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A look at Justice Eakin’s Offensive Emails

email-logoWell, we’ve got a State Supreme Court Justice getting disgusting emails from lawyers…again.

William Bender of the Daily News revealed a whole new batch of messages that Justice Michael Eakin received.

The emails are not strictly pornographic but rather a wide array of every offensive remark and ugly stereotype one can imagine.

“Some are off-color but harmless,” Bender wrote. “Others are raunchy, racist, sexist or just downright stupid.”

It’s unclear if the emails came from the Attorney General or the state’s ethics agencies. Additionally, former Chief Justice Ron Castille is upset they weren’t recovered earlier.

After McCaffery’s threats, a review was done and the man in charge, Pittsburgh lawyer Robert Byer, stated that only one of Eakin’s emails contained “offensive sexual content”.

Apparently, though, Castille wanted to know not just about pornographic emails but also those that were “off-color” or “anything that would cause embarrassment if read in the paper.”

“It’s totally bizarre,” Castille said of the oversight. “There are really strange things going on here.”

Castille’s remark is pretty much the perfect description of this situation.

81 Responses

  1. This article is about a PA Supreme Court Justice and his bad morals, poor judgment, and questionable relationships. So – why the focus on Kane? Unless there is an allegation that she is fabricating evidence, her woes really should’t matter much in the discussion of Eakin.

    When the show was on the other foot and folks were questioning Fina’s motive for going after Kane, all the Rs yelled how that doesn’t matter. But now, the cry-babies want to point the finger at Kane – as if she forced Eakin to make fun of female domestic violence victims – or held a gun to Eakin’s head make him be a racist.

    There seem to be 2 different sets of rules. One for Kane – where it”s no-holds barred and anyone can do whatever they want w/out worrying about being held accountable (see leaks from Kane grand jury). And one for Fina, Eakin and the other folks involved with this scandal.

    To the average observer – this is looking more and more like a witch-hunt every day. The most recent Inquirer article is so magnificently one-sided that it is actually embarrassing.

  2. gulag – you sound a little crazy … but I can’t help but believing a little of what you say is true.

  3. I should clarify, of course, that “my understanding” is limited to what I dream up in my head and not based on any facts.

  4. JEFF WHITE: Were you born yesterday? Half of what happens in court is about political gain somehow. Fix a case for somebody connected and you have a favor to call on for the future. Like the Mafia trading favors.
    On a macro scale it is all about protecting the establishment against the usurpers of privileged power.
    Oppress the workers, suppress the truth, protect the corporations and political power. Speak out and you will be targeted. That was Kane’s real crime.

  5. gulag – My understanding of these “investigations” that Castille hires his buddies to do is that they get paid by the citizens to find and report on whatever Castille wants them to find and report on. There is ZERO transparency. It’s why we won’t be hearing from this lawyer fellow in Pittsburgh … who must be recovering from one doozie of a surgery.

  6. Big Moola: You are definitely right that Castille knew all along and did his best to suppress the rot in PA Courts. Castille was told of specific examples, with documentation, but did nothing. Donohue, who is now running to join the PA Supremes, was among the liars and crooks. So the same crowd of corruption is looking to continue the same.

    Mere reform is not enough. There needs to be a major flushing to get rid of the turds.

  7. Eakin, Fina, Costanzo …. everyone involved with using their State computers on racist material needs to resign from any jobs they hold as prosecutors of Judges. And they need to do it NOW.

    This is a black eye to the PA criminal justice system. All the shills in the World calling this material “sophomoric,” “typical office porn,” or “just some funny jokes” cannot change what they really are.

    These are racist creep pigs. They have no place in law enforcement or in the Judiciary.

  8. I think a Jury finding Kane guilty would be the best thing for everyone. She is forced to go away. The truth comes out in Court. And Wolf picks a temporary successor.

    But a plea deal similar to the give-aways in the legislative sting cases won’t do a darn thing for anyone. The Kane-huggers will continue to say she was railroaded. And the Kane detractors will act as if that means Fina and company are not bad actors (IMO – they are).

    That’s why this case needs to go to trial – where everything can be exposed in open court, in front of the Press, and for the public to see.

    My guess is there is a reason that the folks attacking Kane do not want it to go to trial. They do not want to be further exposed. They don’t want the public to know about their shenanigans.

  9. I mean, I say that Ken Starr failed to get Clinton, but that’s because I ignore key facts that don’t fit with my world view. Like the impeachment of Clinton. Like his losing the license to practice law. Total fail by Starr. Also, I ignore that felony perjury in Pennsylvania means time behind bars for Kane AND the inability to hold public office ever again. But the clown car is headed for that awful result, because they are Repervlicans and Corbett Pervs.

  10. Yeah, let Kane have her day in court. But when she admits in open court that she did it and she apologizes, let’s just ignore that and claim it is all part of a conspiracy against her. Or, if a jury finds beyond doubt that she did it, we’ll just assume that the jury box was filled with twelve Friends of Fina. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  11. Amen, JEFF WHITE. Let Kane will have her day in Court. And let’s make sure ALL the leakers are held accountable. By mu count – there were 272 leaks from the grand jury investigating Kane’s one leak. That DOES NOT pass the smell test (MTG’s Mom doesn’t either …)

  12. Is it safe to post now? I am using a computer at a friend’s house. I am wearing a disguise. And I used a sick day today. Hope DD doesn’t report me to the FBI … but he may already have done so. Damn … I better just use one of my other screen names …

  13. Hey Pat. It seems the Ha impostor is now using your “handle.” It’s OK. We can all smell a shill from a mile away. This time, he is sure that no one but Kane has ever lied under oath … LMAO … except for future First Gentleman Bill Clinton.

