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A Look at Trump’s Delegates

Donald-TrumpDonald Trump is beginning to assemble a group of potential delegates for the PA primary.

As we’ve discussed before, Pennsylvania has a very unusual allocation process for its 71 delegates in the GOP race. Seventeen go to the statewide winner while fifty-four are assigned by congressional district. Those 54, however, are not bound to the district winner, the state winner or any specific candidate. Basically, they can vote for whoever they want.

A new unofficial website has compiled a list of the candidates running to be delegates who support Trump’s campaign or would support him if he wins their district. That list is presented below:

Lynne Ryan – 3rd Congressional District

James Keffalas – 3rd Congressional District

Daniel Vete – 3rd Congressional District

Matthew Jansen – 4th Congressional District

Marc Scaringi – 4th Congressional District

Joseph Sacco – 4th Congressional District

James Klein – 5th Congressional District

Arnold McClure – 5th Congressional District

Wayne Buckwalter – 6th Congressional District

Vicki Lightcap – 6th Congressional District

Jan Ting – 7th Congressional District

Ralph Wike – 7th Congressional District

Sean Shute – 8th Congressional District

Debra Taylor – 9th Congressional District

Cody Knotts – 9th Congressional District

John Wells – 10th Congressional District

Ryan Belz – 10th Congressional District

Mark Stoicheff – 10th Congressional District

Marlene Loose – 11th Congressional District

Richard Morelli – 11th Congressional District

David McElwee – 11th Congressional District

Andrew Shecktor – 11th Congressional District

Gabriel Keller – 12th Congressional District

Joseph Matthew Sernell – 12th Congressional District

Christopher Fromme – 12th Congressional District

James Vasilko – 12th Congressional District

Lauren Casper – 13th Congressional District

John Reber – 15th Congressional District

Scott Uehlinger – 15th Congressional District

Patrick Kerwin – 15th Congressional District

Marc Lemon – 16th Congressional District

Terry Christopher – 16th Congressional District

Lynette Villano – 17th Congressional District

Gloria “Lee” Snover – 17th Congressional District

George Blauer – 17th Congressional District

Carolyn Bonkoski – 17th Congressional District

Theresa Gaffney – 17th Congressional District

Justin DePlato – 18th Congressional District

John Petrarca – 18th Congressional District

Tom Uram – 18th Congressional District

This list suggest Trump has forty delegates in fifteen districts. In contrast, Cruz has 28 delegate candidates over 14 districts.

The election is set for April 26th.

33 Responses

  1. You don get many portfolios as rich and as varied as Urs Fischer his somewhat prolific sculptural work ranges from enormous rooms full of objects imprisoned in steel cubes, John Stezaker esque collages and gargoyle like characters that look straight out of Labyrinth. But you know, we It Nice That, so obviously we really into the paintings he did of people through history with hard boiled eggs masking their faces. Really though, these are incredibly beautiful pieces of work. Depending on how much you like eggs, they may or may not make you feel a bit nauseous. For me though, this is the best thing ever.

  2. I have FULL intentions on voting for Mr. Trump when the election comes. I have been a trump supporter since his decision to run. Mark Harris, who is running to be a delegate switched from Cruz to Trump based on convenience. After meeting his wife last night who berated individuals over simple misunderstandings or discrepancies, I would be disappointed to have Mr. Harris be my voice as a delegate. Please read into his posting that you can find all over the internet. I am all for immigrant reform and building a wall. Mr & Mrs. Harris, intend to discriminate against, someone sight unseen. Judging every book by its cover. They are highly do not believe in live and let live. Please, consider their beliefs and values before you associate them with yours.
    RNC Delegate Mark Harris Outraged Over a Mexican Working at Epcot

    August 31, 2012 | by Michael Allen

     

     0  0

    While visiting the state of Florida for the RNC in Tampa, Pennsylvania GOP delegate Mark Harris and his wife Irene took a side trip to Disney’s Epcot Center, where they were shocked to find a Mexican working in the ‘America’ section of Epcot, reports

