the Cosby case, wait until McMonagle gets to cross examine the alleged victim. Steele won’t know what hit him. MCMonagle is one of the best defense attorneys in the country-unlike most defense attorneys in MontCo who plead their clients guilty and beg for leniency, McMonagle has made a career of hearing jury forepersons say Not Guilty.

  5. Not Really Beemer,

    That’s a pretty fair and accurate description of Castor. Expect at least some of the victims on the new “Cosby Show” to come apart on the stand. Castor will be waiting in the wings, either to join Shapiro at the OAG or to take another crack at the Montco DA’s office. Like you said, he struggles as a politician but he’s probably not far off when he said there was no one more qualified to be AG. Shapiro would be well served by bringing Castor back.

    Be patient. It’s coming.

  6. Mary: As a politician, Castor is a failure, true. But he is an extremely good prosecutor and excellent administrator. He and Shapiro already once repaired a broken government office together. And before you go all-Cosby on him, wait until the so-called victim actually testifies in public someplace. People forget that Castor knows how she will be where no one else commenting does. The one piece Shapiro lacks, Castor brings to the table. They worked together, like each other, and seem to trust one another. Plus Castor now knows Rafferty is a snake.

  7. Gulag: Billy the midget Caye is still trying to avoid questions about his dismissal from the A.G’s office when the porn mail became public. Considering that he is now a three time candidate for Alleg County judge and he was formerly the kiddie porn prosecutor, he’s got some splainin’ to do. Maybe he can say that he never learned the facts of life so he had to study up on them.

  8. This is from Bruce Castor’s wikipedia page:

    “Castor was expected to serve in that capacity until January, 2017 and then resume his full-time law practice. However, with his friend and former colleague Josh Shapiro (who has never served as a prosecutor) subsequently becoming the Democratic nominee as Attorney General for the November 2016 General Election, most observers believe Castor will stay on in substantially his current role to advise, should Shapiro succeed in being elected Attorney General.”

    Is it true? Is Castor joining Shapiro? Is that true? That’s got to be a joke right.

  9. gulag Pittsburgh (Frank Little): you really ought to get a job. If I didn’t know that you were disbarred, I would be very surprised to learn that you think you are entitled to see what amounts to a personnel matter. They already confirmed that nothing criminal was contained in the emails, and the rest is a disciplinary issue, which is never made public (despite whining from self-righteous “taxpayers” like you, which is ironic since you probably don’t pay taxes).

  10. At least we got rid of some pervert judges and prosecutors. But I’m still waiting for the porn email report and/or the full email trove to see who the rest of the porn perverts are that wasted public time and resources. Especially, we should see what other judges were having unethical ex parte contact with lawyers.

  11. quiet time—OMG we still have the impeachment, new civil rights lawsuits against the AG’s office for her trying to frame her former boyfriend, new facts showing the auto accident in Dunmore last year was staged by her and Reese, her extra marital affairs, her sister Ellen’s involvement in the crimes-etc

  12. Obviously Kathleen Kane is getting a down arrow because her husband is a Corbett Perv, a retard, and a friend of Frank Fina. It couldn’t possibly be because Kathleen Kane did something incredibly slimy and stupid (again).

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