    The pursuit of Kane is very similar to what Kenneth Starr tried to do to President Clinton 1. When Starr was running on fumes on that which he was supposed to investigate, he started focusing on Perjury. It didn’t work then and I doubt it will work now. Starr’s pursuit of President Clinton 1 was an EPIC FAIL.

    But this one will be even worse. Here, the CLOWN CAR attacking Kane seems destined for a fate much worse than Starr’s. These racist pervert creep pigs are having their careers and reputations destroyed … and they brought it all on themselves. They just couldn’t help but SHARE their racist, homophobic, woman-hating feelings. Sad … So sad …

  14. Hey JEFF WHITE, all five justices (both Rs and Ds) voted to suspend Kane’s license, so I don’t see how they’re doing anything for political gain.

  15. I thought the courts are supposed to uphold the law not use it for political gain…. all the more reason to elect the 3 dems. whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty in a court of law not in a Republican hippity hoppy kangaroo court either

  16. Jennifer, I’m pretty sure nobody else lied to a grand jury under oath like Kane did. And then it didn’t help that all of her closest Democrat advisors testified against Kane, saying that she knew exactly what she was doing. So that’s what makes this case different.

  17. What are you talking about? “Ha” says below that Kane should be held accountable for any wrongdoing. You sound like a troll. Your use of “Ha”‘s name definitely makes you a troll.

    Pat U. makes the best point. If one grand jury leak by Kane is enough to run her out of office and lock her up, what about the hundreds of leaks from the Kane grand jury? Why is not one being held accountable for those?

  18. You’re right, Big Moola. When Kane accidentally found porn emails and used them as a smoke screen to cover up her own criminal behavior, she was clearly wearing the white hat. She is our knight in shining armor, our Joan of Arc, lying under oath and blatantly violating grand jury secrecy. She sought from the beginning to retaliate against political rivals and now she has disclosed porn emails by her rivals that she wasn’t looking for in the first place.

    Personally, I don’t see any reason why she should disclose ALL the emails because that would be embarrassing when Kane’s sister Ellen is revealed to be part of the Corbett Pervs. Clown car, Repervlicans, Fina.

  19. Moola – I understand your outrage. Castille certainly looks culpable in this whole thing. Did you know that he wanted/wants Kathleen Kane’s job? Talk about a conflict of interest.

    The fact that no grand jury is investigating the constant leaks from the Kane grand jury (which was supposed to be secret) is perhaps the biggest travesty in this whole saga. There were many illegally leaked details detrimental to Kane that were printed by the Inquirer … but, for some reason, the one leak allegedly committed by Kane has led to criminal charges. Selective enforcement is a form of corruption.

    Look back at other cases handled by Fina. Many have had illegal leaks to the Press. Coincidence?!!

    Look at Fina’s ethical violations. He allowed a PSU3 defendant to testify before a grand jury unrepresented. He spoke to the Press about the strength of his case. Prosecutors know better. Fina knew better.

    Look at the part of Aaron Fisher’s book about Fina and Corbett.

    Then look at the e-mails. Look at the attitude toward women. Look at the racist and homophobic content. Look at them laughing at female domestic violence victims.

    Sad. Very sac. Looking the other way (selectively enforcing the laws/rules) is corruption.

  20. Again Castille demonstrates why the Courts in Pa need REFORM !
    He above all should have nothing to say other than

    I’m Sorry;
    A) I tried to cover it up but it didn’t work !
    B) I’m incompetent this should have never gone undiscovered !

    Either way it was Castille that came to Freaky Frankie’s rescue and started the whole shame of an investigation on Kane. He’s the one one that rushed to set president allowing a Local Judge to start his own Grand Jury and Appoint his own Special Prosecutor.

    All this based on alleged Leaks of information !!! The Leaks of information continued throughout the whole fiasco at every turn from every level and yet not one person charged other than Kane.

    No this was never about covering up Poor Judgement, Bad Behavior Improper relationships between Judges and Lawyers or about shutting Kane up it was all way’s about standing up for what was right !!!

    The Problem is it appears it was Kane doing all the Standing all along !!!!!!
    Well Attorney General Kane, Churchill said it best !!!!

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

    ― Winston S. Churchill

  21. Actually – H3 has had a lot to say. From the beginning, he was saying that Kane was being attacked by people who had a lot to hide. Even while the Inquirer was printing illegally leaked information on a weekly basis, H3 was warning to make sure we considered the whole picture. That picture is now coming into focus – and it ain’t pretty for people like Eakin, Fina and Costanzo.

    Even Craig McCoy wrote an article pointing out Eakin’s inappropriate behavior. He didn’t aloow for a Comments section for some reason, but at least he wrote the article. Perhaps the Inquirer leaders are realizing that they helped leakers break the law during the Kane investigation.

    I am just waiting for the other material to be released. H3 has cited media reports that indicate that this group of white males also swapped bestiality videos – and videos showing 100 year-old women having sex. Wonder when Kane is going to release those.

  22. Does anyone remember the smear campaign that some mythical organization from Virginia ran again Justice Eakin’s Jewish Superior Court opponent?

  23. Fact: Ryan ordered the destruction of 20,000,000 e-mails.

    Fact: They weren’t all deleted

    Fact: The vile, racist, homophobic, woman-hating material swapped by Fina and his buddies was found in the e-mails they failed to properly delete.

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