    Irene Harris wrote on the couple’s blog ‘Rock Star GOP – Grassroots Activism Awareness’ a post entitled ‘Offended at Epcot’:

    Prior to National Republican Convention we visited Disney for three days. During our time at Epcot we visited the different countries. It was neat seeing each country and the employees were from that individual country. Then we visited America . . . one would think you would find American employees. We were offended to find a person from Mexico working in America. Mark spoke up and told them he was highly offended after visiting the other countries and seeing employees from that country and then come to America and find a Mexican. He was very civil but his point was well made.

    Snyder County Commissioner Joe Derk told The Daily Item: “The statements made by Mark and Irene Harris are uninformed and highly offensive,” said Snyder County Commissioner Joe Derk. “The Harrises’ comments show their ignorance as they cast judgment on someone they do not know. They do not speak for our county or party.”

  3. My Dad was born in East Vandergrift P.A. I was there in the last 2 months just to see the house he lived in as a young boy. My dad was in WW2 and stationed in Hawaii when it was bombed, I do not live in P.A. but when I listen to who is running for President I felt that I could express my feelings and I will honestly say my Dad’s feelings. Trump is so wrong. He is not interested in the people who are trying to get by on a monthly check. No matter what his only concern is the tax bracket he is in. My Grandmothers name Anna Prtrousky, My name Ann Rossetti…Ann Petrouski

  4. I wish to get across my affection for your generosity in support of men and women who should have help with that concern. Your personal dedication to passing the solution all through had become wonderfully advantageous and has constantly enabled guys just like me to arrive at their pursuits. Your new invaluable tips and hints can mean so much to me and even more to my office workers. Thanks a lot; from each one of us.

  5. i went to supposed district 5 where I have voted since 2007 . I was told there is no more district 5 . it was combined with 3 and 5 and it is 3 . I called trump headquarters and they said cambria county is between 12 and 14 . on the trump site there is no district 14 .

  6. As usual … PA is still in the 19th century when it comes to elections – and everything else.

  7. Why do the names on Jackposo list not match the names listed on the Trump Website for the 10th District in PA?? Confusing….you bet!!

  8. I think all delegates should declare publicly before the election who they are voting for, uncommitted is a cop out letting the politicians know who can be bought. If a person wins the popular vote in a state he should also win the delegates!

  9. This is very sad that Pa. would stoop this low. The people don’t have any say so and our votes really don’t even count. What a corrupt system Pa. has.

  10. Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your web-site is very cool. I’m impressed by the details that you have on this website. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will come back for extra articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found simply the info I already searched all over the place and simply could not come across. What a perfect web site.

  11. The establishment is backing Cruz so they will use the party resources to get their slate of candidate delegates out to the actual delegates who can vote. They will also hand them out. Find out who paid for them. If they don’t do the same for both candidates then it is unfair but you probably can’t do much about it. Beware of split the vote. Trump needs to get his official list of approved delegates out too but be sure it has “Paid for by” on it and follows the rules.

  12. Is that Asher’s Aaron Cohen? Guess the candy man is hedging all his bets this time. Rubio didn’t work. Now it’s Kasich – except for letting his man servant be for Trump

  13. @Passing Through Your statement is incorrect and it is clear that you do not understand America’s system of politics.

    While the USA is a constitutional republic, a republic by definition is a type of representative government, but the method of how the representatives are selected can vary among countries. In America, we have DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS to select the people who represent us in our government, especially in key positions such as US President.

    Having democratic elections does not make America a democracy, and no, we do not use delegates or the electoral college to “limit power, even that of the people”.

    The electoral college ensures that dense population centers like cities cannot have an undue influence on the outcome of elections, thereby muting the voices of voters who live in less densely populated areas. It also forces candidates to make their case to all Americans in all 50 states, rather than allowing them to set up shop in a few of the most populated cities while ignoring the rest of the country.

    Any state that is not requiring that all delegates be bound to the candidate selected by voters is disenfranchising the people, and is a corrupt system, period. There is no defending this and only a fool or a politician would try to do so.

    Citing that a bad system has been in place for a long time in no way adds merit to the system – quite the opposite – because it highlights the need to revise the system and ensure real transparency and a direct link between votes cast and who the delegates are bound to support.

    Delegates are not there to act independently; delegates are there to represent the voters…if they are not doing so, they are contributing to the corruption that has been undermining the USA for decades since FDR and the fools of that era steered the country sharply to the left.

  14. Note to Mr. Grady: No, it is not a corrupt system. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a representative republic. The delegate system has been in place for a very long time, and it is modeled on other elements of the system, like Congress and the Electoral College, which have been in place since the beginning. The system was intentionally designed to limit power – even that of “the people” – to prevent anyone from seizing control. The system is stressed only when people like Obama and Trump think they are above the Law and normal processes do not apply to them. Hopefully America is about to relieve those stresses.

  15. The candidates should get to choose their delegates and every state should be required to allow the people to vote by ballot. This would be fair and it would allow the people to choose, not the party.

  16. I have not only an official,compiled list of ALL the delegates on my website, but we also have 15 people who have made phone calls, researched social media, etc. to verify that these candidates are telling the truth! The lists on this page are REALLY bad – and wrong – Hey, I am the leading Trump delegate in the 11th district, and a personal friend of Donald Trump, and am not even on this list! Get the right information on my website (totally non-partisan and unbiased, I might add)- and please pass my site on and get it going “viral” – no matter who you support! Make sure your vote counts!!

  17. There are 42 PA Trump Delegates. Check the link you yourself posted.

    3rd District
    #3 – Lynne Ryan
    #9 – James Keffalas
    #11 – Daniel Vete

    4th District
    #10 – Matthew Jansen
    #14 – Marc Scaringi
    #15 – Joseph Sacco

    5th District
    #6 – James Klein
    #7 – Ash Khare
    #9 – Arnold McClure

    6th District
    #5 – Wayne Buckwalter
    #8 – Vicki Lightcap

    7th District
    #2 – Ralph Wike
    #5 – Jan Ting

    8th District
    #1 – Barry Casper
    #3 – Samuel James Worthington
    #5 – Sean Shute

    9th District
    #3 – Debra Taylor
    #5 – Cody Knotts
    #8 – Joseph Lamantia

    10th District
    #1 – Ryan Belz
    #4 – John Wells
    #5 – Mark Stoicheff

    11th District
    #4 – Richard Morelli
    #8 – David McElwee
    #9 – Marlene Loose

    12th District
    #4 – Gabriel Keller
    #8 – Christopher Fromme
    #11 – Joseph Matthew Sernell

    13th District
    #5 – Lauren Casper

    15th District
    #1 – Scott Uehlinger
    #3 – John Reber
    #5 – Patrick Kerwin

    16th District
    #4 – Marc Lemon
    #5 – Terry Christopher

    17th District Note:
    #2 – T. Lynette Villano
    #7 – Gloria “Lee” Snover
    #8 – George Blauer
    #9 – Carolyn Bonkoski
    #10 – Theresa Gaffney

    18th District
    #1 – Justin DePlato
    #6 – John Petrarca
    #11 – Tom Uram

  18. Nick, even the website you linked to has more Trump delegates named listed that you wrote in the article. Very inaccurate, very misleading. Sad.

  19. has a list of 4th district delegates in Pennsylvania & who they support

  20. Wow, what a corrupted system this is. Let’s say 1 million Republicans vote and 650 thousand vote in favor of Trump he could end up losing in state due to delegates????? That’s not a corrupt system????? God help this country.

  21. Otherwise known as 12 examples of why people should have to pass an IQ test before registering to vote….

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